Aronia Chokeberry Extracts, Juice Recipes, Nutrition & Health Benefits

Aronia (Aroniabeere)
    At first glance, it is a nondescript, small berry fruit. On closer inspection, the Aroniabeere is short: Aronia - a small powerhouse especially in health terms.

    The curative effect of Aronia is known for more than 50 years in eastern Europe. Aronia is highly effective against all cardiovascular disease, against errors in the blood flow, blood clotting and inflammatory diseases of all kinds.

    Follow us to the fascinating world of the chokeberry, which vital Pro- and anti-inflammatory properties have been already proven by the University of applied sciences in Hamburg.

Health Benefits of Aronia Fruit
    Aronia is a boon for heart circulatory patients: For the food processing industry, the Aroniabeere is a theme, as a dye for yoghurts & co. In Eastern Europe, the healing effects of Aronia has already been recognized at the beginning of the 20th century.

    For example, in cardiovascular disease, as well as infections, hardening of the arteries and all diseases that are caused by a lack of vitamins. Talking of the cardiovascular disease, there's a medical terminology "Flavonoids" called especially the secondary plant compounds, that make the Aroniabeere a reliable cure.

    The flavonoids are regarded as highly effective free radical scavenger, thus protecting the body against the attack of free radicals. The free radicals in turn considered trigger of numerous cancers, as well as atherosclerosis and Alzheimer's diseases.

    Thus, the regular ingestion of Aronia products where Aronia is included, can effectively prevent these diseases. Aronia is also used in an increased platelet aggregation and people used to refer to the growing clumping of blood cells as a result of lack of exercise, obesity, smoking, or other diseases.

   Aronia generally improves the flow properties of blood and protects against atherosclerosis. Anyway, Aronia can be described as a "Friend of human blood". In addition to the already described effects, regular consumption also causes a regulatory effect on blood pressure.

    Who so ever has to struggle with too high or too low blood pressure, should comply with the chokeberry. Who also has problems with inflammatory diseases in the body, for the chokeberry is a very good remedy.

    The Berry has an anti-inflammatory effect, you can thus alleviate inflammation and even completely get it disappeared after regular use. Thus was (and is), the chokeberry being used particularly in Eastern European countries in treating  inflammatory infectious diseases, such as pneumonia, inflammation of the neck and
throat with success.

Ingredients of the chokeberry
    In addition to the secondary plant substances (flavonoids) with their highly effective effect on cardiovascular disease, propensity to thrombosis and inflammatory diseases, the Aroniabeere has many other highly effective ingredients.

    These include numerous vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Here is a detailed collection of all active ingredients:
    Flavonoids: The active ingredients contained in the largest quantity in the chokeberry are the flavonoids or Bioflavonoids. They belong to the Group of polyphenols and protect cancers, among other things as they combat the dangerous
uncontrolled cell proliferation.

    Flavonoids in the Aroniabeere also keep the human blood liquid and prevent the
calcification of the arteries. They also serve as protection against heart attack and Strokes. The fact that, phytonutrients have elastic blood vessels, they regulate blood pressure naturally.

    Flavonoids are also antibacterial and they are effective protection against many known infectious diseases.

    Vitamins: Vitamins contained in the chokeberry are differentiated basically in water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. The most important of the water-soluble vitamins is vitamin C, which is part of the chokeberry in a much larger amount than all citrus.

    More water soluble vitamins in the Aroniabeere are vitamin B1, B2 (riboflavin),
B3 (niacin), B5, B6, B7, B9 (folic acid) and B12. The proportion of fat soluble vitamins in Aronia consists of vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin K, as well as the provitamin

    OPC: A special position among all vitamins does the OPC, now also commonly known "Vitamin P". In addition to the well-known vitamin C, OPC belongs to the most important ingredients in the Aroniabeere, because it has a very large tent protection potential.

    Thus, OPC acts as a valuable addition to the secondary plant substances contained in the Aronia and both are considered very effective free radical scavenger and prevent many serious diseases, such as heart cardiovascular disease and cancer. For comparison: the effect of OPC as a free radical scavenger is stronger than that of vitamin C again up to 20 times.

    Minerals: In addition to many essential vitamins, Aronia also contains a high proportion of minerals, including iron and iodine. Per 100 ml juice of Aroniabeere, it has 12 mg of iron as well as around 0,0065 mg iodine. Furthermore, chokeberry is a supplier for the minerals potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

    Ellagic acid (Gallogen): Although the ellagic acid which is also known as "Gallogen" - also to the polyphenols is effective against almost all kinds of bacteria in the human body, it has an antioxidant effect and therefore the flavonoids helps its effect as a free radical scavenger.

    Ellagic acid also has effect on degenerated cells, it is an effective means for the prevention of cancer. With its detoxifying function, it ensures that pollutants naturally can be excreted from the body.

    Phenol: Phenol is a highly effective ingredient to the detoxification of the body. It has the property to bind aggressive oxygen and nitrogen molecules in itself and therefore harmless to them. Especially people whose element is impacted (such as lead, mercury, amalgam, etc) ensure to take phenol regularly, to mitigate the negative effects or even eliminate it. Phenol is part of chokeberry in large quantities.

    In the fruit skins of Aroniabeere known as anthocyanins. These are water-soluble plant pigments, which are also attributable to the Group of flavonoids. You give the fruit its characteristic color and ensure effective protection
against pollutants and UV radiation.

    This protection for the enjoyment of the fruit is transferred to humans.

Studies/application of Aronia/Chokeberry
    In recent years, numerous studies on Chokeberries are made. The majority of these studies related to the effectiveness of the flavonoids contained in the Aronia (phytonutrients). It turns out that, subjects with a high Flavonoid compared to a peer group, 50% had reduced mortality in cardiovascular disease.

    In a study of the University of applied sciences in Hamburg, Germany; it could be also demonstrated the vital Pro- and anti-inflammatory properties of anthocyanins contained in chokeberry and proanthocyanins.

Application examples
    Aronia juice: the Aroniabeere is usually pressed and then taken as juice. There is the opportunity to buy fresh fruit and then synthesize the juice. There is Aronia juice you can buy in stores with different qualities. However, You should make sure that no impurities are added to the juice.

    Due to the use for juice, the chokeberry can be integrated
easily in your own eating habits. Taking 1 - 2 two glasses of each 200 ml per day is recommended by experts which can be drunk either to eat or immediately after the meal.

    It is important that the chokeberry is protected as possible consistent before the influences of ambient air and light, because it loses otherwise large quantities of its vital substances quickly.

    Aronia in raw form: similarly like strawberries or raspberries, it can be eaten in raw form. Aronia has a fresh, tart taste and fit very well with pancakes, ice cream, and many other desserts and application of the fruit is so easy.

    Aronia, the miracle fruit? The small, inconspicuous Berry might indeed be so. Because the chokeberry protects man, in particular the countless cardiovascular disease which is now considered real common diseases in the modern Western world.

    In addition, the application affects the regulation of the human blood, for the better flow of blood in the human system and effectively prevents dangerous diseases such as thrombosis. The Aroniabeere offers a whole flood of highly effective ingredients ranging from the valuable phytochemicals of numerous vitamins and mineral substances and the life-prolonging phenol.

    The chokeberry is quite easy to incorporate, either in the form of raw consumed berries or as pressed juice in the daily diet. 1 glass a day is enough, to actively do something for your own health.