19 Health Benefits of Different Squat Exercises| Bench| Box| Barbell

    The following is a list of the benefits of squats. Please note that you should not accept them as truth in last instance and immediate call to action, but consider that you might want to familiarize yourself with this list. So leave your egos outside the gym.

1. Squats help build muscle throughout the body
    Such exercises allow you to not only develop the cardiovascular muscles, calves and hamstrings, but also help other muscles to progress. Increasing testosterone and HGH, squats provide recharge body Anabolics, stimulating muscle growth. So if you want to increase muscle mass and strength — squats will help you with this.

2. Squats help burn fat
    Muscles burn fat. The more muscle, the more fat they burn. Stimulating the growth of muscle mass, squats help burn more fat. The more muscle you build up at its skeleton, the more calories you will burn during exercise and recovery. So if you want to Lose weight — no need to neglect the sit-ups.

3. Squats is incredibly functional
    Today next to the old-good sit-ups often used a trendy definition of "functionality". If earlier exercises were considered squats for well-trained athletes and professional bodybuilders, today, people are no longer afraid to perform this, estimating all advantages of this exercise. There are plenty of ways to prevent injuries at run time, and the merits of the squat exercises cannot be overestimated.

4. Squats help maintain mobility
    In addition to simply increase the strength and endurance of the lower part of the body, it privides great support for full body mobility. Moreover, performing squats with full amplitude, you will be able to develop all the muscles of the legs, as a result, you will not feel fatigue in the legs and can easily withstand long loads during active rest and exercise.

5. Squats improve coordination
    This setting goes hand in hand with the growth of mobility. Improved coordination will help to improve the strength and skills to build muscle. This also applies to other exercises that involve different muscle groups, such as dead pull, tilt with dumbbells, exercises at the press, etc. in addition, squats will help create a foundation for other leg exercises, such as squats on one leg, leg press and effervescence on the calves.

6. Squat help you to improve your results
    Squats are appreciated not only because they help build mass, increase strength and endurance, but also for the fact that, they increase the possibilities of your body as a whole: for example, you can run faster and jump further. This is especially important for those involved in the sport as a professional, and on weekends in the amateur team. Squats help improve results across a variety of sports. It is a truly universal exercise.

7. Squats help you to prevent getting injury
    Development of a large number of subsidiary of the muscles of the lower body, hips and waist allow you to significantly reduce the risk of injury while respecting the proper technique. Squatting makes muscles work together "as one team, ensuring a stable body posture and eliminating weaknesses, so that the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum.

8. Squat helps you to develop the muscles of the central part of your body.
    During sit-ups, muscles involved are central parts of the body, including the muscles in the abdominal area. According to studies, squats allow you to load your ABS even better than usual all twisting. So if you want to get press cubes, perform squats.

9. Squats improve condition of your body joints
    Squats improve condition of joints and reduces the risk of injury, subject to proper technique. Hip, knee and ankle work together during the lifting body. The load is distributed across all the joints to reduce the load on individual joints. Straighten your legs. For example, it implies a serious strain on the knees, increasing the risk of injury.

10. Squats are very practical
    Squats are not only functionality but also practicality, which manifests itself in everyday life. Work outdoors, playing with children, outdoor games, such as basketball.

11. Squats can be performed in a variety of ways
    Since squats with barbell on their shoulders and ending with conventional sit-ups with hands behind the head, you can use any version of the exercise. Positive effect of exercises can be enhanced in a number of ways, for example, using chairs, boxes and bandages, the use of technology with lots of repetitions, alternating work and pause.

12. Squats require no additional cost
    This exercise does not require the use of expensive equipment and special equipment. You need only rod or even a pair of dumbbells. Squat with your hands behind your head, squats with a kettlebell and dumbbell workouts require very simple equipment.

13. Squats can be performed anywhere
    Either at home or at the gym, you can squat anywhere. You don't need a subscription to the gym or expensive equipment, just follow the simple 100 sit-ups or squat with your hands behind your head in your room, on the beach or in the Park while jogging.

14. squat rack is usually free
    Assuming that someone took her to do the bending hands with barbell. Most people today are ashamed to work on the rack for sit-ups (or are afraid to do so without a coach?), preferring to train legs separately. Workout for your legs requires enormous effort and focus to achieve visible results. If the simulators for the feet may be employed, the rack for sit-ups in 90% of cases is available.

15. Perform sit-ups does not give people perform hand flexion with barbell rack squat
    We've all seen them. These cranks perform exercises on hands in the rack for sit-ups. Although this exercise can be done anywhere. Take the post, put the electrical load and do their exercise.

     But these guys think they need ready rod, they're too lazy to lift her off the ground, they need to rod was at convenient height, so that they don't have to bend over for her. By the way, they love their approaches to complement long pauses, during which you can delve into the phone or shoot the breeze with other visitor's Hall. This should stop, isn't it?

16. Squats develop power quality
    To rise from the lowest point during squats require great strength. A variety of loads, large amplitude of movement, all these create a unique energy curve in the lower part of the body that helps to increase the strength and endurance of the body as a whole, and this will come in handy when doing other exercises.

17. Squats allow excellent assess your form
    You have made great strides in bench press? You can squeeze a ton during the shoulder press? You shake hands? And what about squat? If you want to really evaluate yourself (and who doesn't want to?)-try the deep squat. You don't stop halfway during a bench press? And hands do not bend in half? So why do we need not cower before the end?

18. Squats is a universal exercise
    The only exercise that uses roughly the same amount of muscle that and squats, is a dead pull. Squat is a habitual action, well familiar to the human body.

19. Squats increase flexibility
    And again is a universal movement requires a high level of flexibility. The higher the amplitude of movement of the hips, calves, knees and ankle, the more effective will be squat. Work on your figure will motivate you to achieve fitness and receive all the necessary knowledge.