Nafdac Nigeria On Bread Making Business & Bad Toothpaste

    In Nigeria, One of the ready-made food people love to quickly enjoy is bread and it's not far from being on the top list of the most consumed food. It's rich in carbs, protein and some other essential vitamins that are very necessary for sound health and healthy growth of the general body.

    Since there are millions of Nigerians that depend on bread for there daily breakfast, the bread making business in Nigeria is a lucrative one which one can not run out of patronisers. It is on this note that some bread maker in Nigeria tend to use some substances to enhance their bread production to maximize profit.

    This wide spread practice made the Nigeria Agency for food , Drugs administration and control (NAFDAC) led by the chairman, the director general (DG) of NAFDAC, given mandate to all bakers in Nigeria to register bread meant for public consumption or face prosecution. It is now mandatory to register bread meant for public consumption. 

    All bakers including home cottage bakeries that sell their bread to the public are required to go to the nearest NAFDAC office to register their bread. Nafdac is ready to start confiscating and destroying unregistered bread and close down of bakeries producing unregistered bread.

    Whether it's agege bread, oshodi bread, Butterfield bread, cassava bread; irrespective of the brand or the contents of the bread. As long as it's a Nigerian bread made for public consumption, the baker must register it with Nafdac in Nigeria. For example the past and present director general of Nafdac had carried out immense public enlightenment on the dangers of potassium bromate as a bread improver in the past.

    "Potassium bromate was banned, because it causes cancer, kidney failure, deafness and breakdown of essential vitamins. The agency has also alerted the public on the circulation of toothpaste containing toxic substance, identified as Diethylene Glycol. The substance the agency claimed was an antifreeze agent and glycol is toxic to the kidney and liver.

    This potassium bromate has been removed from the list of bread improvers by the World Health Organization for over two decades after studies and research proved it that, it causes damages to the vital organs of the body and some bread bakers are still using it for their bread production in Nigeria.

    The dangerous toothpaste include those manufactured in China and all brands of Colgate toothpaste, according to the statement signed by the agency public relations officer, the agency advised Nigerians to purchase and use only toothpaste manufactured in Nigeria and registered by NAFDAC and directed all importers, distributors marketers of imported toothpaste to submit them to the nearest NAFDAC office for destruction or face serious sanctions.

    NAFDAC has made it clear to the public that, no imported toothpaste is registered by the agency and that the quality of the product as well as its safety can not guaranteed. Any one or enterprise that want to register their products should visit Nafdac offices across the country to obtain registration form and gets verification certificate or should simply visit Nafdac official website for details.