29+ Reishi Health Benefits on Cancer, Liver, Hepatitis, Heart, Blood, Sleep etc

    The medicinal mushroom with the name reishi is used in Japan and China already for thousands of years. It is even considered to be more valuable than ginseng and is still regarded as a symbol of happiness and immortality.

    Mushroom such as reishi can be used in so many ways. In addition to allergies and inflammation, it's used for liver disease, heart disease or cancer and can relieve and heal. It is titled as "King of the herbs", "Herb of spiritual force" or as "Mushroom of long life".

    Researchers also have adopted reishi and proven all advantages and effects, which were written in ancient China about the fungus, in scientific studies. Also a higher life expectancy is attributed to reishi and this alone is already a reason this delicious mushroom should be used in cooking in every household.

Origin and processing of reishi
    Reishi or "Lingzhi" can be grown all over the world, because the typical bark mainly grows on deciduous trees. Also in German alluvial forests, the wild mushroom occurs. It grows mainly in dry, warm oak and at the foot, and stumps of birch, beech, oak, alder and cherry trees. Reishi can grow even on pine or larch.

    While it looks more at the young stage like a reddish finger, it's still growing, until at the end forms a hat. Reishi is not consumable raw because it tastes very bitter, tough and leathery.

    For this reason, it will prevail as tea or it is available commercially as reishi powder and reishi extract capsules. If you buy reishi, you will quickly find that the color may vary. This is because the fungus is one of the representatives of the Saprophytes and decomposed so the organic material on which the fungus is growing.

    The color of the fungus is therefore different, because it depends on the material, where the reishi grows. Already,  Hildegard of Bingen mentioned the very vitalising effect of reishi and used these for a wide variety of applications.

    In the manufacture of Reishi powder, mushrooms are dried after harvest. a dark place is preferable. After the reishi, drying can be done, the processing to mushroom extract or mushroom powder. Reishi is not only offered in the commercial powder and reishi extract, but also capsules with reishi or reishi tea.

Ingredients in reishi
    First and foremost, the so-called polysaccharides, so multiple sugar count to the ingredients of the reishi. This, however not all modes of action were investigated scientifically and in detail. There are however the ß-D glucans of particular interest, because they are active in the human body and it therefore long lasting stimulate.

    This reishi effect is known in Asia for many thousand years, even if people didn't know about the biochemical interrelations. It's included in the reishi Triterpenes, especially the release of the neurotransmitter histamine inhibit. Histamine gets a backlash against harmful impurities in the form of pneumonia which can be suppressed in healthy people.

    The fungus contains alkaloids, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. Especially Ergosterol, a precursor of vitamin D2 is included in the reishi. Also, minerals such as
are present in the fungus Thus, it is unbeatable and a true all-rounder, as it's been proven in many scientific studies.

    Another special ingredient of the reishi is germanium. This trace element is also included with ginseng and Aloe Vera, but much more effectively represented in the reishi. Germanium is used mainly to strengthen the overall health.

    Also, the active ingredient of adenosine, which has an antispasmodic and sleep inducing effect, is included in the reishi mushroom.

Effect and studies of reishi
    In traditional Chinese medicine, reishi mushroom is used for numerous ailments. Among other things are
High blood pressure
Chronic hepatitis
Joint inflammation
Weakened immune system
Heart diseases
Stomach ulcers
Kidney infections

    It's used and can relieve the symptoms of the above illnesses and strengthen the body. The mushroom is used like in cancer patients, because it can strengthen the body. Therefore, reishi is known as "Mushroom of long life".

Reishi boosts the immune system
    In numerous scientific studies, it could be demonstrated that reishi boosts the immune system. This could prove Dr. Zhang and his colleagues of the free University in Berlin. The researchers, from the reishi mushroom sugar protein combining GLIS, noticed a study isolated and thereby, this sugar protein compound can increase the B lymphocytes (B cells) in the spleen to a three to four times.

    This B cells are especially important because they belong to the white blood cells and are responsible for the production of antibodies. In a similar study, it's not only increasing the number of B, but also the number of T cells when taking reishi.

    The T-cells, however, make sure that the viruses that attach themselves to the healthy cells are withdrawn from. Thus, the immune system is activated and can stimulate and support not only the healing of the body, but also prevent diseases. Because only a well-functioning immune system can repel diseases quickly and successfully.

    In particular for severe illnesses, such as cancer or other chronic diseases, reishi is an excellent way to strengthen the body and at the same time to set the self healing process underway.

    However, reishi can also help autoimmune diseases. The immune system over reacts and must be brought back into balance. The reishi mushroom can serve good and back-screw so the reactions are back to a healthy level.

Using Reishi as therapy
    Reishi serve as Assistant in cancer therapy. Also in relation to cancer, conducted numerous scientific studies which all have shown that reishi can be supportive. For example, Japanese researchers at Kyushu University, under the direction of Dr. Liu, a study have found that prostate cancer cells in their growth can be hindered when reishi extract is taken regularly.

    Still, Dr. Gao, Massey University in New Zealand treated persons suffering from different tumors in advanced stages. He gave these patients 1800 mg reishi extract daily and was able to ascertain that the defence mechanisms of the cancer patients were significantly increased and that, the tumor growth could be inhibited.

Reishi in chronic inflammation
    Especially for chronic inflammation, reishi acts positively, which is due mainly to the Triterpenes.It works similar like cortisone and thus inhibit the secretion of histamine in the body. Because cortisone goes hand in hand with significant side effects, reishi is a unique alternative as it's free from side effects.

    In diseases such as arthritis or even eczema, it soothes the itching, swelling, and redness and reishi is capable to inhibit the release of histamine causing inflammation to go back faster. Reishi detoxifies and protects the liver.

Reishi treatment of liver diseases and hepatitis
    Reishi is used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as all-round medicine. It helps in many liver diseases and reishi detoxifies the liver; not only that, but also protects them. Furthermore, reishi is used as adjunctive therapy for pre-existing liver diseases such as hepatitis A, B and C and has been shown here as very helpful.

    In a scientific study with 335 patients suffering from hepatitis-B, the liver values significantly improved in around 90 percent of the subjects after they were treated with the so-called Wulingdan pill. The Wulingdan pill is a pill that sometimes produced fungus from the reishi fruit body.

Reishi effects on HIV virus
    Reishi has a positive effect on HIV-infected individuals. Also, inflammation of the liver. As helpful reishi is used in many liver diseases, it can help with HIV consequently as studies showed. So, reishi can inhibit significantly fungal reproduction of the virus, which means that an outbreak of the disease can be delayed or even prevented.

    Similarly also, they operate so-called protease inhibitors, which bring significant side effects such as nausea, indigestion and a reduction in the quality of life. An outstanding alternative is the reishi mushroom which is totally free of side effects.

Reishi relaxes and promotes sleep
    Many people in Asia usually drink reishi tea because they
know that it relaxes the body and can make one sleepy and eventually induce sleep. This comes from the calming effect that exerts the reishi mushroom on the brain. Prof. Shojiro Inoue of Tokyo Medical Dental University also demonstrated this.

    The advantage is also that reishi mushroom acts as a sleeping pill, not narcotic and hypnotic tea, and not addictive even at prolonged ingestion. Reishi lowers the blood pressure, cholesterol and is good for the heart. It increases the blood flow and at the same time can reduce the oxygen consumption of the myocardium as discovered in various studies.

Reishi on blood pressure and heart attack
    Also, reishi is ideal to lower blood pressure and thus prevent a heart attack. This outstanding performance is attributed mainly to the Triterpenes. This was demonstrated in a study in Tokyo, of 50 patients suffering from high blood pressure. With six months use of reishi extract, almost 50 percent of patients got their blood pressure lowered sustainably.

Reishi on cholesterol level
    Reishi is reflected also on the cholesterol levels positively. In a study, the bad LDL cholesterol has been reduced 70 percent of patients after they have been treated for a few months with reishi.

Reishi on chronic respiratory diseases
    Especially for chronic respiratory diseases, reishi can achieve a very good effect. A study in various Chinese hospitals, patients with chronic bronchitis were administered reishi extract and they achieved a significant improvement in two weeks in about 90 percent of patients.

    Due to the reduced oxygen supply, chronic respiratory patients are beaten off and short of breath. Reishi, however, increases the oxygen saturation of the blood and this outstanding performance will benefit the patient.

Treating depression with reishi
    Also, depression can be treated with reishi. Of course it is advantageous that reishi has mushroom, otherwise as psychotropic drugs, no side effects, as he also naturally helps. He solves aggression pent up, soothes, helps with sleep disorders and has a positive effect on your mood.

    Furthermore, reishi ensures a better metabolism and it's suitable for an improved well-being in depressed people. Do you like to prepare the reishi tea, the easiest way is to use the reishi tea for self-medication. In a TSP of the reishi mushroom powder or an EL is required for a cup of tea shredded reishi mushrooms.

    They are doused with boiling water and the tea mixture should now covered about 15 minutes. Drain through a sieve and enjoy. If you don't like bitter taste of the reishi tea, you can add honey to sweeten it. It can be drunk cold or warm tea and it's well preserved in the fridge for three days.

Dosage of reishi
    If you would like to treat health problems with reishi, you should rely on powder, capsules or tablets also. The required maximum of two to three tablets or capsules daily is suggested by experts and should not be exceeded.

Side effects of reishi
    Reishi is one of the so-called vital mushrooms, they have virtually no side effects. However, can there be exceptions? it may be occasionally increase fatigue and bloating. The symptoms usually subside after few minutes and are harmless to be classified as side effects.

    For this reason, you should start using reishi on a low dosage, so that is can adjust the body well and slowly. Should there be nausea or stomach pain when you started using it, it may be due to many toxic substances that are included in the body, which will be freed now by the reishi mushroom.

    For people who have allergies to natural substances, it can trigger a reaction with antigens of the body. Also, there can be interactions with other medications. Children, pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid because there are not much studies explored to ascertain safety for this special population ( that is, Children, Pregnant women and Breast-feeding Mom)

The best Reishi you could buy
    The natural remedy and food supplements reishi is offered in a wide variety of dosage forms. These are available in pharmacies, health food stores and organic food shops and various e-commerce sites. Because the concentrated reishi extract is, the better the effect is, and the lower the dosage can be.

    Therefore, the reishi product that is purchased should be 100 percent natural and contain no flavoring or preservatives and chemical additives. This applies to reishi tablets, powders, capsules and tea. Another important aspect when buying reishi is the certification, an opinion or even a precise dosage.

    If you want to treat health problems with reishi, you should use reishi products such as capsules, tablets or powders as reishi tea is not very well suited because the concentration is very low. Also, the inaccurate dosage in the preparation of tea for health problems is more of an annoyance.

The reishi mushroom is an excellent Assistant in various diseases. It relieves not only chronic inflammation, but can be very well used in treating depression. In addition, it prevents diseases such as heart attack and can positively impact existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

    Even people with sleep disorders should no longer rely on pharmaceutical preparations which have mostly strong side effects but can take advantage of the ingredients of the reishi tea.

    Pure relaxation and a sleep inducing effect. If you want to do something good to your health, you should not skip the reishi tea medication to alleviate many health problems or even cure. Reishi should be used mostly as capsules, tablets or powder.