Bach Flowers Essences,Therapy, Remedies on Anxiety| Depression

Origin and Background of Bach Flower
    In England or Ireland, the Bach flowers are highly appreciated and widely used. Meanwhile, the Bach flower therapy, developed by Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician achieved a greater degree of popularity.

    The Bach flowers with us probably the best-known, are the emergency drop, a combination of five different flowers compiled by Dr. Edward Bach himself. They and they can, as the name suggests, help for all small and large disasters.

    First of all, it was said that you need no medical or psychological training for the application of the Bach flower therapy. However, you don't need to endanger yourself by taking an inappropriate self medication.

    There are no side effects to worry about. In the case of a non-matching flower, it will be recognized by your body as unnecessary and you do not respond to it. For Serious diseases, a doctor must necessarily (or in danger of ambulance) be consulted.

    Chronic diseases must also be treated by a doctor. The Bach Flowers Remedies help your body heal itself but in a gentle way and can also be applied to traditional medicine and other treatments. Some therapists reject a simultaneous treatment with homeopathic remedies and Bach flowers.

    If you are with a homeopathic doctor in treatment, you should follow his advice.
The founder of the Bach flower therapy, Dr. Edward Bach, the founder of the Bach flower essences, lived from 1886 to 1936 in England. He studied medicine at the University of Cambridge and worked as school physicians and scientists first several years.

    He was known by his research in bacteriology far beyond his home country. Despite his scientific research, Edward Bach kept close contact with his patients. He recognized the link between physical and mental well-being and found his view by Friedrich Christian Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, confirmed.

    Dr. Bach began in the London homeopathic hospital and based on his experience with the previous scientific work, the exploration of the human intestinal flora, he developed a method of healing with Nosodes, which still applies.

    Dr Bach was a very good observer and he noticed that, people with the same emotional and mental problems, regardless of their disease, also on the same Nosodes. He began to raise power and refined his methods with the time.

    Thus, he had remarkable healing, especially in chronically ill people. But, he couldn't reach his ultimate goal, to let people get healthy. He wanted to develop a "folk medicine", which can apply to everyone, give the mental and spiritual health and prevent physical illnesses.

    When he realized that he could not reach this goal with the possibilities of conventional medicine and his Scientific Research , he looked for other perspectives to help the people. in 1930, he gave up his practice and research in London. He moved first to Wales in a small village near Bettws-y-coed.

    Later, he lived in other regions of England for a short time also again in London. But again and again he moved to rural areas. Through his extraordinary sensitive talent and love of nature, Dr. Bach 38 plants, its vibrational energy includes all mental sensations in the course of the next few years on many long hikes and his Bach flower essences developed from it.

    These flowers act as a catalyst between body, mind and spirit and also on mental States, such as fear, mistrust, bitterness, shyness, just to name a few, balance and harmonise. in 1934, he rented a small house, "Mount Vernon" in Sotwell (Berkshire).

    Here he lived the last four years of his life and his knowledge passed on cops, to his staff, especially Nora Weeks and Victor. The English Dr Edward Bach Centre is located in the House "Mount Vernon" in Sotwell, where Dr. Bach spent his last years of life.

Mode of action of remedies
    Our life is affected by many external and internal factors, a wide variety of stimuli interfere with our inner balance. Not only adults are affected by the sensory overload and respond with psychosomatic disorders (such as stomach, heart, circulatory or non-organic cause skin disease).

    Children also suffer from the pressure at school, crises in the family (E.g. unemployment, separation of parents) or are overwhelmed by television, computers, and other media and respond with behavioral problems and disorders, to physical
and mental diseases.

    Some circumstances can result to loss of mental balance and inner harmony being out of balance, can break out a disease at the physical level. The Bach Flowers by their energetic vibrations act as a catalyst between the physical, mental and spiritual level. 

    It helps to restore inner balance, to release energy blockages and prevent disease. Dr. Bach speaks of "negative soul States", which are not fought, but balanced and harmonised by the flowers.

    No contraindications can be found in the posthumous writings of Dr Bach's. Dr. Bach believed that his remedies for all the people who have lost their emotional balance are suitable. Restrictions apply to the following groups of people but in my opinion: no way you should take the Bach flower drops, if you were addicted to alcohol (dry alcoholics), because the drops contain alcohol.

    Although, the dose of alcohol is minimal, but a throwback to the disease of
addiction is not excluded. If you need to take it, due to illness (for example, when a
liver disease), ask your dentist and expressly refer him to the alcohol content in the Stockbottle.

     You should take the flowers only with his consent. However, there is nothing against the application of emergency drop cream or an external application in the form of envelopes with Bach Flowers drop.

The 38 Bach flower remedies

  • Agrimony
  • Aspen
  • Beech
  • Centaury
  • Cerato
  • Cherry plum
  • Chestnut bud
  • Chicory
  • Clematis
  • Crab Apple
  • Elm
  • Gentian
  • Gorse
  • Heather
  • Holly
  • Honeysuckle
  • Hornbeam
  • Impatiens
  • Larch
  • Mimulus
  • Mustard
  • Oak
  • Olive
  • Pine
  • Red chestnut
  • Rock rose
  • Rock water
  • Scleranthus
  • Star of Bethlehem
  • Sweet chestnut
  • Vervain
  • Vine
  • Walnut
  • Water violet
  • White chestnut
  • Wild oat
  • Wild rose
  • Willow

Bach flower drops of emergency
    The emergency drop, is a special feature in the Bach flowers. They were collected by Dr Bach himself. This flower combination is available as Stockbottle ready mixed. The emergency drop has calming effect and can be applied to many ailments, many possibilities offered there.

    Emergency drops can be used in many emotionally stressful situations and also
proactively taken. The Bach flower remedies are completely safe, free from side effects and there is no dependency.

    Examples of the use of the emergency drop to stabilize the
mental balance are: (Please note: the emergency drops replace not your physician or a medical supply)

  1. After the death of a loved one
  2. Before surgery
  3. Fear of medical or dental visit (also in fear of syringes)
  4. After receiving a bad news
  5. After a family dispute
  6. After disagreement with the superior
  7. For separation of the partners
  8. Before divorce or court date
  9. Before a job interview
  10. Before exams or tests (even driving test)
  11. After a nightmare
  12. When fear of childbirth (also for expectant fathers to calm)

The emergency drop include the following remedies:

  • Cherry plum - harmonizing with inner tension
  • Clematis - tilt mental absence balancing
  • Impatiens - harmonizing with psychological stress and anxiety
  • Rovck rose - beneficial in despair and panic
  • Star of Bethlehem - balancing the inner balance with psychological injuries.

    The emergency drops are intended as a first aid in emotionally stressful situations. But, taking as a concentrate from the Stockbottle should not be a permanent habit. It can be taken well even over a longer period (for example after a bereavement).

    Also taking longer, no interdependence. No liquid should be in the mouth of an unconscious, because there is a risk of suffocation. Nothing speaks against an external application, for example can you drizzled an emergency drops on the lips or dabbed a drop of the temples, forehead or behind the ears.

Bach flowers for animals
    You can treat animals with Bach flowers. The dose should be adjusted to the size of the animal. Please determine whether the State of the animal for a self-treatment is suitable. In case of doubt, seek a veterinarian.

    The best way to give it to animals is to mix it in drinking water or food. You can
also apply on the fur or feathers and rub it lightly. For cats, alcohol is harmful because it can not be dismantled in the body.

    In birds, the dosage is somewhat difficult, keep in mind the alcohol content of drops from the reservoir bottle and try out whether your feathered friend takes the drop with the drinking water. Also a sprinkling of the plumage with a flower drop is possible.

    It is important to remember that the Bach flowers change not the character. For example, an aggressive dog by the remedies will be suddenly lamblike. No! There are still many application possibilities. The Bach flowers with similar character traits in humans as well as animals participate in the principle.

  You can also see the description of the flowers and find yourself a suitable flower or create flower combinations for your animal. This article does not purport to be exhaustive, but can show through the examples of what is possible. There are now many veterinarians who treat with Bach flowers, but also there are special Bach flower therapist for animals.

Bach flower test
    70 years ago, Dr. Bach has deals with natural remedies and discovered Bach flowers. These are various parts of European plants, which all bear a healing force in itself. A Bach flower test is a test that officially issued by the Bach flower company in England and can be made by anyone.

    This Bach flower test consists of a total of 37 questions around the theme of Bach flower remedies and have the goal that anyone performing the test is able to create a personally appropriate Bach flower blend.

    A Bach flower test is used to finding out the problems of individual and after evaluating, it has this Bach flower test. One or more Bach flowers are used to correct problems. This test is officially offered by the Bach flower company for download and is a certified test.

    This means that the results of this test can be taken quite seriously and through the certification of the test, it can be trusted. If you are planning a Bach flower remedies to make test, you should ensure that you answer all it's occurring questions as honestly and accurately as possible.

    If you make false statements at the Bach flower test, the result is distorted. Therefore, you can go to a Naturopath and pulling test on your own to the Bach flower remedies.

    The effect of remedies is often doubted and achieved little success in scientific studies. Nevertheless, it works for a majority of users of Bach flowers. Finally, every one must decide for himself or herself whether he or she relies on the form of therapy by Dr. Bach. It is important to purchase quality and always invite a doctor in case of illness.