19+ Sesame Seed Oil Benefits on Skin, Hair, Teeth, Face & Nutrition

    Sesame oil is a very popular oil for many different dishes especially for Asians. But even with health complaints, sesame oil offers a good alternative to pharmaceutical agents. For example, it can be helpful when you're having headache, stress. also, depression and sleep disorders and it's readily available if you want to buy the sesame seed, oil in small quantity or in bulk.

    Sesame oil can be very helpful to adults who want seek the fountain of youth to make their skin and hair healthy without any sign of old age by supplying them with essential vitamins and nutrients needed for fresh and healthy skin and hair. It's also used in preparing food to give your dishes very special taste.

Types of Sesame oil
    There are basically two types of sesame. the light sesame oil, and on the other, the dark sesame oil. The two can be purchased online in bulk and from grocery stores. Light sesame oil by nature has a pale yellow color and is mainly used for frying and stewing food. The Dark sesame seeds can be roasted before they are pressed. The roasted sesame oil is aromatic and has a slightly nutty taste.

    Also, it smells pleasant and intense. For this reason, it is used primarily in salads or raw because it further refined the taste. But also in the production, there are two different procedures that can be carried out after harvesting. They are, washing and drying.

    Cold-pressed sesame oil: Virgin sesame oil, pressed as the name implies, without feeding from heat. Thus, the ingredients will be reserved in this gentle pressing. After the pressing, the oil is filtered, so that the larger particles can be removed. To buy the cold pressed sesame oil, you can order online from this site.

    The native sesame oil: Extra virgin sesame oil is also cold pressed, however, the seeds of the SESAM must remain untreated.

Refined sesame oil: when the refined sesame oil heat is supplied, It loses some oil while ingredients, smell and taste remained and it's more durable. It is suitable for many dishes.

    The unrefined sesame oil: although it's also cold pressed. However, the unrefined sesame oil is subjected to damping. Even if there is some loss in taste, smell and the ingredients, it is a mild oil, which is very well suited for the refinement of food.

    So pressing no leftover, pressed from seeds, which have a very high protein content, are processed into high-quality animal feed.

The ingredients of sesame oil
    For many centuries, sesame oil is well known and is used in the kitchen, as well as in the medical field. The sesame oil that is pressed from the white and black sesame seeds, is becoming increasingly popular in many countries.

    The sesame oil in the old Indian healing art of Ayurveda is used internally as well externally, since the ingredients of the Sesame play important role. Sesame oil is composed mainly of unsaturated linoleic acid (42 to 44 percent), which has numerous beneficial effects on the body.

Health Benefits of Sesame oil
    For example, The linoleic acid can lower blood fat level, prevents osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis and strengthen the blood clotting and heart Also about 40% oleic acid is included in the sesame oil, which aid proper metabolism and also has the oleic acid anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering effect and apoptotically on breast cancer cells.

    Vitamins, such as vitamin B1, B2 and vitamin E are present in the sesame oil. This content, with 28.3 mg / 100 ml sesame oil, is mainly due to the high vitamin E and Vitamin E is a fountain of youth for the skin and keeps it young and beautiful. In addition, vitamin E can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's  or Cancer. It also has mineral such as calcium (10 mg), Calium (20 mg), iron (0, 1mg) and sodium (2 mg) .

   Calcium in particular, is one of the most important minerals that the body needs in terms of volume. Bone mineral is located primarily in the bones and teeth and only about 1% calcium is distributed to the cells. A grown man has approximately 1 kg calcium in the body, which is also urgently required to have healthy bones and teeth.

    It is also important in blood clotting and the regulation of the acid base balance.
Potassium, however, exists mainly in the Interior of the body cells and plays an important role in the regulation of water balance. potassium is involved in the muscle activity and directs the stimuli along the nerve.

    Potassium is also essential in the regulation of blood pressure and
therefore it's an important mineral for the body.

Sesame oil for preparing dishes
    Sesame oil can be applied in many ways. Used to prepare dishes in the kitchen, used as cosmetics on the body, skin and hair. it can have a nourishing effect. the skin is very well maintained with sesame oil, supplying them with important nutrients, vitamins and moisture.