Journal of Organic Chlorella Algae Supplement, Dosage, Benefits & Side Effects

The nutritional supplement of Chlorella
    Chlorella is a freshwater alga which often occurs naturally in lakes. Now, however, these algae are bred and processed as a dietary supplement. The naturally grown algae are not used because the environmental impact of the Lakes is often too high and therefore the consumption of naturally grown algae is not recommended.

    One hundred years ago, this was different and the algae were a part of the diet in some countries entirely. Today, Chlorella is offered in tablets, capsules and powder form and they can be used as a dietary supplement. The powder can be stirred into juice and other beverages.

   These spherical algae actually consist of a nucleus and chlorophyll, which is responsible for the deep green color. There are 24 different types of Chlorella and mainly the quality of the water is responsible for the structure of the alga.

    To serve as a dietary supplement, the algae are filtered, dried and then pulverized. The algae are pressed for the pellets (pellets) and capsules. This dietary supplement is recommended during strict diets to prevent deficiency symptoms. But also for the detoxification of the body, Chlorella is quite usable.

    However, Chlorella is so far not very popular and is not necessarily recommended by some doctors. Modern studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Chlorella on diseases like cancer, diabetes, liver problems, stomach ulcers
and infections.

    Therefore taking Chlorella would be advisable, in particular, when one suffers certain deficiencies. Taking it to enhance the immune system and certain diseases can be avoided.

Effects of Chlorella
    The effects of Chlorella are very versatile and therefore this food supplement is taken for various reasons. This is of course very important to know that Chlorella is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are essential for the body.

    Especially in times where the feed is mainly on fruits and vegetables, as for example at a knitted diet - this deficiency symptoms can be avoided by these algae. It is also worth noting that this alga has a particularly high chlorophyll content which is about 3-5%. So large amounts can be found in any other plant.

    Therefore, Chlorella is suitable particularly to stabilize metabolism. This can be
removed when taking Chlorella also, which is why this food supplement can be used  and in turn, good at dieting. But not only the intestine activity is stimulated, the body
is free of toxic substances.

    The liver is regenerated and Chlorella improves the general well-being. Hazardous substances such as pesticides, herbicides and the like are bound and removed from the tissue. Chlorella can be effective even for radiation poisoning.

    It is interesting to note that already in the year 1945, the algae has been administered in connection with a nuclear disaster on patients. Chlorella was given to patients with radiation poisoning at Hiroshima and Nagasaki to cleanse the body of toxic substances.

    It's of course not often comes to radiation poisoning, but also other toxic substances in our body. This algae is also effective in treating mercury poisoning.
Here it comes, for example to use when amalgam fillings in the teeth are removed. The toxins that are in the body are washed out virtually.

    When taking Chlorella, healing in the body is stimulated and accelerated and also the growth of Lactobacillus in the intestine is stimulated. So, intestinal health is promoted and very many diseases that can cause interference are prevented.

    In addition, the immune system can be improved and infectious diseases can so be combated or be completely avoided when taking Chlorella. Interesting to know that it also has positive effect on the human nervous system and the brain.

    Of other drugs and for general wellbeing, Chlorella can be used to support Alzheimer's. Here, Chlorella prevents certain deposits that occur in the brain and cause Alzheimer's disease.

    Chlorella tablets or powder can also be taken as preventive and so also to improve the general health of the brain and delay the symptoms if the diagnosis has been made already.

    The high protein content of this algae is particularly worth mentioning. Chlorella consists of approximately 60% protein. Protein is essential for muscle growth and for the various functions of the body. With a diet that is based for example on plant nutrition, it can happen that not enough protein is consumed and you feel so tired.

    If little or no fish, meat or other protein is consumed, the muscle growth and the
metabolism can not function properly and the body lacks energy. The body needs protein necessarily and therefore, a balanced diet is always recommended.

    But who makes a diet, can take the protein in the form of food supplements. The protein content of Chlorella has so many benefits that can hardly be offered in any other means. To understand exactly the effectiveness of Chlorella algae, you should investigate a little exactly the other ingredients of Chlorella.

    This algae contains for example many important vitamins, such as vitamin C and E and vitamin B12. Amino acids, folic acid and iodine are also very important ingredients of Chlorella.

    Also, this alga has a high percentage of iron and calcium. In addition, Chlorella has also antioxidant effects, which can fight free radicals. Antioxidant are very effective in the body and this prevents and combats many diseases.

Side effects
    Are there any side effects when taking Chlorella? Scientific studies have observed so far no sustainable side effects. However, you should know that the body probably already polluted with toxic substances in the environment.

    These are then in the Detox phase to be washed out. This phase can be associated with some of the symptoms that are not necessarily pleasant. Often, it is therefore claimed that Chlorella actually has side effects. This is however not the case but is only the effect of detoxification.

    In the initial intake, there may be symptom such as bloating. Also, stomach cramps and diarrhea have already been described in rare cases. The symptoms subside very quickly and within a few days, you will feel much better. Especially when the Spa begins with Chlorella in quantities over 5 grams.

    Therefore, we recommend that you start slowly the treatment with chlorella, so with a smaller dose and then slowly increase it. It is also advisable, for severe and chronic ailments, you should contact your doctor before taking Chlorella.

    Chlorella can appear quite supportive in conjunction with other medications, but
also interactions may occur which you would like to avoid. So far, basically no interactions are known but if you are taking blood-thinning medication, the additional intake of Chlorella in higher doses could be dangerous.

   This alga has a blood-thinning effect which is no problem, and even a positive effect for most people improves the blood flow and prevent deposits in the vessels. But for people who take blood-thinning medication, this additional effect can lead to heavy bleeding.

    Therefore, you should speak once in these cases with a doctor to prevent these side effects or interactions with the blood-thinning drug. Also, Chlorella contains iron and can cause although rare allergic reactions, particularly in people who have an iodine allergy. These effects are also possible but in most foods, fruits, vegetables, and the like.

    Typically, Chlorella is very well tolerated and is not associated with side effects that have a sustainable effect on the body. There are various studies on the freshwater alga and positive effects on the human body have been identified during this study with no side effects.

    Therefore, chlorella works perfectly for medical reasons and of course recommended by a doctor. Naturopaths also recommend Chlorella in recent years more and more often.

    The administration of Chlorella by a doctor is often repeated in Asian countries than in Europe. Medical studies proved the benefits of eating seaweed and Algae were used for centuries as a food.

   The Chlorella algae grow naturally on lakes and waterways. These algae are grown now but for further processing as a food supplement due to the pollution of the Lakes, which is often very high and therefore the consumption of naturally grown algae is not always recommended.

    This was still quite possible a few hundred years ago and so, algae could be used quite as part of your diet.

The various applications of Chlorella
    Chlorella is applied particularly in diets. During a knitted diet, it may come quickly to deficiencies because of not eating little fish, meat and other protein-rich foods at this time. Proteins are very important for the human body. It is required for building muscle.

    Chlorella contains large amounts of proteins that can be consumed in a diet. They can be taken as a dietary supplement. In this way, you can avoid even cravings. The use of Chlorella is also very highly recommended products for vegetarians and vegans.

    Often, this seaweed product is applied mainly for detoxification. After the Detox phase, you will quickly realize that, it improved the general well-being and you need less sleep while the power increases drastically.

    A good recommendation is to start with a small dose and then slowly increasing the dosage. In general, the digestive system is stimulated and the functions of the intestinal tract are normalized.

    Therefore, taking Chlorella shall apply even if you have stomach and bowel problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome. Experience reports according to the irritable bowel syndrome could be alleviated soon.

    Some testimonials revealed that, symptoms such as diarrhea were prevented only during the times where a Chlorella product was used. Interesting is also the application for ailments related to allergies. Symptoms, such as irritated mucous membranes in particular and the like can be relieved or sometimes cured, by taking Chlorella.

    The algae product should be used in addition to the support of your doctor and if the symptoms improve, the drugs can be reduced slowly then. The use of the nutritional supplement for cardiovascular problems is important and often underestimated. The antioxidants contained in chlorella are mainly responsible for that.

    Antioxidants combat free radicals and this has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. The blood pressure can be lowered completely. The application reduces the blood fat values, which in turn positively affects the cardio vascular system.

    The antioxidants that are found in Chlorella can reduce but also oxidative stress and therefore, the application is worth also in chronic inflammatory diseases. Mainly, the dosage depends on what complaints you take Chlorella. Usually the intake by three grams of Chlorella per day is more than enough.

    However, the case can be different in some situations, such for for mercury poisoning, more likely five to seven grams of Chlorella can be used. Higher doses of
Chlorella can be taken, but it is advisable to discuss this with your doctor.

    For the strengthening of the immune system, Chlorella is recommended in any case. If you have a strong immune system, you can tackle viruses and bacteria easier. For the strengthening of the immune system, a teaspoon of Chlorella daily may be recommended a dosage which is about three grams per day.

    A teaspoon of Chlorella is calculated at approximately five grams. Taking three grams per day, you will feel any of the Detox symptoms probably, but the body gets so all the nutrients that are necessary, like for example vitamins and enzymes.

    Therefore, the use of Chlorella as a food supplement is really recommended to prevent deficiency symptoms. Chlorella is generally well tolerated but in rare cases can cause reactions, just as in all foods. If you have other food allergies, you should
start with a smaller dosage to determine whether one has also an allergy to this nutritional supplement.
Scientific studies of an interesting product
    There are already some studies that deal with the topic of Chlorella and the effect on the health. Studies have been conducted for example in terms of diabetes, hypertension, fibromyalgia, cancer and other ailments.

    An interesting study is conducted about prevention and control of cancer. Chlorella has been tested in animal experiments on rats and positive effects could be listed here. Another study was conducted at the Medical College in Taiwan. Mice, who had leukemia were tested.

    A group was treated with chlorella, the other group is not. The group that was not treated with chlorella died within 20 days after the tumor was implanted. More than 60 days, 80% survived in the group that was treated with Chlorella. It can be concluded that, it can be quite supportive using Chlorella to treat cancer.

    Further studies in the same direction also showed the effect of Chlorella in hypertension. It was noted that, by taking Chlorella, blood pressure can be reduced. Therefore the algae product works well on the cardio vascular system. Fibromyalgia is a condition that can affect the life.

    Therefore, the studies about the use of Chlorella for Fibromyalgia are also interesting. It was found that the symptoms can be quite relieved. This is not the case for every patient tested but more than half of the test subjects showed an improvement in the symptoms.

    A study that comes from Japan, investigated the effects of Chlorella at high alcohol consumption. The scientists dosed taking 4 to 6 g to improve well-being the next morning and to reduce the effects of alcohol and these studies were successful

The Chlorella algae
    Chlorella Vulgaris or the other type of Chlorella are pyrendiosa belonging to the category of the fresh water algae. However, by the good property to bind toxins, you cannot use the algae from the local waters because it also absorbs toxins. She is bred specifically and purely for the production of the known nutritional supplements.

Finding the right Chlorella dosage
    To assist the body in the removal of certain toxins, it brings so much if you take the Chlorella. Most of the time, you can buy these algae in tablet or capsule form.

The right dose
    You are advised to take two tablets on the first day, increase it to three tablets on the second day and this one up on maximum six tablets a day. However, you should cut down the dose if you get headaches, nausea and sleep disorders.

Start the detoxification with Chlorella
    Because Chlorella has no toxins at all, it counts today in the food industry to the valuable food supplements. The effect is simple, because a very special composition, toxins in the body are absorbed and then excreted. Above all heavy metals are bound, given off by amalgams of number.

    It doesn't matter whether you take the algae capsules or tablets. However, as with many things, speak with your doctor about the perfect dosage you should use.

Whether Chlorella has side effects?
    Although Chlorella is presented almost on the market like a miracle cure, it is simple algae that contributes to the well-being. It is known to absorb, including heavy metals – here there may be slight incompatibilities which go hand in hand with discomfort and slight headache.

    However, these are not of the alga chlorella but they come by the binding and elimination of toxins. This has dismantled the body, clearly feel a better.

Where you can buy Chlorella
    There are many ways to purchase the Chlorella food supplement. It's the easiest way if you get it online a where it's cheap. Here, you should make sure that organically grown algae are used. Only then you can be sure that it has not been polluted.

Conclusion with regard to taking Chlorella
    The Chlorella nutritional supplement especially for people who want to go on a diet, and during this time want to take extra vitamins, minerals, and especially protein. It is offered in the form of tablets, capsules or powder.

    Also, cosmetics with Chlorella can be ordered online. The healing effect in the
various diseases that were proved by the scientific studies is absolutely important. The intake of Chlorella is advisable when there are following conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • For detoxification and possible toxic substances
  • Hypertension
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cancer
  • Discomfort in the stomach and intestine
  • Cardio circulatory
  • High blood pressure

    The studies on the mode of action and application of Chlorella are still continued and new facts about this algae. Sustainable side effects could not be determined so far by scientists, which is why the intake of Chlorella is generally recommended.