Pawpaw Fruit Recipes, Nutritional Facts & Top Health Benefits

    Pawpaw (papaya) is a very delicious fruit that can be used in various desserts, salads and other dishes. Nutritionists and Naturopaths confirmed that pawpaw contains some very healthy substances. The Papain is one of the active ingredients in the papaya. Papain is very helpful for stomach and intestinal problems.

    The Papain is an enzyme that could aid and regulates digestion, alleviate Infections that occur in the stomach and intestinal tract, and also in other organs when you eat pawpaw regularly. It is worth noting that pawpaw has anti-inflammatory property and the Papain is in large quantities in the unripe fruit than the ripe pawpaw.

    The following ingredients of pawpaw are worth mentioning:

  • Papain
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Beta carotene
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Folic acid
  • Pantothenic acid
   A positive health effect which occurs due to the consumption of papaya, is for example the reduction in the level of cholesterol in the human body. A high cholesterol level can lead to heart attacks and strokes, which can be prevented by eating pawpaw regularly.

Application of pawpaw Fruit
    Therefore, pawpaw is good for the health of your heart and it can also help in losing weight which is an organic way of losing some pounds without taking drugs. Some other benefits of eating pawpaw fruit is that, it stimulates digestion and metabolism and it has anti-aging effects on your skin, help healing acne and recovery from wounds.

    The application of Papain in papaya improves the skin's appearance. This is interesting as not only the pulp of papaya is healthy, but also the seeds, which you should not throw away. The Seeds contain large amounts of Papain and therefore these nuclei can also be applied as a remedy. Papaya seeds can be eaten without further ado.

    The application of papaya With the health benefits of papaya fruits has manifested in the traditions of the indigenous peoples that started growing and using papaya for medicine. In regions where the papaya is regularly used as food and medicine, it is known that this fruit act against certain chronic diseases over time. Cancer for example can be fought successfully with the consumption of papaya.

    This was not yet known in the Western world until scientific studies revealed that, there is a link between the cure and prevention of cancer and the consumption of papaya. Of course, this does not mean that every cancer can solely be cured with pawpaw But this fruit can be used in any case to support a conventional therapy.

    There are many applications of the papaya ingredients used as an alternative remedy and it has been effective when used properly. Consumption of papaya has healing effects on these kinds of health problems listed below.

  1. Digestive problems
  2. Gastric and intestinal complaints
  3. Stomach ulcers
  4. Parasites
  5. Mushrooms
  6. Bacteria
  7. Skin diseases
  8. As an anti-aging product for wound healing in inflammatory diseases.

Application of Pawpaw as Cosmetics
    Pawpaw extracts can also be used in cosmetics manufacturing. Online simple recipes for the manufacture of cosmetics can be found from fresh papaya fruit. So, the pulp of papaya can be mixed with olive oil, egg yolks, and lemon to produce natural cosmetics.

    Special face masks made from papaya is recommended because papaya act as an anti-aging product. Small wrinkles can be smoothed with the use of these products, blemishes are reduced and black spots are cleaned off with consistent use, giving you fresh and glowing skin.

Application of pawpaw in Food
    Not just the fresh papaya fruits are healthy but also the seeds of the fruit. It is advisable not to throw them away, but also to be used for cooking. The seeds taste spicy, almost like pepper and were used for centuries as a seasoning for meat dishes.

    The indigenous people, which regularly include papaya in food, use the papaya seeds even for other reasons. The seeds have a contraceptive property for men with regular use. But the seeds for that must be taken at least 2-3 months, to trigger this effect. It omits the cores, this effect again rises up.

    The unripe pawpaw taste bitter and well suited for meat and poultry dishes. Also salads can be made with papaya fruit. If you don't like the taste of papaya, or has no time to Cook, needs not abandon it as there are other health benefits of papaya.

    Meanwhile, there are already some good products with the extract of papaya, as for example, tablets, capsules, drops, and powder. These can be purchased in health food stores, pharmacies and some online stores

  Apart from the papaya products that are applied internally, there are also toiletries and cosmetics with papaya extract which can be applied externally. Example, the noteworthy one is papaya oil which is sold and used as anti-aging and skin care product.

Scientific Studies on Pawpaw
    Scientists are fascinated by papayas for several years with the health effects. People who regularly eat papaya, rarely suffer from diseases such as diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system and cancer. Papayas are seen in these countries not only as food but also as a remedy.

    An interesting study has been performed in Vienna at the research center of the international scientific group of preventive medicine. It is known for some time that pawpaw can relieve one from digestive and intestinal symptoms.

    The scientists wanted to test this on volunteers suffering from chronic stomach and intestinal problems. Therefore, 22 subjects with chronic pain have been selected. Some of these patients even suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. This study was controlled by a placebo product, which was administered a part of the subjects.

    A supplement with papaya extract was administered to the other group and the subjects were observed. While scientists came to the conclusion that the papaya is actually effective on the subjects with irritable bowel syndrome and they showed improvement in the symptoms after using pawpaw extracts.

    Scientists have also found that, a very serious virus, such as the dengue virus, can be successfully combated with pawpaw extracts. Researcher now come to conclusion that, other viruses can be fought with this extract and atleast, the symptoms can be alleviated.

    Of course, there are also new studies, which also prove these theories. It is well known that the papaya fruit contains antioxidants.They have a health advantage, however the scientists of the Department of Biochemstry of the Damanhur University in Egypt made it known that, papaya has antioxidants to help determine what effects one might expect by eating the fruit.

    The papaya is good fruit for the health. Actually, this fruit is a super fruit as it brings more positive health benefits to you. With the consumption of the fruit, there are numbers of diseases that can be prevented and certain diseases can be fought by regular consumers of pawpaw.

    The consumption in people with stomach and intestinal problems, which can be regulated by the papaya fruit is particularly interesting. Not only the pulp seeds can be eaten, The cores are dried and ground very well as a condiment, as they remember a little bit of pepper and sharp. Papain is contained in the nuclei, as well as in the pulp.

    Papain is important for some functions of the body, especially of the intestinal tract. Vitamins and minerals are also contained in the papaya. The papaya fruit can be prepared versatile. The ripe fruit is sweet and can be eaten fresh or processed as well as desserts and drinks. Unripe fruit are also edible.

    In summary, The papaya can be applied internally and externally as a cure. It is possible to produce its own cosmetics from the pulp of papaya. The papaya can be eaten without any risks, because side effects are not known.

    Of course as with all vegetable products sometimes come to allergies, may occur but rarely. The health benefits of papaya are been proved countless and today by scientific studies.