Greater Celandine (Chelidonium Majus) Uses, Herb Benefits and Side Effects

    Celandine is known for many centuries and was mentioned in Maria Treben in their herbal books. Many know it as blood herb, Goldwurz, rock, warts herbal, or Marie herbal and talk of forth God Grace, God's gift, Marie electoral or Jesus sheet is often used in the herbal books.

    On the numerous names of Fleders, therefore, the herb had a high reputation. But unfortunately, celandine was quickly rejected in the pharmaceutical industry as a toxic weed because it could diminish. For this reason, it is still hard to restore the bad reputation, even though the plant has an excellent effect on warts and can be very useful even in pain and spasms in the upper abdomen.

    Even with cancer, the celandine should help relieve the symptoms, as it was demonstrated in a study. So, you too can testify to its benefits if you start making use of the herb.

Origin of celandine
    The origin of Fleders (Chelidonium majus) is located between Central and North Europe. It is represented almost in all European countries and is growing even in West Asia. Debris are preferred places of Fleders - and wall places, Bach - and rivers such as edges of Woods.

   This proves how flexible it is, just as well as it copes with bad soil conditions such as dry soil. The greater celandine, which is also known as Chelidonium majus blooms from May to October.

    The derivation of the name Chelidonium majus comes probably from Chelidonium, in Europe, the celandine blooms around may, Pull in the autumn in the South and the medicinal plant is wilted. Thus, the herb blossoms all summer, no matter how dry the soil is.

    The plant is about 30-80 cm tall and the leaves are similar to an oak leaf. Through a slight film of wax, the feathery leaves are water repellent. The plant belonging to the poppy family closes the flowers in bad weather while stretching along the herb and the stem is cut.

    The flowers of the plant are beautifully yellow, especially the stems; as the rootstock also have interesting properties. They Hardy make the plant and ensure that it can survive at least two years. The orange-yellow thick juice, which is available in the summer and in the winter in the roots and stems is full of medicinal substances that make up the greater celandine.

    The juice is bitter and its smell is not intended to be fine to noses. This has set up nature, because the juice can be quite toxic if too much of it is consumed. For this reason, you should not always use it without directive from experts because the effect of juice can not be underestimated.

    Blistering in the mouth, stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea can be triggered by the juice of Fleders. At the end of the summer, so a few weeks before the swallows in southern climes, the fruits of the herb open, thus, small seeds are out, invade from the pod-like fruits which still is a small white "tails".

   These body oil, as they are called, usually attract ants, as it's like a fat and sugary. The ants carry the seeds in their construction and feed on the soft cover. Everything that is not edible, is transported out, which explains, why Ant roads are easily created where we have so much greater celandine.

Ingredients of celandine
    Celandine is tried and tested to have effect on our blood and also supports the metabolism of the body and cleanses the liver. Also, celandine is used to prepare tea to correct ringing in the ears.

    Hildegard von Bingen knew already, that the preparation of old grease and the juice of Fleders could help ulcer patient. The greater celandine has excellent nutrients which can be useful for various health complaints.

    In particular, alkaloids, organic compounds of secondary metabolism are found in the greater celandine. They affect the human and animal organism. These are Coptisin, Chelidonine, Sanguinarine.

 The Following are ingredients that are found in the plant:

  • Malic acid
  • Essential oil
  • Berberine
  • Succinic acid
  • Bitter compounds
  • Chelidonic acid
  • Flavones
  • Glaucin
  • Glaucium acid
  • Glauukopicrin
  • Coffee acid derivatives
  • Protopine
  • Vessel

    The Flavones, bitter substances and various alkaloids affect bile and liver specifically, they can stimulate liver function, promote bile flow and have even an anticonvulsant effect.

    The antiviral effect was observed in folk medicine, on many warts and even Charlemagne could defeat a serious illness with celandine. What many do not know, however, is that celandine is included in the controversial Ukrainian cancer treatment. This shows that it can actually help.

    In terms of its effectiveness, the quality of celandine is defined in the European Pharmacopoeia. In all countries of the EU and Switzerland, it's much appreciated and endorsed. Thus, the quality of exported resources from Europe and Switzerland is protected and regulated.

Chelidonium majus and its effect
    Chelidonium majus is known in Europe for its antispasmodic action. Therefore, it is used for the treatment of Spasm of the bile ducts and spasms in the gastrointestinal tract. A study proves that, it can have a draining effect in the upper abdominal area.

    The celandine is an excellent remedy for warts or corns. And as Maria Treben already points out, the herb can relief overstrained eyes if the person concerned rubs a celandine leaf between moistened fingers and rub the juice on the eyes while closed.

    Demonstrably, Celandine can however help with spasmodic pain in the upper abdomen and stimulate the production of bile juice. However, Celandine can also help skin changes, as many affected area on the skin.

    Ointments, creams and tinctures with celandine are suitable above all. Still, Celandine has the following effect:

  • Antibacterial and fungicide
  • Comforting and anticonvulsant
  • Anodyne and diaphoretic
  • Controlling menstruation
  • Cell growth-inhibiting

    However, only a few effects of Fleders are scientifically proven, since the plant still has bad reputation. This is also because of its toxic ingredients and improper application of Fleders may deter the scientists.

    However, side effects can occur with many drugs because, after all, there are almost 50,000 deaths annually due to wrong treatment or a wrong medication intake. And especially if a person died of an overdose of natural medicines, this may take a long time before it can be justified and published.

Celandine in pain and spasms in the upper abdomen
    When there's pain or/and spasms in the gastrointestinal tract, Celandine can be of good help. The extract of the herb can make one relax the biliary tract and digestive organs. This effect is more significant with Celandine that's high in alkaloid.

   Chelidonine and Coptisin in particular are responsible for the relaxation, since they act on the innermost layer of the muscle. It stimulates the bile and the liver excretion is increased at the same time. For the gentle relief of pain, Celandine is therefore a very effective way.

Celandine in warts
    Even on warts, Celandine has been an important remedy for a long time. Hildegard of Bingern tested this herb and found that, it's benign on skin growths, helpful on gallstone and gallbladder inflammation. It showed that, warts on hands, feet and face are easily treatable, as well as in the genital area with celandine.

    For the treatment of warts, the yellow plant juice is applied to the wart. With the alkaloids that have a virus-killing impact, the wart can be eliminated. Also, it minimizes the contagion emanating from warts.

Celandine in cancer
    According to various studies, Celandine can contribute to the alleviation of symptoms in cancer, as well as to improve the quality of life. Though not at all types of cancer. Still, there are no enough scientific studies of celandine treatment against cancer, and it may take even a while until we have them.

    Anyway, it is questionable that the pharmaceutical industry is not pleased with the herb as it grows on the side of the road and does not provide for the necessary profit. Therefore, it will show whether more studies would be conducted or whether the greater celandine is classified as toxic and dangerous.

However it has been used in folklore against leukemia, because it is blood-forming; and with a good success rate as cure with Celandine, elderberry and nettles. You're advised to take about 2 liters of this mixing tea daily.

Studies of celandine
    Several studies have been conducted on the use and the effects of celandine. However, so far, only the excellent effect against spasms in the gastrointestinal tract as also of the bile ducts could be clearly proved. Celandine extract has been tested in a double-blind study.

    While celandine has faster relief on patients with seizures in the upper abdomen area than the patients who received a placebo as proven in various studies and also, it can prevent metastasis. For example, this was determined in the study on mice.

    However, this study also shows that celandine could be a possibility of cancer therapy. This study also shows that celandine could be eligible in the treatment of leukaemia. However, many more studies must follow.

    Also, a study on mice was carried in 2015, which demonstrated that celandine could be used also as asthma therapy. Celandine has to be researched further across europe and asia, so that, the pharmaceutical industry would have rethink on its use for the treatment of cancer and some other health problems.

Celandine side effects
    Celandine can have a toxic effect as i described above especially when it's consumed or used improperly. In particular, the milky sap of the medicinal herb is toxic and it may cause unwanted side effects. This showed in a study conducted in the University of Dusseldorf, Germany.

    It has been stated that, it may cause damage to the liver when celandine is taken by individuals especially without any directive from medical expert. However, these injuries are not permanent. After you've deposed celandine, the Symptoms would quickly disappear.

    Therefore, people who have liver problems should avoid ingesting celandine. Also, people with gallstone disease, closure of the bile ducts or jaundice should better abandon the herb. Also, it is advisable not to exercise a self-medication.

    You should not take the herb or apply it for more than four weeks. Also, the liver function values at this time should be verified by your family doctor.

Application of celandine
    Preparation and application of greater celandine depend on the symptoms and diseases you're about to treat. Well-stocked pharmacies usually have tinctures, SALVES, capsules and teas with celandine for customers. Note that, the celandine can be applied internally as well as externally.

IMPORTANT: The dosage on the package must be adhered
to, to minimize or avoid unwanted side effects.

Celandine tincture
    Tinctures can be applied internally as well as externally, and support the liver function. Thereby, the tinctures in the pharmacy may be acquired or made. To make tincture, dried parts of plants and a hard alcohol are needed (at least 40%, better70 percent).

    If you're not much familiar with Celandine, you should better get tinctures from the pharmacy as they are subject to established standards and contain the same active ingredient. 3 x 10 drops per day should be taken. These can either be diluted with water or juice to mask the bitter taste.

    It is also useful to take the drops during meals. For warts, for example, the celandine tincture can be applied directly to the affected skin area. Homemade tinctures with celandine can be enjoyed, as they always have different levels but should be taken with caution; because not only the used alcohol, but also the potency of the plant parts is crucial here.

    Precise dosage is very difficult, and as the greater celandine is toxic, so side effects can occur.

Capsules with celandine extract
    If you would like to take greater celandine in capsule form, you should know that, the effect occurs only later. This is because, the capsules or the cover is resistant to stomach acid and therefore, the extract will be released only in the colon.

   For this reason, the capsules should also be taken before the meal because they can help a stomach pain and on the other hand prevent a feeling of fullness when you take luscious meals. Also, you should heed to the instruction about the dosage, which is available on the package or the package of the capsule.

Celandine ointment
    Celandine ointment are like all other preparations with Celandine. It is applied externally and help in the treatment of warts. However, sometimes, the ointments can be slightly corrosive and you should therefore avoid using it over a large skin area during application.

    Occasionally, you can apply an ointment, cream or lotion with celandine, also it can be applied with a cotton swab, to treat the wart and protect healthy skin.

Buying celandine
    You should purchase greater celandine with care and ensure you get high-quality product. In particular, when you go to pharmacies, where it's somewhat more expensive. One can be made to assume that, the concentration in products is always the same.

    If you're buying Celandine on the Internet, you should only get it from dealers you can trust because of its toxicity nature. The product is commercially available as  over-the-counter product. However, if you would like to buy Celandine products with
high-dose, you should get linked to a pharmacy.

    The advantage is that, the staff will be able to inform you ( the consumer) about
the effectiveness and the side effects of the product.

    Celandine is a very effective remedy for warts or cramps. However, you should be familiar with the plant and not ignorantly practise self-medication. Therefore, i exercise caution in its use if you dont have knowledge of it due to the toxic effect when there's high doses.

    Nevertheless, Celandine is recommended and can be safely taken with proper dosage or applied on the skin. Celandine should work soothing even in various cancers and again improve the quality of life. Aso, it can help and perform miracle on weakened eyes.

    The herb somehow has bad reputation but not so bad as some people believe and it is really worth to have this as a tincture in the medicine cabinet.