Top Health, Skin & Hair Beauty Tips For Women @ 20s, Over 30, 40, 50 & 60

    If you're in your 30s, The following are the health and best beauty tips & tricks you should take serious to maintain your skin and hair beauty as a young black or white woman.

  • Ward off future wrinkles by wearing sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) and Salicylic acid, says New York City-based dermatologist, Amy Wechsler M.D
  • Keep your hair in top condition by avoiding too much heat, advises hairstylist, Brian Oliver. That means not blow-drying super wet hair; wait 15 to 20 minutes and also keep those curling and flat irons in motion (staying on one section too long can sizzle strands).
  • Don't skip make-up, even if you're really busy. A little colour makes a tired face look fresh, says make-up artist, Nikki Wang, who likes berry-coloured lip gloss on all skin tones. Treat pimples with a product that contains tretinoin (like Retin -A) or 2 percent.

       If you're in your 40s, This is the decade when wrinkles and pigmentation problem become prominent, says Dr. Wechsler. This is the time you need to start fighting aging with homemade beauty secret some celebrities won't share with you. She advises:
  • Using a good sunscreen, a heavy-duty moisturizer, and a prescription-strength bleaching treatment for dark spots.
  • Foundation often sinks into fine lines, making them more noticeable, says Wang. For a younger, fresher look, swap your base for tinted moisturizer or use concealed to cover your flaws. Still can't part with your foundation? Try mixing it with your moisturizer.
  • Hair and body lose luster with age. For new life and shine, shampoo with a volumizing formula and style with a round brush.

    If you're in your 50s, Deal with dryness, employ Dr. Oz & Dr. Khurram anti aging easy beauty tips in Hindi and Urdu respectively
  • After menopause, the skin produces less oil which means more lines and dry patches on your face and body. To the rescue: heavier creams and moisturizers. (But the product should labeled oil free).
  •  Give your face a lift by keeping your eyebrows nicely arched. (Pluck brows so the peak hits just beyond the outside corner of each iris.).
  • Fight frizzy gray hairs- nothing ages faster , says Oliver. To tame those wiry stands, he recommends leaving in your conditioner for as long as possible and using a silicone-based finishing product. What also helps: colouring your hair.

    If you're in your 60s, try the following to amend some mismanagement of your skin and hair when you're a teenager or young women and also improve on your fresh healthy skin AMD nurtured hair.

  • Commit to yearly skin checks. "Even if you've never seen a dermatologist before, now is the time to start going," says Dr. Wechsler. What a doctor will do: monitor you for skin cancer and laser off any moles or brown spots that look suspicious.
  • Pump up your face colour. Add more blush than you think you need, and use a cream formula. (Wang says powder can accentuate wrinkles.)
  • Try a "younger" hairdo, like sideswept bangs or a pretty, shoulder-skimming style. "Our grandmothers once turned 40," says Oliver. "But longer lengths can look softer,  modern, and more feminine.