29+ Health Benefits Of Avocado Fruit, Nutrition, Recipes & Studies

    The avocado is versatile and can be prepared for very tasty dishes. It is not only very tasty but also very healthy. The avocado is full of vitamins and therefore it is not surprising that avocados are recommended by nutritionists and naturopaths.

    Among other things, vitamin A and vitamin E in large concentrations can be found in the avocado. But also alpha and beta are included in the avocado carotene, biotin and Vavocatin B. In addition, vegetable fat and unsaturated fatty acids contained in the avocado.

    All these mentioned ingredients have positive health effects. Vitamin A for example is very important to the body and helps in the growth of the hair, bones and teeth. It also contain important vitamin A which is good for the skin health.

    With regular consumption of avocado, you can improve the general well-being. But not only the avocado can be eaten, this fruit can be applied externally. It is quite possible to establish its own cosmetics with avocados, such as facials and hair treatments.

    An application area which is worth mentioning, is the gastric and intestinal because the avocado stimulates digestion and regulates the intestinal tract, the various sufferings can be alleviated by eating the avocado fruit. Therefore, it is recommended to eat half of avocado daily to defend such suffering as the irritable bowel syndrome.

    In addition, the avocado has antibacterial properties. Therefore, the fruit is also good for the health of the mouth and throat. Bacteria in the mouth are killed by eating avocado which in turn can prevent tooth decay. Also, you can alleviate bad breath from the regular consumption of avocados or even completely avoid.

    Except for the antibacterial effect, the avocado is also having anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, eating the fruit is good to combat chronic pain. Eating can also be very useful in arthritis. The effect of the avocado on the cholesterol level is

    Although this fruit is fattening, The fats that are included in avocado are vegetable fats and therefore, they are better tolerated and healthier than animal fats. If you wanna change your diet, you can produce such dips and spreads from avocado, and replace much more often to cold meats and cheeses.

    Since the avocados reduce the cholesterol level, they are good for the cardiovascular system and therefore this fruit is often recommended by physicians, naturopaths, and dietitians as a healthy alternative.

    It is worth noting that the avocado has no sustainable side effects. As with all herbal products. It may however, under certain circumstances, react to your body system which rarely occur. It is also pointed out that large amounts of avocados must not be consumed, to achieve a health advantage. Even small amounts, but regularly in the diet are recommended.

Areas of application for the avocado
    The avocado is a very versatile fruit and there are some interesting areas of application that are worth mentioning. The avocado is among others applicable as:
  • Dipping sauce
  • In salads
  • In soups
  • In pasta sauces
  • In smoothies for the manufacture of cosmetics, such as facials and hair trproblems..
as a remedy for
  • Diarrhea
  • Liver diseases
  • Bowel problems
  • Arthritis and other joint problems.
    Avocado can also be eaten for the prevention of some diseases. The avocado is heart healthy, because it can lower the cholesterol levels in human body, improves the health of the eyes and in cancer screening. With the consumption of avocado, you can prevent some eye problems and slow down the aging process.

    Do you want to try this amazing fruit? Here are few tips that can help you and they're very easy to follow. It is important that you buy a fresh avocado. The avocado is black when it's overripe and may not be the best for you. Best to buy the avocado is when they are still green.

    Here, you should do a pressure test. Best press with your thumb lightly on the pan. The avocado is easy, it is just right. It's still hard, you can also buy them and ripen a few days at home. It can ripen in the refrigerator, but required room temperature. A good tip is to mature the avocado in a paper bag with an Apple. Best, you look every day whether the avocado has reached the desired maturity.

    When the avocado is ripened, you cut it from top to bottom and releases the two parts to each other. You will see the core of avocado in the middle of the flesh which is very easy to remove. After that, it can be processed. The pulp can be cut in small or processed just like that.

    Recently, there are few scientific studies dealing with the health benefits of avocado. It was found that large amounts of avocado are not necessary to achieve a positive effect. A half to a whole avocado is just fine. However, regular consumption is crucial.

    It should be a good news that, there is no sustainable side effects by eating Avocados. In all the existing studies, sustainable side effects were not recorded. Without any doubt, it may be allergy to some people, however, this occur rarely.

    Using avocados as an alternative remedy, you should know that this cannot replace drugs for serious diseases. But the avocado can be used as support to the drugs. Also, it is possible to reduce the dosage of the drugs under certain circumstances, if a health benefit was achieved with the consumption of avocado, as for example the reduction of cholesterol of levels. Definitely you should discuss beforehand with the doctor.

    Health researchers Who are interested in alternative remedies or want to eat
healthier are interested in any case. In recent years, some scientists carried out many scientific studies on the subject of avocado and the health benefits of regular
consumption of this fruit.

    For example, A study from America was carried out at the University of Pennsylvania using 45 adults with overweight as subjects. The subjects were divided into three groups and each should hold a certain diet. It was found that the cholesterol levels of subjects who concentrated on diet with avocados, fell more. Of course, cholesterol levels can be influenced much more with medications and a diet is not so fast.

    For this, you have no sustainable side effects but due to the consumption of avocado as is the case with some drugs. Also, a diet plan with regular consumption of avocados can offer support to the functions of the drugs.

    While the scientists came to the conclusion that, eating a  balanced diet regularly with the avocado fruit it's not only healthy, but has positive effects on the heart and blood pressure. Because of the many included vitamins, this fruit can be
combined with other fruits and vegetables as breakfast or dinner.

    Many other studies deal with the effect of avocados on the health. The studies on the prevention of cancers and tumors by avocado are very interesting. It should be noted here that, scientific studies have been carried out before to determine the avocado as a prevention of cancer that actively fight certain tumors.

     In Conclusion, The avocado is an healthy fruit which is of course not sweet but it's full of healthy nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the avocado is not only meant to be prepared in your kitchen as food but can also serve as an alternative remedy. When half of avocado is regularly consumed, it can bring many health benefits.

    The avocado is combined with other healthy foods, like salads and vegetables. Actually, it is advisable to use the avocado in combination with other unhealthy fats or large amounts of salt. The avocado can also be used as a substitute of bread spreads, meats and cheeses.

    Animal fats are replaced with vegetable fats which in any case is healthier and accelerates the weight loss. The avocado pulp can be transformed into a mash with a fork or potato masher and then for example with a little mayonnaise, salt and pepper, lime or lemon juice and other good ingredients to be prepared as natural bread spreads or dips.

    Also, cosmetics such as face masks can be made from avocado. So, the avocado is externally applied to prevent wrinkles and it's an excellent anti aging product which can be applied in a natural way. People with sensitive skin can tolerate the avocado well.

    We have not found any one with experience of redness or other irritation compared with other fruits being used in many other health products. Also, side effects from consumption of Avocado and external application of avocado are not yet known, so the application in many cases is safe and risk-free.