Journal of Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil Uses, Health Benefits & Side Effects

    Black Cumin oil is healthy for humans and animals. Black cumin is known to many as a condiment which is extremely popular but black cumin is not only used as spice but also a remedy for many ailments such as allergies, high blood pressure or even cancer as it has been proven in studies.

    The immune system can be strengthened and for acne, asthma, and many other complaints, black seed oil is an important helper. Even in animals, the oil that is extracted from black cumin seeds is a very good remedy against parasites such as ticks. There are more than 700 studies on black seed and research is still ongoing.

The Origin of Black Cumin oil
    Black seed is used as medicine for more than 2000 years. In particular, the Egyptian black cumin oil (Nigella sativa) which is the most appropriate. This is still grown in the Arabian Desert in the giant oases with numerous black seed plants that belong to the heritage of the Islamic world.

    Black cumin oil comes mainly from Egypt, Turkey and the Middle East. The black seed originated however in southern Europe and Western Asia where they are grown but only rarely in modern times.

    The Buttercup black seed is an annual plant that can grow up to 60 cm high. From the white or blue flowers, form the fruit with seed shells which burst open when they're ripe. These show the drop-like, triangular seeds that are inside white, outside black and oily.

    The black seed in many gardens serve as an ornamental plant, represented by the pretty feathery leaves and the beautiful flowers. However, "Devil in a Bush" is a related type of real black seed which is also called "brewing up in hair", or "Maiden in green".

Harvesting and Production of Egyptian black cumin oil
    Black seed is sown in September. When the plant then starts to die from the bottom, this is the time for the harvest. Bring the light brown capsules that will bring forth the Jet-Black seeds and harvest before sunrise. But, the whole plant will be cut and protected from dew and morning fog, as it is especially important to harvest them dry.

    To dry them well, the herb is then spread on towels. Once dry, the seeds are threshed out, filled into bags and delivered to the mills, from which the valuable black cumin oil is then pressed.

    The best effective one is achieved when Egyptian black cumin oil is cold pressed and gently pressed with no additives.

Ingredients of Black Cumin oil
    In recent years, the black caraway seed oil has become a very popular natural remedy which is used in many places. In the Orient, it is already in use for more than 2000 years and it's appreciated.

    This black seed oil consists of about 1 per cent essential oils which is already enough to do the body good. It can help not only with respiratory infections, allergies or asthma, but have a positive influence on the wide range of body functions.

    It's also used as an antiseptic, antifungal and antioxidant because of its effects that's attributable to this essential oil. Thymoquinone is that important essential oil, which allergic symptoms are weakened as well as prevend and even blood sugar levels are reduced.

    If you would like to buy black cumin oil, you must make sure you always go for extremely high quality. Because only in cold pressed Egyptian black cumin oil, you could get the best ingredients including terpene derivatives. These terpene derivatives are toxic in larger quantities. For this reason, it is important to make sure that the oil is really free from side effects and well tolerated when purchasing of black cumin oil.

    Saponin Melanthin is another important ingredient that's included in the black caraway seed oil. This practically cleanses the respiratory tract and causes that can be coughed down better. It is also responsible to subside inflammation better, so also bronchitis or influenza.

    Even with spasmodic cough, as it is the case of whooping cough or asthma, black cumin seed oil can be helper, for what the bitter principle Nigellone Semohiorpion is responsible. Especially when these diseases can make one to quickly come to shortness of breath, it can be reduced with this substance.

Important Unsaturated Fatty acids
    In the black caraway seed oil, unsaturated fatty acids are up to 60 percent. It is primarily gamma-linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid. This is required for the entire organism and can not be produced in the body. Therefore, this stuff about the food must be supplied, to supply the body with the important substance.

    Still, prostaglandins are important for the immune system which can regulate blood clotting and inhibit inflammation. It is important that people with allergies can compensate in addition polyunsaturated fatty acids like arachidonic acid or also gamma linolenic acid, which can have an effect on the immune system and the deficit of missing prostaglandins.

Amino acids in Black Cumin oil
    Amino acids, protein and the building blocks of protein are particularly important for all metabolic processes in the body. But also for the synthesis of hormones and enzymes, amino acids are very important. The black cumin oil has seven of the eight essential amino acids such as arginine, Asparagine, glycine, phenylalanine, serine, tyrosine as well Valine total.

    These serve the cell protection as also the cell renewal and make the body more resistant to stress. In addition, they improve the structure of muscles and are urgently needed by the immune system.

Minerals and vitamins in the black cumin oil
    In the black caraway seed oil, there are also important minerals and vitamins that are very important for the body.
Magnesium: Magnesium is important for nerve and muscle function. In addition, it receives the energy metabolism.
Selenium: Selenium is a mineral that detoxifies the body.
Provitamin A: this is important especially for hair, skin and cells.
Beta carotene: Not only for the eyes but also for hair, skin and cells, beta carotene is an important ingredient.
Biotin: Biotin is important as well as provitamin A and beta carotene for hair, skin and cells.
B vitamins: B-vitamins are contained in large quantity in black cumin oil. While folic acid as well B1 are included. They are important for the formation of blood and metabolism and control the nerve and brain function.
Vitamin C: vitamin C is particularly important, so that iron
can be optimally absorbed from food. This vitamin is an antioxidant effect also.
Vitamin E: vitamin E is responsible among other things for
the regulation of a healthy blood clotting.

    The many ingredients that are included in the black caraway seed oil can help with many problems and are particularly important to skin, hair and the entire body. Egyptian black cumin oil is a true multi-talent and important for many functions in the body.

Studies on Black Seed Oil
    Already for several millennia, the black cumin oil in the East and many other countries is a Panacea for light and heavy diseases. This drew the attention of the scientists and researchers on the valuable all-rounder. In the 60s, there was therefore the first studies and now carried out more than 700 studies of black cumin oil.

Black Cumin in Asthma
    Indian scientists tested the
effectiveness of black cumin oil in asthma over a period of three months and it has been proven that, there was a significant improvement in the symptoms. It was also found that, the conventional asthma drugs worked far better when a simultaneous black cumin oil therapy was used.

Black Cumin oil on High Blood Pressure
    In 2008, a study was conducted which showed great success after 8 weeks. Patients suffering from high blood pressure received 100 or 200 milligrams of black cumin oil. This showed that the subjects had significantly better scores. Even the LDL-cholesterol significantly improved and there's no occurrence of side-effect.

Black Cumin oil in Diabetes
    The effect of black cumin oil on diabetes mellitus was carried out in a study from India. This 94 diabetes type 2 patients were treated with black cumin seeds and it turned out that, there was a significant improvement in blood sugar levels.

Black cumin oil in cancer
    In the American Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, one of the most comprehensive studies to cancer was conducted. It was found that chemotherapy drug Doxorubizin has been significantly strengthened. The medicine should work as turmoil-resistant for some cancers but has the disadvantage that it is highly toxic to heart and has other side effects.

    Thymoquinon, however, can significantly reduce this heart-toxic effect. In the study, the growth of tumours in leukemia was strongly inhibited melanoma and breast cancer and at the same time strengthens the effect of Doxorubizin. Another advantage was also that, there was no more harmful interactions with other drugs.

Black Cumin oil on infantile Seizure Disorder
    Black cumin oil surprised again and again - in the study which was conducted in India in 2011. Conventional means can help more than 15 per cent of infantile epilepsy seizures. Therefore, children were treated Additionally with a dose of 1 mg Thymoquinon per kilogram of body weight. It turned out that, already after a short time, the seizure frequency decreased.

Black Seed Oil for Rheumatism
    In a study from the year 2010, it has been proven that, ankle swelling and morning stiffness in patients with rheumatoid arthritis can be reduced significantly. 40 patients were treated and at the beginning, they were given placebos that could have no effect.

    Then the patients were given 500 mg black cumin oil capsules daily and the restriction of movement, the result showed significant reduction in the pain. Also the
counter values by more than 40 percent fell.

Effects and Uses of Black Seed Oil
    Black cumin oil is very popular and it's not only used in kitchen. Also in naturopathy, it's used several thousand years and is known for its anti-inflammatory effect. However, black seed oil can do much more and can be used also for following complaints.

Black cumin oil on Allergies
    Allergies have become an endemic disease and more and more people suffer from it. Especially the house dust allergy which is probably the most common. But also pollen allergies, which can occur as hay fever, psoriasis and asthma. Even with atopic dermatitis is usually an allergy of trigger.

    However, a Neurodermatitis can be curbed only and not cured. Here, black seed oil is very proven and can be helpful to the immune system. If Black cumin oil is regularly taken over three to six months, it can reduce the willingness of allergy on one and on the other already existing symptoms or even disappear. It is pure so in the form of oil or in capsule form.

Black seed oil for acne and pimples
    Acne and pimples occur not only to teenagers, where the hormonal balance is confused. Acne can occur in adults and so far the trigger is not verified yet. However, since the the male sex hormones mainly stimulate the production of sebum, young men are more often affected than women. It is even assumed that an inheritance may be possible.

    Also, stress, hormones, metabolism or nutrition problems can trigger acne and pimples. Acne can leave scars on skin in severe form. Therefore, a doctor should be consulted in any case. In the mild form, however, black seed oil can be very helpful because the valuable oil has a unique combination of active ingredients which can
prevent the emergence of pimples and acne and also help them heal faster.

    To combat pimples and acne, black seed oil should be applied internally and externally. If you take a tablespoon of black cumin oil daily after getting up and at night rubbing the face with the oil, you can already visible results after just a few weeks.

Black oil for ADHD
    The diagnosis of 'ADHD', i.e. hyperactivity is often a shock to the parents. But first the parents should be really sure because 90 percent of the diagnoses of ADHD are wrong, as experts noted. Often, Only about 7 percent really suffer from ADHD and disturb the lessons with their hyperactivity, have concentration or learning disabilities, and react very impulsive.

    Thereby, this can be caused by environmental factors, genetic predispositions or also by the poor diet and too little exercise. Even to many external stimuli such as the environment, television or even game consoles and Smartphones continue to cause reactions and nervous behavior.

    It is easy to prescribe medicines, which however are associated with numerous side effects. In the worst case, even growth retardation can occur. There is still no scientific studies, however, there are many reviews that show that Black seed oil has a balancing and soothing effect.

    Also, children sleep better which in turn leads to a better attention and concentration. Black cumin oil is detoxifying and can flush environmental toxins from the body. Due to the important ingredients such as zinc, selenium, chromium and vitamins as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, it positively influence the psyche and can thus also ensure a better concentration.

    A longterm application of about 20 drops daily Egyptian black cumin oil on the  body has positive impact and lessen symptoms.

Black cumin oil in flatulence
    For several thousand years, black seed oil is used in the Orient for numerous problems in the digestive tract and can successfully treat heartburn, diarrhea and flatulence. Bloating can have different causes which are usually completely harmless. For one, it may cause fiber flatulence and on the other hand also a gluten intolerance can cause bloating.

    Still, other intolerances or bacteria can be responsible for increasingly gases that are formed in the intestine. Especially in pregnancy, it may cause hormonal changes, constipation, which show up in constipation and bloating.

    Infants do experience bloating when they have difficulties of adaptation or swallow too much air in the suction. This quickly leads to bloating and screaming. Here, black cumin oil can be a remedy since it has several ingredients against flatulence and intestinal problems.

   While the bitter principle has a saponin Melanthin antispasmodic and intestinal cleansing and still also has an anti-inflammatory effect, harmful bacteria or intestinal parasites with Nigellone Semohiorpion can be gently harmless.

    The brewing of tea from crushed caraway seed is suitable for children. Adults can cook some rice with 2 teaspoons black caraway seed oil with acute symptoms and mix it with plain yogurt. To prevent black seed oil capsules, you can take 2 to 3
teaspoons pure black caraway seed oil.

Black cumin oil on high blood pressure
    High blood pressure is due to lack of exercise, poor diet, stress, nicotine and alcohol consumption. There is an increased risk when age number is increasing. As you get older, providing metabolism of the organism is the worse. The Result is a high blood pressure.

    When this is too high over a period of time, it can constrict the blood vessel walls and harden. It is in turn causes the heart high pressure and the risk of suffering a heart attack is increased. In addition, also eyes and kidneys are attacked, if the blood pressure is too high.

    To counteract this, a nutrition can often help. But also stress must be reduced to lower the blood pressure again. Black seed oil, which is known for its blood pressure lowering effect can seriously help. Taking 3 teaspoon black cumin oil daily can regulate the blood pressure again and prevent against a high blood pressure.

Back seed oil for the skin
    Black cumin oil is a valuable tool not only for complaints, the extraordinary oil is particularly good for skin and hair. Egyptian black cumin oil was used in ancient times for the beauty, to clean, maintain and prevent wrinkles.

    These ingredients: beta carotene, B2, B6 also biotin and zinc are responsible for the outstanding performance. But especially in skin diseases, Egyptian black cumin oil is recommended because it regulates the immune system and can alleviate allergic symptoms.

    If it's regularly used over several months, it can continue to improve and possibly curb the symptoms of autoimmune diseases,  Eczema or psoriasis. More so, the black caraway seed oil with its valuable ingredients can relieve itching on mosquito bites or even sunburns as well as eczema and acne.

    Even for impure skin, the oil is used because it has a slight disinfecting effect. With regular use, the hormonal balance is regulated and on the other hand, it calls for the regeneration of cells and has a positive effect on the immune system. Due to the
excellent ingredients, it is very popular also in the cosmetics industry and is used in many skin - and hair-care products.

Black seed oil for hair
    Hair must withstand a lot, especially during the summer vacation. Sun, sand and sea water quickly dry out the hair and make it dull and brittle. A spa with black cumin oil which is rich in vitamin B, C and E, as well as Omega-3 fatty acids, moisturized hair and makes it shine again.

    Also, the hair grows more dense and can be repaired with black cumin oil. Regularly ingested biotin, selenium and folic acid can act and promote cell renewal as also the formation of keratin which causes the hair roots to be strengthened.

    If you want to do something good for your hair, it is enough to massage a few drops of black cumin oil in the tips of the hair and the scalp after washing. This promotes blood circulation and prevents split ends.

    Black cumin oil can also serve as anti-dandruff agent when mixed a lotion of endive leaves, fruit vinegar or henna with about a teaspoon of black cumin oil and applied two to three times a week.

Black cumin oil in cancer
    Already in antiquity, black cumin oil was an all-rounder against serious diseases. This was evidenced also by numerous studies and it was found that, it brings about improvement in tumor disease.

    This is due to the precious ingredients that are included in the black caraway seed oil. Especially as supportive therapy, the oil can improve the general well-being and strengthen the immune system.

    The body is very weak due to the many side effects of cancer therapy and the patient feels very uncomfortable. With black cumin oil, the body can recover better and strengthen the immune system of the body to fight the cancer cells themselves.

    Also, the radiation damage will be significantly reduced through the unique substances in the black caraway seed oil and it reduces the toxic side effects and attenuated symptoms. Thus, make the general condition to be better and patients can take more food again, resulting in strengthened body and mind.

   In numerous studies, it was found that the oil attacked the cancer cells and can prevent the development of tumors simultaneously. Also, targeted fighting the cancer cells and strengthening of the immune system.

Dosage of black cumin oil
    Black cumin oil is an all-rounder for numerous diseases, which is due mainly to the unique ingredients. Who wants to boost his immune system, should take about a teaspoon of black cumin oil before breakfast. If you don't like the taste, it can be sweetened with honey. To use it fight against auto-immune diseases, one teaspoon black cumin oil should be consumed three times a day.

Black seed oil for horses
    Black cumin oil is an excellent helper against parasites for horses. But, it also strengthens the immune system and can support useful in asthma and other diseases. The immunologist, Dr. Peter Schleicher has tested the black cumin oil on hundreds horses suffering from allergies.

    This could the symptoms in 70 percent of animals or even allergy be cured
completely. By an Egyptian colleague, he has been advised on the old home remedies and it was a great success. For this reason, black seed oil is an integral part in the stable pharmacy among many horse owners. Because it works equally well with horses, as well as people.

    It strengthens the immune system and helps for chronic respiratory problems, hay dust allergy or bronchitis. It subsides inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis and can lessen their symptoms.

    Due to its antibacterial and anti fungicidal effect, it's an excellent maintenance
in horses and even to heal minor injuries It also ensures a healthy and shiny coat. Especially in the summer, when eczema occur often. These are an allergic reaction to the bites of mosquitoes. Much like people, the animals suffer from an atopic dermatitis.

    Using the black cumin oil on long term, administered with the lining, it protects the animal from the mosquitoes bites and the other wound healing is supported. But also metabolic diseases such as equine metabolic or Cushing's can be improved if the animal is fed with black cumin oil regularly.

    The oil thereby regulated the insulin and cholesterol level. Tseeds, as well aoilorpellets can be administered. Also, an external application maintenance is safely possible. A dose of daily 20 ml pure black cumin oil is recommended for a large horse with about 600 kg while young horses get half of the dose.

Black seed oil for dogs
    Not only horses can suffer from allergies, but also dogs. Here too, the black caraway seed oil can be used excellently for the fur noses and should always be present in the dog pharmacy. Skin reactions can mitigate and even allergies can be treated very well with the black caraway seed oil.

    In addition, the oil is a very good support in epilepsy and could lower seizure frequency and at the same time get it weakened. In addition, the black caraway seed oil is an exceptional Remedy for ticks. Ticks can transmit not only disease, but also dogs malaria, such as Babesiosis can be transmitted by ticks, especially through the riparian zone tick.

    But many other diseases can be transmitted by these animals and because three hosts will need for the life cycle of a tick. Diseases of other animals can be transmitted also through the different hosts. For this reason, it is very important to remove the tick in order to reduce the risk of disease of the dog as soon as possible.

    Black cumin oil has a very high percentage of essential oils. Here, the substance of Thymoquinon however plays a particularly important role because it is responsible for keeping the ticks away.

    Black cumin oil keeps not only parasites of the dog, it makes the coat shiny, strengthens the immune system and keeps also the intestinal flora in balance. To do this, for example, put 8 drops of black cumin oil in drinking water and it can be mixed.
Since but not every dog like this, also 4 to 5 drops of black cumin oil in the neck can be drizzled.

    Dosage of 1 mg black cumin oil per 1 kg weight is recommended. Caution: Essential oils are toxic for cats. They lack an enzyme that may incorrectly remove terpenes. In the worst case, the cat can even die.

Side effects of Nigella sativa oil
    Usually, there's no drastic side effects while taking it but some things should be borne in mind. Especially at the beginning of taking black caraway seed oil, slight bump may likely occur. People with a nervous stomach should continue to occupy the black cumin oil on an empty stomach.

    Due to the high concentration, there could potentially stomach pain. Also, pregnant women should avoid taking black seed oil as essential oils could have an effect driving off and so may trigger contractions. Otherwise, no side effects are known.

Dosage forms of black cumin oil
    Black cumin oil is in the form of pure, cold-pressed oil, as well as in the form of capsules. Here, it is of course also on the preferences and taste. Bcause not everyone likes the intense flavor of black cumin oil, therefore, many like to rely on the capsules.

    In the production of the black caraway seed oil capsules, black seed oil, which naturally cold pressed, is cleaned and then gently packed into the gelatin capsules. It is especially important when buying from black seed oil capsules that you pay attention to organic quality.

    Thus, high quality black seed oil is really pure and not contaminated with chemical additives. Reputable providers are the ones without preservatives, dyes and flavourings. The capsules with black cumin oil can be taken with plenty of water before a meal.

    A daily dose of 40 to 80 milligrams per kilogram of body weight is recommended, if it is to be taken against allergic skin diseases. In acute hay fever, on the other hand, the dose may be increased also for a short time. About 10-25 drops should be taken daily. This represents approximately 450 to 500 milligram black Kakoty oil or one or two capsules.

You want to Buy black cumin oil?
    If you're buying black cumin oil, quality should be the watchword in any case. The cold pressed Egyptian black cumin oil has the best effect. Still, it is very well tolerated and it has the highest quality variation in quality. Always be cautious of the very cheap offers of black cumin oil. Because here it can be that the oils are extended and contain additives.

    This of course becausy the important ingredients are lost and the effect is therefore not comparable to the pure Egyptian black cumin oil. You can buy the Egyptian black cumin oil in health food stores and organic markets, pharmacies or in online trading.

    Black seed oil should be missed in any House because the ingredients can help very well with numerous health complaints. The oil can be used not only against viruses, bacteria and fungi,but also, it is anti-inflammatory and it is relaxing and antispasmodic on the bronchial asthma benefiting patients.

    More so, it regulates metabolism and strengthens the immune system and can be used and helpful for allergies. Even for skin and hair, the high-quality Egyptian oil is an extremely helpful tool. If regularly taken, blood pressure such as also the cholesterol can be lowered.

    It is the same whether the black caraway seed oil is consumed neat or as capsules. With High-quality products, the effect of the capsules with pure black cumin oil is "jaw-dropping". The precious oil is very suitable for pets and can keep away parasites, boost the immune system and also provide a healthy and shiny coat.

    Black cumin oil is a home remedy that is used even for serious diseases such as cancer for thousands in the Orient. The clinical studies have shown that it supports, preventive and may be useful for cancer and various types of cancer inhibits tumor growth. Everyone in his kitchen and medicine cabinet should really have this multi talent substance.