Old Age Disorder: Senility |Arteriosclerosis | Cardiovascular Disease

    It is very important to find out the changes during old age that are due to the aging process, which deal with disease as well as their influence upon individual. Researchers on aging indicate that, close to quarter of diseases of the elderly people are infectious. The symptoms, the causes of the diseases and the treatability of these diseases are inevitably affected by changes which normally occur with age.

    SENILITY (sine dementia) is a condition that is characterized by old age in which the elderly or the aged are considered to be feeble minded or imbecile in nature as a result of the degeneration of the brain tissues due to aging.

    Sine dementia is a disease that is caused by a degenerative process with a large loss of cells from the cerebral cortex and other areas of the brain. The brain therefore shows marked atrophy.

    This disorder which is more noticeable from the age of 65 is a form of insanity characterized by the failure of mental powers and organic deterioration of intelligence, memory and orientation common with the elderly and the aged.

    CARDIO VASCULAR DISEASES: These are the diseases of the heart and the blood vessels. They are known to be the major causes of Death among the elderly and especially in the developed nations of the world.

    It is thought that, not only biological changes but also heredity and environmental stress are contributory to the incidences of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly as well as in some young and middle aged adult

    CORONARY ARTERIOCLEROSIS DISEASES:This is a disease in which the walls of arterial blood vessels harden, thicken and grow inelastic.It is also a major killer of the elderly in advanced nations.

    There are evidences from epidemiology studies of human populations that environmental, hormonal changes, diet as well as genetic factors are involved in this type of disease. These factors will therefore lead to disease much earlier in life before old age as a result of unhealthy lifestyle.

    DRUG AND THE ELDERLY:As explained earlier, it is a fact that the process of ageing is usually characterized by changes and deterioration of many of the body functions, the physiological impairment of the heart, the blood vessels, the kidney, the digestive tract and the nervous system can alter the body chemistry.

    Thus, the ability to metabolize and response to drugs in a normal way is reduced. This condition inevitably present serious medical and social problems at the present time. Most of the medical treatment of the diseases and disability of old age are based primarily on experience obtained in the use of drugs in people with similar diseases but who by and large are much younger than the aged.

    It has been observed in some areas that older patient showed adverse reactions to drugs
that have had no unusual effect on younger patient. For example, some mild tranquilizers could cause confusion as well as behavioral disturbances in the elderly. Therefore, mistaken such behavioral disturbances for chronic pain diseases.