Avocado Oil Extracts, Recipes, Nutrition, Uses, Health Benefits & Side Effects

    Everyone knows that, the avocado is known to be used to achieve a fountain of youth for our skin and hair. Well, if you don't know, you're here to add to your stock of knowledge.

    However, the avocado is a special resource for cooking in the kitchen. Avocado oil is not well known but it has a lot of good qualities and maintains the skin, the hair, and can also be used to refine food. In addition, the avocado oil has important ingredients that contribute to the healthy attitude.

Origin of Avocado
    The avocado is originally from South America. The Evergreen plant is associated with the Laurel family. The botanical name is Persea americana and the Aztecs already used the avocado. "Ahuakatl", as it was called by the Aztecs, they have been using it in different ways for more than 8000 years.

    Especially when the Spanish begin exploring, the avocado became very popular since it had a very high fat and protein content which was important with the long sea voyages. There, it was used, for example, as a meat substitute.

    Today, the avocado is cultivated in all tropical and subtropical regions and there are more than 400 cultivars. The main suppliers of the fruit are Israel, Mexico, California and Florida as well as Spain, Italy and Brazil.

    There are many varieties of avocado, some have warty skin, some with very thin skin and some with the extremely smooth surface. The avocado is one of the climacteric fruits, meaning that they ripen at room temperature.

    Therefore, the fruits are usually harvested mostly in unripe State so that they can prevent damage on a very long transport routes. Once the shell has lost its luster, it easily give the full flavor and become slightly creamy and nutty.

Production of Avocado oil
    Avocado oil can be produced in different ways. In particular, it is important that the harvest is perfect. This is determined by the color of the fruit and by the measurement of fat content. Avocado oil can be produced by extracting by centrifugation using heat and centrifugation without heat.

    Avocado oil is generally refined with these procedures. There is also oil with 2 - and 3-phase decanters. These procedures are followed to produce high-quality avocado oils.

    However, the 2-stage method is environmentally friendly and also economical, as less fresh water is consumed. In this recovery, the avocados are gutted and skinned and given in a Disintegrator as well as in a Malaxeur.

    The mass is separated with the decanter in low fat fruit flesh and an oil phase. The oil is then released in connection with the polishing separator of smallest particles and comes as a high-quality oil.

    Do you think you can extract the avocado oil in the comfort of your home, sure, the oil can be produced at home. However, this is of course a big difference to a high-quality oil which is made with corresponding machines. To establish own avocado oil, about 2 kg are overripe avocados, peeled, cored and shredded.

    These are done with a little Coconut Oil and Water in a blender and mixed as long as it takes to make it creamy. Then, put it in a pot and cook for a long time, you need to stir constantly until you have a dark color. After cooling, it is poured or pressed, allow the avocado oil in the container to flow through a cotton cloth.

Avocado Oil and its Ingredients
    Avocado oil is known for its high fat content. Therefore, it is used for varieties of things, used for cooking in the kitchen, as well as in manufacturing industries as cosmetics products most especially for skin and hair care.

    It is used for many cosmetic products in particular because the vitamins A and E, such as unsaturated fatty acids significantly improve the skin image. The oil is a valuable helper with dry hair and makes the hair healthier and dense.

    Avocado oil still has more to offer than a high fat content. The pulp oil contains numerous phytonutrients, fatty acids, and vitamins such as:

  • 12 to 15 mg α-tocopherol
  • Vitamin A, D and E
  • Carotenoids
  • 6 percent lecithin
  • 9 percent to 15 percent linoleic acid
  • 50 to 70% oleic acid
  • 15 to 20% Palmitic acid
  • 5% to 15% palmitoleic acid
  • 1% stearic acid

    While the ingredients of avocado oil affect your skin and hair positively, In the countries of origin, the avocado was used to protect the skin from drying out and to maintain it. The advantage of this is that, the avocado oil penetrates quickly into the skin and makes it soft and supple.

    The oil moisturizes and reduces small wrinkles accordingly. In addition, avocado oil has anti-inflammatory effects which benefits primarily the people with skin problems such as acne and pimples. Even for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis patients, the valuable oil can be of great help, because it relieves the itching and prevents infections also.

Studies on avocado oil
    Researchers have published numerous studies about the avocado and some surprising findings are made. So, for example, a team of researchers in 2011 has determined that, the ingredients of avocado could reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

    This would be a great success for cancer patients, but also the way of life as the side effects of cancer treatment are very strong and affect the general condition. Due to the many inflammation of the mucous membranes, it is often not possible for cancer patients to eat avocado not to mention the lack of appetite.

    These complaints can be relieved and the general condition is improved, taking the avocado oil or an avocado regularly which has anti-inflammatory effect. The avocado oil is highly recommended for overweight people as researchers could determine this in a study in the year 2013. A half avocado for your lunch can help you to eat less and lose weight 

    The avocado will benefit even diabetic patient as it was evidenced in this study. Avocados help the Blood fat value so also the insulin levels are lowered. Also, it has been proven in several studies that avocados as avocado oil can contribute to the general health of the body.

    It showed in this study that the consumption of avocado stimulate the human cardio vascular system. Many more studies about avocados were carried out in which almost all can demonstrate a positive effect on the health.

Applications of Avocado Oil
    Avocado oil can be used in numerous applications. Due to the high
smoke point of avocado oil wich is around 250 ° C, it is an all-rounder in the kitchen. It is nutritious, suitable for fine appetizers, hearty main dishes and even desserts can be refined.

    However, avocado oil is an excellent oil for skin and hair care. It has wound-healing and cell regenerating properties, a particularly popular addition is also in the cosmetics industry. In the meantime, you will find not only shower gels and soaps in the market, but also body butter, creams, shampoos, conditioners and treatments made with the fine avocado oil on the shelves.

    Due to its high fat content, the avocado oil is good especially for people with dry to very dry skin and it is recommended. Also good for people with Sun-damaged skin as they benefit from the avocado oil because the cell regenerating properties of avocado can make great impact on their skin.

   It is also an ideal oil in patients with eczema or even psoriasis since numerous vitamins and phytosterols are included in the avocado oil which affect the disease positively. The advantage of this is that, avocado oil is absorbed very quickly and its leaves form no greasy film on the skin.

Avocado oil for skin
    As already written, the avocado oil is a very versatile product and is used especially for skin care. While it can regenerate not only flaky, dry skin, but also scars can be treated with the precious oil. If you start at an early stage to begin to massage the avocado oil on scars, it will help you a lot to quickly heal wound, fade out scar as the scars would be nearly invisible. At the same time, it keeps your skin soft and supple.

    Even if avocado oil is for dry to very dry skin, it can be applied by people with combination skin or normal skin. This should be done but not too often, better you do it sporadically. The avocado oil is applied more often, specially in the summer, when the skin is stretched by the Sun.

    Avocado oil helps the skin elasticity, provides them with important substances, and also ensures that the appearance of the skin is refined. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and makes the skin soft and shine.

    Among other things, the existing biotin is responsible for this, because it effectively protects the skin against environmental influences. It is also responsible to reduce the small wrinkles on the skin because the skin can absorb more moisture.

    If you want to do good to yourself and make it effective, you should apply the avocado oil every two to three weeks as a face mask. It is easy to use and the ingredients are not strange in every home. Unsaturated fatty acids and the vitamins and nutrients provide the skin with moisture and vitality.

Avocado Oil-Quark mask
    A quick and easy face mask is the avocado oil-Quark mask. This can be produced within a few minutes and costs only a few cents. You need a spoonful of cottage cheese and avocado oil. The two ingredients are well mixed and applied on the face.

    The eyes and mouth should be omitted of course. After about 15 minutes you've applied the mask, you should wash off again with a soft cloth and warm water. After the first use, one can notice the skin is tender and soft. The skin image was refined, wrinkles plumped up again.

Avocado Skin Cleaning
    You should be applying it from time to time ( i mean, with interval) so that dead
skin cells don't burden the skin. The fast peeling requires only about one tablespoon of avocado oil and sugar. The sugar on your hands, pour the whole avocado oil over and everything on the face skin and massage.

    Again, avoiding the eye and mouth area. With a soft cloth and warm water and rinse. This scrub can be applied as well for the face, hands, feet or even elbows with rough places. It is perfectly suitable to provide the skin with important substances to get rid of the dead skin cells and to make them soft and supple.

Avocado Oil for Hair
    The avocado oil is not only good for the skin but also the hair and without doubt, the true fountain of youth is achievable with regular and proper use of avocado extracts especially the oil that we're talking about.

    You can maintain the good health of your hair with the avocado oil and you can improve on hair that's loosing the 'beauty game' especially dry and brittle hair and split ends can thus be prevented.

    The high fat content and the valuable fatty acids make healthy hair, let it shine and split ends is a thing of the past. Of course yes, there are numerous products that are enriched with avocado oil in food and health stores. However, the proportion is often so low that the hair treatment is made even better.

    To do this, you need only products that can be found almost in every household and also the hair treatment is quickly made.

Avocado-Olive Oil Hair treatment
    For an avocado -Olive Oil hair treatment, only two tablespoons of avocado oil are mixed together with olive oil and Sunflower Oil . If you like, you can add lemon for a 'touch' of cure. This blend of different oil is now applied and massaged into the hair and the scalp; and soak for 30 minutes.

    The hair treatment can be rinsed with warm water again. If you like, you can use a shampoo but you should rely on a mild shampoo without silicone.
Tip: If you need an intensive treatment for your hair and scalp, you should allow pure avocado oil in your hair overnight and wash off in the morning with a mild shampoo.

    The avocado olive oil hair treatment repairs fragile places and can protect the hair from drying out by moisturizing it so that no scales would be created in the scalp.

Avocado oil for Refining dishes 
    Avocado oil is an ideal food in the kitchen. In addition to the use of the oil as fine appetizers through the high smoke point, it is as well good for frying and stewing. The avocado oil is also nearly perfect for tasty desserts.

    Through the various possibilities and the subtle nutty flavor, it's good to be used for/with almost all kinds of vegetables, meat and fish as well as soup fits. It can refine the food with pleasant taste and give them a very special touch. Avocado oil is ideally suited as an ingredient in the dip.

Side effect of avocado oil
    When used properly, the avocado oil has no side effects. But, anyone that has been confirmed allergic to it or any other form of oil should avoid taking it as food. That's the reason, we ( Health Risk Food crew), always advise you to always consult your doctor on any HEALTH issue before making your decision.

Buying avocado oil
    Do you like to buy the delicious green avocado oil?, you should pay attention to some things, OK!. Cold-pressed avocado oil contains all important ingredients that make up the oil. Also, pleasant taste and the smell remain, in contrast to refined oils.

    Also, the cold-pressed oil does not have chemical additives which is also an important factor. However, attention should also be paid to the storage. If you buy avocado oil, you should ensure you buy the one that is in dark bottle and kept properly in the shop.

    This oil should be in a cool place, protected from light so that it will not go on rancid. If not the avocado oil would have offensive smell and it should not be used since it's not ideal and harmful substances can evolve easily. Therefore, it should be used at the time of purchase or better kept in a smaller bottle if it is not to be used often.

    Avocado oil is truly an all-rounder for the skin and the hair. Not only because the avocado oil is used in many cosmetic product but because it has an anti-inflammatory effect, so pimples hardly have a chance. In addition, it has healing properties and can make even scars almost disappear.

    So also in the kitchen, the avocado oil is a multi talent. By the nutty flavor, it can be used for almost all dishes and there are no limits to creativity. If you want to do good to your health, as well as your skin and hair, you should embrace the use of this valuable oil, called Avocado oil.