Fenugreek Seeds, Tea, Leaves 15+ Benefits on Blood, Hair, Diabetes..

 Fenugreek is hardly known in our latitudes, although these small seeds can be found in many Curry blends. It has been excellently used by Hildegard von Bingen, Pastor Kneipp as the Benedictine monks.

    This fenugreek seeds have a great effect on many ailments and come mainly from Asia and the Mediterranean region. Since ancient times, the fenugreek is grown and used there both as a spice and as a remedy.

Origin of fenugreek
    Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum Graecum) probably comes from the West Asian region and has been already demonstrated from the time of the first crops in Hindustan and the ancient Egypt. The plant in Mecklenburg as well as in Hanover was widespread in the middle ages and in Thuringia, Franconia, and Saxony.

    It was also grown in the 17th and 18th centuries. Under Emperor Shin nong, it was a well-known herb in 3700 BC. Lu PA used the seeds as the best slime dissolving means. In Persia, Arabia, and Egypt on the other hand, it was deployed in around 1550 BC as excellent remedy against burns.

    Fenugreek which is also called deer corn, cow or goat Horn today it's because it's slightly humped and bears a resemblance to animal horns. The seeds of Fenugreek is approximately 50 cm high, one-year plant is approximately 2-4 mm in size, very thick and have a light brown color.

    Fenugreek is one of the butterfly family and has pretty pale yellow or light purple flowers. Sleeves with a length of approximately 20 cm where the seeds are formed from the flowers. The plant smells very spicy just like freshly cut hay. The taste is slightly bitter, mealy and only really unfolds during the cooking and it's available here in America if you want to buy the fenugreek seeds.

    The seeds are used as cheese and bread spice and in India and many other countries they are roasted to bring out the full flavor. In Asia, on the other hand, a delicious vegetable or salad is prepared from the leaves of the fenugreek Klees.

    Even as cattle feed, the fenugreek is very popular. In our latitudes, the fenugreek is unfortunately little known although it can cure many ailments. But numerous studies have already been made to this plant, the seeds and the healing could be confirmed scientifically.

Ingredients of fenugreek
    The following ingredients contained in 100 grams fenugreek seeds:
  • 191 mg of magnesium, which is important for the functions of muscles and nerves and also plays a large role in fat metabolism.
  • 176 mg calcium, an important component of bone which regulates the metabolism and binds the fatty acids in the intestine.
  • 33.5 mg iron, which is very important essential for the supply of oxygen in the body and also for the formation of blood.
  • 23 grams proteins, which are important for many metabolic processes and building muscle. Also, Cleave proteins during digestion to be synthesized to amino acids.
  • 0.6 mg vitamin B6, which promotes a healthy skin, regulates the nerve conductivity and are they're important in the amino acid metabolism.
  • 3 mg Ascorbic acid or vitamin C, which is known as immune booster and antioxidant.

    Other ingredients in the fenugreek are Vitamin A, a significant free radical scavenger which is important for the cell protection as also the sight. Vitamin D or Calciferol keeps the immune system and the stability of the bone intact. It can be made when the skin is exposed to the Sun; sometimes, even from the body.

    Vitamin B3 or Trigonelline in Fenugreek promote hair growth. In conjunction with Diosgenin, vitamin B3 is capable to block hormones that are responsible for hair loss.
Coenzyme B12 is important for blood formation, cell protection and the nerve function.

    Steroid saponins, the precursor of Diosgenin is intended to promote the body's natural hormone production. It aims at promoting milk production as also the libido in men.

    Trigofoenoside stimulates the stomach such as also bile acid, which in turn leads to more appetite. While the released bile acids are important to bind cholesterol, digestion is faster and more efficient too.

    Essential oils of Fenugreek are antibacterial and disinfectant. It can help relieve painful symptoms in the mouth and throat and it can serve as alternative remedy to some costly products while you can get the cheap extracts of fenugreek seed oil, powder and other forms of the healing agent online.

Studies on fenugreek
    In antiquity and the middle ages, fenugreek has been used as a remedy. The scientists and researchers on the fenugreek discovered its remedy in numerous traditions and so far some scientific studies have been performed and documented, many traditions have confirmed that too.

Fenugreek in Diabetes Mellitus
    Fenugreek powder, tea or even oil are used in phytotherapy mellitus to treat diabetes. The Amino4-hydroxy Isoleucine in Fenugreek is extremely important as showed in the article of the Carstens-Foundation and was confirmed in two studies carried out independently from the year 2003 and 2012. I talked to a friend recently who's a living testimony to the efficacy of fenugreek after he purchased the fenugreek powder from a trusted sites.

Fenugreek as a promoter of Appetite
    There was a study by The Commission E in 1990 which investigated the appetite-stimulating effect of fenugreek seeds. It was found that, the seeds of the plant had positive effects on underweight, appetite and skin inflammation.

    The Commission E has emerged from the former federal health official and the Federal Institute for drugs and medicine products and is an Expert Committee for herbal medicinal products.

Fenugreek for Allergic Rhinitis, Rhinitis
    Fenugreek seeds contain numerous ingredients such as, choline. This substance has been classified in a study in 2008 as anti-inflammatory. Three years before the time in 2005, a study was published in a journal of Indian researchers, the occupied, that Allergic coryza (rhinitis) is curable with a higher dose of choline.

Fenugreek in Parkinson's Disease
    In 2014, in a double-blind study of 50 patients suffering from Parkinson's disease, it has been found that a significant reduction in the symptoms of Parkinson's disease was made by fenugreek extract. It was discovered that, the damage of certain nerve cells can be delayed and even prevented as suggested in a study by Indian scientists. Are you thinking of buying the fenugreek products for healing, ensure you go after quality.

Fenugreek against Loss of Appetite
You can have various causes especially when there are more complaints and also when weight is lost. A doctor must be consulted because some diseases might be behind it. As we normally advise, you don't just order whatever health product online, not only fenugreek seeds, tea, powder or any other form without due consultation from a expert.

    But also, confounding factors can be the cause for a lack of appetite. Especially in children, it can be that they ate too much candy or have been drinking too much carbonated lemonade. This can make them quickly tired.

    To control loss of appetite, care should be taken on the eating habits of children because a development phase can be the cause of the loss of appetite since children usually go through a "Dining and a wax phase". This is usually not bad and it's self regulated.

    If one just recovered after an illness, it can happen that one don't really have appetite. However, fenugreek tea can work real wonders and quickly normalize the situation. Fenugreek can bring back the joy of eating. About a half teaspoon of fenugreek seeds should be mixed and consumed about a half teaspoon of fenugreek. Based on the quality and composition of the product, you can sometimes get the dosage on the package of the product as directed by the manufacturer.

    The bitter substances contained in fenugreek seeds are basic for the appetite stimulation; not only the appetite is stimulated, also, the digestive system comes in momentum which in turn has an effect on the overall metabolism.

Fenugreek against hair loss
    Hair loss is often due to the hormone and also vitamin deficiency. Fenugreek has been employed in ancient times to correct hair loss and it has been helpful.Fenugreek tea such as broth from fenugreek seeds can be used as a hair rinse.

    The hair would not only become soft and shine, the proteins are contained in fenugreek would also strengthen the hair roots and supply the body with vital substances which can also promote hair growth. The contained Phytohormones play an important role here.

    Another advantage of fenugreek is that, dry scalp and inflammation of the scalp can be treated. Fenugreek among other things is anti-inflammatory and slightly disinfectant. Fenugreek is known for many thousands of years as a remedy for hair loss, which was now scientifically confirmed.

    Do you like to avoid diffused hair loss or baldness, two cups of fenugreek tea should be consumed daily. Alternatively, two fenugreek capsules can be taken daily. Fresh fenugreek leaves mixed with water or coconut oil is applied to the scalp, massaged and left for approximately 30 minutes.

    You can as well mix the ground fenugreek seeds with coconut oil and after a few weeks, new hair growth in bald places should set. Do you now which to harness the healing potentials of this healing agent, you can safely order the fenugreek product from the comfort of your home online, directly from trusted manufacturers in America, your country or other online health product stores. You only need to verify its efficacy before buying from the manufacturer.

Fenugreek when heavy sweating
    Even with heavy sweating, fenugreek has been proven. In addition, it must be naturally clarified that the strong sweat has no serious causes. Fenugreek, however,
is a natural health product and the excellent ingredients in it soothe your nerves of the overactive sweat glands and this without any side effects.

    You can add 12 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds with 1 litre of cold water together. This seeds have to be soaked for about six hours and then, the Sud is briefly cooked up. After cooling, broth is diluted again and can be used for only bath or sponging. Note, this is just a rule of thumb, you still need to follow your doctor's advice and the information on the product when you bought it.

Fenugreek for a better analysis
    Fenugreek is considered the Red remedy for many thousands of years. Researchers suspect that this is due to the minerals, vitamins and iron in it

Fenugreek for a Good Power
    The fenugreek extract increases testosterone production as demonstrated in scientific studies. Here, the Phytohormones are behind the stimulation of the body's production of testosterone.

    Therefore, sportsmen are lovers of fenugreek and they're always excited about it because, a better fat burning and more muscle means more testosterone. Especially for athletes, special fenugreek supplements are available in the market which are also ideal for erectile dysfunction. This is really recommended to be purchased and used for all men without any side effect. Just search for local online stores in your location and chat with them as a potential buyer.

    However, tea or capsules can help with sexual function problems. Fenugreek is among the substances for natural power.

Fenugreek Helps To Stimulate the Formation of Milk
    Phytohormones are not only just for stimulating the testosterone production but are also good for the formation of milk when breastfeeding. Fenugreek significantly stimulates the flow of milk so that it do not interfere with breastfeeding and lactation.

    There are special nursing teas in which fenugreek is also included. Here, only a
very small percentage of seeds is included. Better fenugreek capsules or tea from fenugreek seeds also are suitable here. Daily, one dose of fenugreek extract from about 3 grams should be taken and you can get in touch with your doctor before going ahead to order for fenugreek tea, capsules or any variant online

Fenugreek For Diabetes
    In several studies, it was found that fenugreek regulates the blood sugar levels. The amino acid 4-hydroxy Isoleucine, which is present in the fenugreek is responsible for this. In animal studies, it has been proven that within some weeks, the blood sugar value could be reduced by almost 50 percent.

    In addition, blood fat values were normalised. However, the insulin was affected in this any way but those who want to take fenugreek should do with doctor's directive.

    It is relatively easy to produce an effective drink. 500 mg fenugreek powder is stirred into 150 ml water and two to three hours, swell until it is again left off. Daily, three to five cups of this drink should be consumed. If you'll rather purchase the fenugreek powder online, it will only cost you few bucks which is cheap and affordable for everyone.

Fenugreek in skin diseases
    Fenugreek works excellent for skin diseases. The seeds are grinded into powder, mixed with water to form a paste and briefly boiled. The paste can then be used on skin conditions such as eczema, arthritic or rheumatic complaints and other skin problems. Also, on diseases of the respiratory system, it perform real wonders and there are numberless positive reviews on this from online users who've claimed its positive effects on skin after they're convinced to try it out.

Fenugreek for Stomach and Intestinal Problems
    Fenugreek is used for stomach and intestinal problems since thousands of years. This is because the mucilage in the fenugreek, strong swell and form a viscous mass which is then put over inflamed tissues. Thus, stomach and intestines are protected and agents can no longer penetrate.

    This mass continues to moist and soft, even the tissue resulting in inflammation can heal faster. In addition, this mucilage can bind acids and thus bring the stomach back into the balance.

Side effects of Fenugreek
    Fenugreek could cause though in rare cases, side effects which however represent no health risk. If you're under medical treatment, you should discuss treatment using fenugreek in any case with your physician, as small seeds have many positive effects and reduce such blood sugar or blood pressure.

    Pregnant women should not take fenugreek because the seeds could trigger contractions. If you misuse it and take too much of it (Overdose), it can cause problems in the gastrointestinal tract such as also bloating and diarrhea or vomiting. However, it should be noted that, there's no really side effect of fenugreek on the breastfeeding mother AMD her baby but some people have had one complaint or the other on fenugreek breastfeeding side effect for their baby.

Fenugreek for Animals
    In many countries, including America, the fenugreek plant is an extremely popular fodder for horses, cows and goats but the plant is also used for the mast very much. In doing so, fenugreek extract has the same positive side effects as with humans and can help older animals with more appetite. There are fenugreek products for animals and you can safely buy them online from certified health products seller.

    Also, the digestive system is stimulated and the blood values can be significantly improved. Also, even the milk flow is stimulated. In addition, fenugreek can be use as packs when wounds or ulcers and eczema occur also in animals.

Fenugreek Recipes
Preparing Fenugreek according to old tradition's tea and porridge envelopes can be as follows:
Tea Kneipp:
    An old folk remedy is the tea according to Kneipp. The fenugreek seed is used in cold water and take some hours. Then, just boil, strain and drink; you can add honey to make it sweetened.

Poultice Kneipp:
    To make a poultice, cooked three to four tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in 5 minutes into a pulp. Increase the effect by adding little vinegar. This porridge is given on a linen cloth and also the affected area. But also in the kitchen, the fenugreek can be prepared very tasty.

    Especially if the fenugreek seeds without fat are roasted, they really develop their taste. Also lost the bitter taste and smell by the roasting process and can excellently be used in salads.

    Still, the powder for seasoning can refine dishes. In many Asian countries as well as in southern Europe, fenugreek powder is included in Curry mixtures. While the fresh or dried leaves are used in Iran in herbal stews, you can enjoy the leaves as a vegetable in India and Egypt.

    In Turkey, for example, the powder is used as a substitute for coffee or coffee additive.

Dosage Forms of Fenugreek
    There are numerous forms of fenugreek. The variant you choose is probably a  matter of taste, and on the other hand, it depends on the product that is to be used.

Fenugreek Capsules
     Do you want to enjoy the active ingredients in concentrated form, you should rely on the fenugreek capsules. These usually contain grams of fenugreek seeds powder and they are a very powerful extract. Here, a dose at 1 gram extract per capsule of three capsules per day are recommended.

    These help to promote the formation of milk, to increase the libido and potency, and to also improve the digestion. More so, excessive sweating during menopause can be treated so well. The fact is, the capsules are excellent to normalize the blood fat and blood glucose levels.

The whole Fenugreek Seeds
    The whole Fenugreek seeds, for example, can be roasted and eaten in salads. They serve for the production of infusions and teas as well as for external use. In particular, as a quiet tea, they are very well suited. But also as a hair rinse or as Sud, the fenugreek seeds can be used very well for washing.

    They are coarsely crushed or soaked in water and stirred into yogurt. They help to stimulate digestion and stimulate the appetite.

Fenugreek Leaves
    These are suitable as a preparation for salad and vegetables, it can also be used as a condiment. Do you want to have your own plant, you can grow the seed to germinate in your garden and can reap so always fresh fenugreek leaves.

Fenugreek oil
    Fenugreek oil can be processed or purchased for use. To make good use of the fenugreek seeds, a teaspoon of seeds is roasted and mixed with almond oil to a pulp. This pulp can then be applied on wounds, eczema or other skin diseases. The advantage of buying fenugreek oil is that of its quality and do not need further additives.

Fenugreek Tincture
    A Fenugreek tincture can be manufactured easily and without any problems. It used the fresh or dried leaves or seeds with hard alcohol. A tincture can internally as well externally be applied and helps with numerous complaints such as dandruff and hair loss.

    Fenugreek is an outstanding volunteer for numerous diseases. It can help on stomach and intestinal problems like sexual-function problems or bad milk flow. More so, for skin and hair, fenugreek is an important helper.

   The medicinal plant can get rid of dandruff, work very well against hair loss. In addition, fenugreek is an important remedy to improve the blood values, to lower the blood sugar and blood fat levels and also alleviate symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

    Especially older people who often lose the hunger and thirst, they can feel hungry again with fenugreek as it serve as appetite stimulant, and make them come back strong even after an illness. It can be used for children as well if they
have no appetite.

    Fenugreek is suitable also for animals as food. Cats however should eat no fenugreek because they cannot process the essential oils. If you want to have an all-round talent in your medicine cabinet, you should never waive fenugreek asThe wide range of complaints can be alleviated or even cured with this herb.