CAMU CAMU Berry Fruit Vitamin C Health Benefits on Eyes, Immune System, Skin, Hair

    CAMU CAMU of the vitamin C booster ! CAMU CAMU is the Super food par excellence and it's the world's highest vitamin C content with 2000 mg per 100 grams. But this extremely small fruit that is native to Peru offers many other ingredients.

    In particular, many antioxidants such as amino acids are included in CAMU CAMU and thus, not only the immune system can be strengthened, but also the skin is supplied with essential vitamins.

    CAMU CAMU is regarded as anti aging means par excellence? also, it's a major help for rheumatism.  CAMU CAMU can significantly reduce the inflammatory processes in the body and can quickly bring to naught.

    Numerous studies have dealt with this fruit and could demonstrate that, it has a variety of ingredients that are good for the body.

Origin of CAMU CAMU
    CAMU CAMU, whose Latin name is Myrciaria dubia is originally from Peru, is at home but in the entire Western Amazon region. The CAMU CAMU belongs to the family of the Myrtaceae shrub and can be up to 6 meters high. While it wears beautiful white flowers which are numerous on the shrub in the summer months until about September.

    From December to April, the shrub has small, approximately 14 grams heavy, bright red fruits. Every fruit has two cores and a diameter of about 3 centimeters. Each Bush can carry up to 12 kg of fruits.

    The fruits are known under Rumberry or Bayberry fruit. However, they were classified only in 1959, when they were little known. Even if the fruit of the inhabitants of the Amazon region was an important food, CAMU CAMU is used as an aphrodisiac, for example, by the inhabitants of the eastern Amazon region. There, it is eaten raw after it was shelled.

Production of CAMU CAMU
    To process CAMU CAMU into powder or any other form, many work steps especially as much by hand is made. From December, the bright red fruits such as also the Green berries of the CAMU CAMU is harvested shrub. This fruit remember the size of the CAMU CAMU, that all 3000 kg fruit would have to be collected for about 120 kg of powder.

    After the fruits in the production have arrived, the Green is separated from the red berries. The Green berries are then released from the seeds, washed and peeled. Then, the pulp as well as the shell are separated from each other. At 45 °, it's gently dried together to process into powder.

    Usually red berries in the market sales come as the Green berries and demonstrate the higher vitamin C content. However, both fruits can be used to make the powder.

Ingredients of CAMU CAMU
    The fruit has the highest content of vitamin C, namely whole 2000 mg per 100 g of CAMU CAMU in the world. Lemons, however, have only 50 mg vitamin C on 100 g lemon. This natural vitamin C with the Ascorbic acid is nothing to compare with as vitamin C to foods because these synthetic variant of vitamin C can lead to health risks, if it is taken in high doses.

    Furthermore, iron is an important component of CAMU CAMU. About 1 mg of iron can be found in 100 grams of the fruit. In comparison, only 0.3 mg of iron per 100 grams is contained in banana. Frst and foremost, iron is responsible for the transport of oxygen in the body.

    Also for the energy metabolism, it is of great importance, making you energized, strong and strengthened. Vitamin B2 and B3 are also contained in CAMU CAMU. Vitamin B2, which is also called Riboflanin or Lactoflanin is important in the transformation of food into energy.

    Vitamin B3 or niacin is heavily involved in the regeneration of the skin and is required for the relaxation of the body likewise metabolism. Beta carotene is another nutrient found in this Peruvian fruit which is needed in many areas of the body.

    Thus, it acts not only preventative against diseases of the cardio vascular system but also in preventing vascular diseases. In addition, it protects against free radicals and prophylactic effect against Cancer.

    Beta carotene is important also to strengthen the immune system and helps maintain eyesight. More so, it serves to protect of the skin. There are potassium, calcium and phosphorus in CAMU CAMU.

    While potassium supports the transmission of electrical impulses in the body, for nerves and muscles to function correctly, calcium is needed and important to make bones and teeth healthy and strong. At the same time, it supports the potassium for muscle and nerve functions.

    Also like calcium, phosphorus is an important substance good for the consolidation of teeth and bones. These minerals also contributes to energy production. In addition, Bioflavonoids and antioxidants are present in the fruit from the Amazon.

    In doing so, the Bioflavonoids have antioxidant effects and can inhibit the effect of free radicals. Thus, they can help prevent against heart circulatory problems and cancer. Bioflavonoids work also antiviral which means that, they can inhibit the spread of bacteria and viruses.

    The antioxidants, however, work morr on the cellular level and protect our DNA, which also means that they strengthen the immune and the nervous system.

Effect of CAMU CAMU
    CAMU CAMU has numerous health benefits which can have their full effect only when there's regular consumption. In particular, vitamin C for all disease, it has a prophylactic effect, associated with artery deposits.

    It smoothes out not only the walls of the vessels, but can also regulate the State
of the blood. This in turn will help to prevent diseases such as high blood pressure or heart attack. Vitamin C can do even much more.

    CAMU CAMU improves the connective tissue on metabolism process supporting attacks under the arms and on the other hand, wounds can heal better. Also, the free radicals in the body are neutralized which in turn can prevent cancer and preventative even when there's Coronary heart diseases

    This effect is supported even by the Bioflanonoide and beta carotene. The latter has long been known for this. Vitamin C is important to be able to absorb calcium and iron better by the body. Thus, improves not only the transport of oxygen in the
blood but also ensures that, the immune system is strengthened.

    Also, the liver is stimulated by the vitamin C, reducing poison in the liver faster, carrying the toxins from the body. Another important aspect of vitamin C is of course, that, infections such as viral diseases can be reduced.

    However, high-dose of vitamin C is used in cancer therapy. Because this high dosage can significantly reduce inflammatory processes. Particularly in the 40s, Dr. F.R. Klenner worked on high-dose of vitamin C on many diseases such as arthritis, arteriosclerosis, bladder infections and various forms of cancer.

    High-dose of vitamin C has good effects especially on chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism and arteriosclerosis in the view of researchers. So the
symptoms can be alleviated and the patients have a better general condition again.

    Even high blood pressure can be lowered with vitamin C and herpes can be managed successfully. Latin America's people know this long time ago and put it against viral diseases for a very long time.

    CAMU CAMU, Bioflavonoids and vitamin C can inhibit the viral diseases excellently. Vitamin C is really an all-rounder for human organism and it's of great importance. Therefore, CAMU CAMU is the number 1 health fruit with its high content of vitamin C and can be applied to the following complaints:

  • Arthritis
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Asthma
  • Colds
  • Cold sores
  • Glaucoma
  • Shingles
  • Herpes
  • Immune system strengthening
  • Head pain
  • Fatigue

    CAMU CAMU could declare war on wrinkles. The people in the Amazon region has long know the excellent properties of CAMU CAMU and therefore, extracts of the fruit are used in cosmetics and can as well be found in medical products.

    The ladies, for example, use the fruit to protect hair from split ends, and to strengthen their hair. Therefore, in almost any form, CAMU CAMU is applied to the
hair. CAMU CAMU has a very beneficial effect on the skin too.

    In addition, the fruit contained antioxidants and capture free radicals. This is very important because they can support the destruction of cell membranes and thereby, harm the body. Not only the antioxidants, vitamin C is also significantly involved in the formation of collagen.

    There will be a fine complexion and the skin is taut and firm. More so, the blood circulation is promoted and thus it comes through an optimal supply of cells by CAMU CAMU. To do this, vitamin C in the form of CAMU CAMU can be taken either as powder or applied as a mask to the skin.

Studies on CAMU CAMU
    CAMU CAMU can prevent diseases and it was long known to the people in the regions of the Amazon. The studies, such as the study of Chonnam National University in South Korea where CAMU CAMU was examined on the ingredients and various bioactive substances, such as phenolic compounds, carotenoids, and natural vitamin C as detected in the fruit.

    Also found out that CAMU CAMU can prevent cancer or even cardiovascular disease. In another scientific study in the year 2011, it was found that CAMU CAMU is a very good source to treat immune-related diseases.

    Also, the anti-inflammatory effect of CAMU CAMU was noted. This study involved 20 male smokers. While one group received 1050 mg of vitamin C, the other group received daily 70 ml CAMU CAMU juice.

    Urine samples were taken at the end of the investigation which lasted 7 days. This, it turned out that the group that received only vitamin preparations hardly changed. The group that ate the Camu Camu juice showed a significant reduction of Oxidative stress and inflammation values.

    Researchers at a Brazilian University have found, inter alia, that the taking of CAMU CAMU can reduce the body fats. Using obese rats that were divided into two groups. While a group received no additives, the second group received 25 ml pulp of CAMU CAMU fruit.

    During the 12 weeks of the study, it was found that, not only the cholesterol, insulin and glucose levels of the rats had decreased in the blood, there's also  reduction of fat in the tissue. Therefore, it was concluded that CAMU CAMU help in Weight reduction.

Dosage and intake of CAMU CAMU
    You can purchase CAMU CAMU from health stores online or offline and it's in different forms. The powder form is common and the dose should be recommended by a medical expert. The powder form is easy to be processed. The easiest and fastest to get CAMU CAMU work well is to pour the powder in a glass of water, stir it well and drink.

    Due to the high proportion of vitamin C, the drink is slightly acidic. However, it can be sweetened easily with a little stevia or Agave syrup. 1 Teaspoon CAMU CAMU ½ TSP stevia could be recommended. Of course this is a matter of taste and the sweetness of every man as he decides for himself.

    But also in a smoothie, CAMU CAMU provides a very special taste. Also, it can be stirred in milk shakes, yogurt or even in the cereal. The possibilities of eating are great as long as the CAMU CAMU powder is not heated.

    Because from approximately 190° it decomposes the vitamin C and therefore the CAMU CAMU no longer has the effect that it has actually. It is therefore not suitable for cooking and baking.

    The German society for nutrition (DGE) recommends the daily approximately 100 mg vitamin C for adults. One teaspoon CAMU CAMU is equivalent to about 110 mg natural vitamin C. While you need not to worry on overdose because the kidneys would excrete the excess vitamin C.

CAMU CAMU pharmaceutical forms
    CAMU CAMU is in various dosage forms. You should think of what you want to use it for before buying it. Usually, the CAMU CAMU is bought in powder form which is of course relatively flexible. The powder can be sprinkled when drinks are prepared and it can also be added to food.

    But also, the CAMU CAMU capsules are becoming increasingly popular. They are filled with CAMU CAMU extract and as coating, they are of hard gelatine. Usually the capsules contain 600 mg CAMU CAMU powder. This of course corresponds to
about 120 mg vitamin C capsules.

    The advantage of the capsule over powder is that, it can be taken anywhere. The intake is easy and trouble-free. Most people have access to CAMU CAMU powder or CAMU CAMU capsules and its juice is also available in Europe rather than the norm.

    If would like to buy CAMU CAMU, you must first and foremost pay attention on the quality because there are big differences. In fact, quality and sustainable cultivation should be considered at the time of making purchase of CAMU CAMU as it can vary with regard to the quality and the products manufacturer.

    With the purchase of CAMU-CAMU products, it is important, therefore, that the capsules, powder, as well as the other products are protected from sunlight because UV light can change the ingredients.

    CAMU CAMU is an exceptional fruit which contains more vitamin C than any other fruit and it does not only prevent disease but also shorten existing diseases and can relieve too. Moreover, CAMU CAMU contains many nutrients that are good for the body and mind.

    For CAMU CAMU is perfectly suitable for a summer drink to quench thirst and to provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals. In addition, it can be prepared as a tea and is a great helper to the body on herpes. CAMU CAMU can also support people with chronic inflammatory diseases.

    Since the jungle fruit is anti-inflammatory, CAMU CAMU is perfect as a combination therapy for many diseases or to prevent diseases.A purchase of CAMU CAMU is therefore highly recommended because not only the body but the spirit also benefited.