Graviola-Soursop Fruit Juice, Leaves Tea, Nutrition, Health Benefits & Side Effects

    Graviola (Annona muricata) is one the plants that's exact origin is not proven but it has become widely spread today and can grow in almost every area with average temperature and high humidity. Graviola is commonly called Custard apple, Cherimoya, Guanabana, Soursop, Guyabano and Guanavana while its scientific or botanical name is Annona muricata.

    Other names of Graviola soursop are toge-banreisi, nangka blanda, durian benggala, durian belanda and others, depending on the language of each country ior what specific country choose to call it. For the sake of getting people familiar with this plant frut, we're going to interchange its name in this article.

    Graviola plant is common in many countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Philippines, Venezuela, Cuba and grossly cultivated in Latin America, Africa Pacific, Florida, Caribbean, Southeast Asia etc but it seems the Graviola fruit juice extracts and other products are marketed mostly in American continent in countries like US, Canada, Brazil and others like Indonesia, UK, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan etc.

    While the plant is referred to as Graviola, the fruit is usually called Soursop and it's classified as Acetogenins because of polyketide natural products and chemical carbon compound found in it and it could also be classified under Phytochemicals.

    Graviola or a promising cure for cancer should be as Soursop and sour sack. However, there are numerous studies that are needed to be conducted but it is sure that Graviola can help with depression, skin disease, fever, convulsions as well as in inflammatory diseases.

    Also, Guanabana should act preventively against heart and vascular diseases. While the fruit outwardly resembles a green chestnut which is still in the shell but is associated with the Berry family and can be up to 4 kg in weight.

    The constituents of Guanabana are extremely varied and have an anti-inflammatory so as anti-microbial effect. Therefore, it is more interesting in the research and some studies that have been performed already.

Origin of Graviola (Annona muricata)
    The barbed Annonaceae tree originally came from the tropical rain forest and was based in the Caribbean and South America. Meanwhile the Graviola is however in almost every tropical rain forest tree. The Graviola shrub likes the location of lowland forests with semi-dry and arid climate.

     Annona muricata does not tolerate soil with poor oxygen. Also, dry or saline soils are not their preferred location. All Annone plants are plants that are Woody but have very aromatic smelling bark, leaves and flowers. Here, but not all plants provide fruits, such as, for example, the Soursop (Brazilian pawpaw).

   Guanabana plant belongs to the genus of Magnolia-like plants and the botanical/Scientific name is Annona muricata. The Soursop tree can reach a height of about eight to ten meters when it's not sophisticated. Still, Graviola is an Evergreen plant.

    The Crown of the Graviola tree has very little branching. However, the foliage is dense and the leaves are similar to those of the Laurel. The flower of the Soursop is yellow-green and has very aromatic smell. However, many people do not like this fragrance and feel it rather distracting and unpleasant.

    Some even say that the flowers smell of carrion, which is but quite good, because as the flies are attracted to pollinate the flowers.

    The Graviola fruit (also called Cherimoya) is botanically a large berry. However, a very large because it can be more than 20 cm long. The weight of Cherimoya is handsome and with one to four kilograms and it can be extremely difficult while the pericarp is with soft spines.

    Especially, when the Soursop fruit (also Guanavana) is ripe, it is very sensitive to pressure. The flesh is white, juicy and very soft. The black seeds which are in the flesh are toxic and must be removed before eating the Guanavana.

Harvest of Graviola Fruit (Brazilian pawpaw)
    The harvest of Brazilian pawpaw takes place between January and March. It is important that the soursop fruits are not yet ripe as they could burst due to their high weight when it falls and will therefore become useless.

    The soursop spoils quickly and can not be stored. The harvest is only in a very small time window because the fruit must almost be ready. This has become more of art than science as the farmers know exactly when the time is right.

Barbed Annonaceae are usually available as frozen fruit pulp
    In North America and Brazil, however, there are also mixing juices which consist of different fruit varieties. Graviola (also called Guyabano) is also processed into ice cream, pudding or jam or for cooking, baking and frying.

    You can take the advantage of not only Graviola fruit itself but use the bark, roots, leaves and seeds. These serve as natural cure and help especially for fungal and bacterial infections. However, parts of the Graviola plants are often very used. The Graviola should help even at high blood pressure to bring it back into balance.

Graviola (Brazilian pawpaw) ingredients
    The leaves of the Graviola plant offer many herbal ingredients called phytochemicals. They are, for example,
  • Annohexocin
  • Annomuricin A to E
  • Coronin
  • Gigantetrocin
  • Javoricin
  • Murihexol
  • Rolliniastatin 1 and 2
  • Sol Amin
  • Xylomaticin

    So also many vitamins, especially vitamin B1, B2 and C are contained in the Graviola. The active ingredients which are referred to as Annonaceius Acetogenines, have anti-microbial effect and an anti-inflammatory effect. They also serve as a remedy for parasites and were used even earlier as a pesticide.

    It was used as a natural remedy so well by the locals with worm infestation. Furthermore, this insecticidal activity such as the anti-inflammatory effect is found only in this form in Graviola (guanavana).

    The guanavana, above all the leaves of the plant, also have a promising effects against cancer. The included Acetogenine in the leaves is much more effective than the artificially produced and toxic Adriamizine which is used in chemotherapy.

    There are lots of studies you should follow to really say more about it. It has already been proven in laboratory tests that the guanavana extracts could kill breast cancer cells through the change of metabolism caused by the constituents of Graviola.

     Graviola fruit extract affects a cell formation and on the other hand, the enzyme activity. This spurred the researchers to know that the Graviola plant would be a possible alternative to treating cancer.

The Effects of Graviola (Annona muricata)
    Graviola, commonly called Custard apple is suitable for numerous complaints and the research itself is reminiscent of the fruit and the interests people have for Graviola tree. On the other hand, it's because the ingredients of custard apple are promising and also, because it may be an alternative for cancer.

    Graviola (Soursop) can also be helpful for inflammatory disorders such as Rheumatism or arthritis, depression, fever and cramps and many other complaints.

Graviola (Cherimoya) in Rheumatism and Arthritis
    While there are some already conducted studies on the effectiveness of Graviola in cancer; Unfortunately its effectiveness has not been researched on rheumatism and arthritis. However, there are good opinions from numerous stakeholders that regularly make good use of the Cherimoya.
    The polyphenols and antioxidants such as the Acetogenins are also used in cancer drugs, they have another advantage, It is anti-inflammatory. This also suggests that it can be used and helpful for rheumatic complaints. Especially with osteoarthritis, the damage takes the cartilagenous components of the joint which result to inflammation.

    By the ingestion of Graviola capsules, the ingredients of the fruit, therefore increase the resistance of the cells and thus make the cell structure reinforced and pain is likely to be reduced.

    However, you should endeavour to discuss with your Doctor before taking Graviola in order to avoid interactions with other drugs and some complications.

Graviola (Guanavana) fight depression
    From the primitive peoples of the Earth, Annona muricata has been applied against mood swings and mild depression. Through the cell-restorative powers of the Graviola, patients feel healthier and stronger and the energy is positively influenced.

    Still, sufferers report that they feel mentally stronger as well as physical. These points are particularly important to build a protective shield against depression. Only if you feel mentally stronger, you can run to less risk of depression. Yet, no studies have been published to validate this. However, it is known that the ingredients of the Soursop have a soothing effect.

Graviola (Guanavana) for fever and cramps
    For fever and cramps, the Guanabana fruit is not used but the leaves, with their excellent ingredients are usually dried and infused with hot water. The Guanabana tea should be consumed gradually. However, it is ideal to take one to two cups a day.
    The capsules that are powdered with Graviola are used to treat fever and cramps, a tea made from the leaves of the Soursop can also be cooked?

    You can make the Graviola tea in order to relax and have a good sleep. Because who sleeps well and healthy can prevent fever or even cold. So, they're not entirely wrong. But this is still not scientifically explored but is not harmful either.

    In Africa, for example, broth is bathed in a Graviola and the body is washed off. Of course yes, a warm bath raises the tension and improves the cooling circulation. However, the constituents of Graviola have numerous properties which can be supportive.

Graviola (Guyabano) in skin diseases
    Also, the Guyabano tea can help you on skin diseases very well. Usually, the dried leaves of the Guyabano are used to make a tea or broth. When buying Graviola leaves, you should take the bio quality and ensure they're indeed free from chemical additives.

    To do this, the Graviola leaves are roughly crushed and the are infused to make sud. After the Sud, allow for 10 minutes to cool down at room temperature and apply on the affected skin areas. The anti-inflammatory agents of the Graviola is excellent for skin diseases such as:
  • Acne
  • Rashes
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis

    Graviola can also be useful for parasites. The Soursop has cell-restorative properties and it can really do wonder on your skin.

Graviola (Custard Apple) in children with skin problems
    The healing leaves of custard apple can also be used for children. The leaves can be immersed into the water (possibly 10 minutes) that's to be used to bathe infants

    After that, the baby should be cleaned with clean towel and laid on the bed. The itching will subside quickly and he will feel more comfortable. The soaked leaves of Annona muricata can provide assistance if they are applied to the affected skin areas. To remain at the point, just fix it with a soft cloth and leave for approximately 30 minutes.

Graviola (Soursop) for prevention of cardiovascular disease
    Soursop is appreciated by many people as a dietary supplement that is powerful and it Strengthens cells and can therefore  have preventive impact. This, especially, the active phytonutrients which protect the human body cells and strengthen it.

    Soursop was said to have effects on cancer as suggested in findings of related scientific studies, in which it was found that the cells of the blood vessels are strengthened, which in turn helps to stabilize circulation and protect against arterial clogging.

   Stable blood circulation are responsible for healthy cells. Thus, the bloodstream is free and the blood flow is enhanced, which of course reduces the risk of heart and circulatory disorders and also strokes.

    However, people suffering from disease of the cardiovascular system or a risk of thrombosis can take Soursop extracts but consultation with your physician is highly important, otherwise, interactions with other drugs or food could be possible and also, if you belong to special population.

Study on Graviola Annona Muricata
    Scientists have discovered much health benefits of Graviola through the Graviola cultivation in the northern industrialized nations and there have been numerous experiments carried out. There are trials on cancer or tumor-inhibiting properties with Graviola test because quickly it became clear that the constituents of Graviola have significant effects on cell growth.

    In 1976, there was an Institute in the United States that found out that, the constituents of Graviola can have effects on the cancer cells. At this time, there was still no studies. Only in 1997, a study was carried out in Purdue University, USA; where it was noted that the Soursop is very effective against cancer.

    Graviola can have positive impact, in particular, if it is tumor cells, which have resistant against anti-tumor drugs and can spread faster. Therefore, scientists are hopeful that the Soursop is an alternative to combat cancer cells.

    Researchers are working now on using Graviola to treat tumors with high pressure, whether it is possible to treat tumours that are resistant to the drug after chemotherapy with Graviola. To do so, still individual agents must be isolated so the Soursop can specifically take up the fight against cancer and influence uncontrolled cell growth.

    In another study in the year 2013, it could also be shown that, cooking Graviola can be helpful in many types of cancer. However, these studies were carried out only in the laboratory and the test on humans is currently pending. However, it's still surprise that the pharmaceutical industry had not developed much interest in exploring Graviola.

    Also, an article from the German economic news, published in the year 2013 clearly shows that, although the Graviola effect in cancer has been detected, further investigation has failed, thus, cancer patients have to still wait and hope that soon,  more research would be carried out.

    Even in 2016, a study was published which showed the good effects of Graviola on breast cancer. This study was also tested on mice and gives hope that maybe, if human studies are carried out on this, breast cancer and other types of cancer could be defeated with the help of Graviola; I mean the cooked one.

    Nevertheless, Soursop should not be solely relied upon in treating cancer. Cancer patients must of course consult their doctor before taking taking Soursop.

    Graviola can be used in many ways. Due to the testimonials from people that have used the fruit and the tree for a very long time, one can see how different the Soursop can be used. Graviola seeds, leaves and bark are very useful and Not only the fruit of the Soursop can be used for health.

    Indigenous people use them for hundreds of years for the following complaints:
Asthma and other respiratory disorders
  1. Colds
  2. Fever and cramps
  3. Skin problems
  4. Heart - circulatory problems
  5. Liver diseases

    There, they are processed to a broth or tea or the patient bathes in it and perform ablutions.

Graviola leaves
    Until today, the people of Peru and Brazil use the leaves to make infusions and tea that can help with stomach cramps. Also, tea made with the roots and the bark is used in the Amazon region to against cramps. In Jamaica and Haiti for example, the leaves are used for numerous complaints, such as against

  • Asthma
  • High blood pressure
  • Cold and flu
  • Fever
  • Parasites
  • Stomach problems

    In Brazil, however, Graviola tea is used for liver problems. The barbed Annonaceae tea is drunk in the Western parts of the world mainly to calm and for insomnia. You can pour over five dried Graviola leaves into 500ml of hot water, leave it their for five minutes before removing the leaves. Here, the tea can either be taken as hot or cold.

    However, some sufferers report a sedating effect and slight dizziness. This benefit people with depression as it had a salutary effect.

Graviola seeds
    Even for the fact that the seeds could be toxic, they are used by the primitive people. To fight against parasites such as lice, the seeds are crushed and a pulpy mass is produced, which is then applied to the scalp. The seeds of Graviola are also used for emetic.

Graviola fruit
    The Graviola fruit can be eaten quite well by anybody and it has a good effect on gastrointestinal problems such as stomach cramps and can successfully expel intestinal and skin parasites. In addition, it is low in calories and also has a very good Effect on digestion.

    The juice that's extracted from the fruit is also diuretic and should not be consumed in the evening. The juice can help with heartburn as well and improve the intestinal flora.

    In the market, you can mostly get it as 'mixed juice'. Not 100% Graviola juice. You're advised to consume not more than 250 ml per day, and should endeavour to taken it in the morning, before breakfast.

    With a sensitive stomach, it is advisable to consume the juice between meals.
Caution: During pregnancy, drinking of Graviola tea should be avoided as this can cause nausea, vomiting, palpitations or feelings of stress especially in pregnant women.

Side effects of Graviola (Guanavana)
    Guanavana Side effects aren't known. It's only when a high amount is taken, that it can lead to nausea and vomiting. Guanavana products derived from L. Annona muricata extracts, however may cause dizziness and sedative effect.

    Also, people who suffer from low blood pressure should consult their physician before taking cooked Graviola fruit for hypotensive effect. Of course, a doctor should be consulted when you're having existing diseases or on a medication, so that interactions between Graviola extract and the disease or the medication don't occur.

Graviola (Guanabana) is a dietary supplement
    The Guanabana, in particular as a food supplement is so much embraced for those who know the health benefits and you can take it in form of tablet or capsule form. Its Leaf extracts are used for the production of drugs which is used to improve the general well-being, support metabolism and protect human body cells and tissues. A tablet or capsule is usually taken daily with plenty of water.

Buying Graviola
    If you want to buy Graviola, it's unfortunate that only frozen fruit can be found in grocery stores. With luck, a special deal for Brazilian food may have fresh fruits in storage. Otherwise, the tablets and capsules are your choice which you can purchase from food and health stores which should be taken according to the instructions on the package.

    Also, graviola are used as tinctures and the Graviola leaves are as well used to make Graviola powder for making tea and they are available in popular shops around you. Of course yes, you should only buy from a reputable seller so that you can be sure that, there are no chemical additives in powder, tablets and capsules and to ensure the leaves come from quality and trusted farm.

    While buying Graviola, it is always better to compare it and to make sure it aligned with the reviews of consumer products.

    Graviola (Annona muricata) is an excellent remedy, the alternative of drugs to Fever, cramps and stomach problems. However, you should not take it without first consulting your doctor. Especially, when you're suffering from some diseases and you're on other medications.

    It has anti-hypertensive effect, it may be quite possible that drugs need to be adjusted. But especially for skin diseases such as acne or even eczema and psoriasis, buying Graviola can be a great decision to help relieve the symptoms and alleviate the itching in psoriasis.

    As a dietary supplement, cooking Graviola fruit is excellent to employ to protect the cells and the tissue and the Blood flow to regulate and to even prevent cardiovascular disease.

    Even against Cancer, Graviola will help, but still relevant studies in humans are missing. So far, the unique effect has been tested only on lower animals. Tumor growth is prevented and even after chemotherapy, it prevent further growth of tumor.

    However, cancer patients should not jettison the positive effects of Graviola and even with all these health benefits of Graviola, you should not make any step in using it, mostly especially as medications without the consent of your medical doctor. Keep living an healthy life, health is wealth!