Green Coffee Bean Extracts, Nutrition, Health Benefits & Side Effects

Green Coffee (Coffea arabica)
    Many people have heard of the green coffee but very few people really know it. There are many excellent health effects that are attributed to just this coffee (whose scientific/botanical name is Coffea arabica) and some of the effects showed that it helps in weight reduction and that it also slow the aging process.

    Not only that, Green coffee is also a liver tonic with its effect on the liver and could be an excellent helper as a prevention measure against diabetes. Even the performance of a diabetic patient is enhanced with green coffee. So there are all reasons to try this coffee.

History and Origin of Green Coffee arabica
    For the first time, the coffee plant was found on the mountains in Yemen. Around year 1500, it managed to show itself to the world and in India, the first coffee growing was about around year 1600. The coffee arrived in Europe around 1616 and slowly it spread out all over the world.

    Green coffee is commonly referred to as Caffe, Coffee bean, raw coffee, Caffea, Unprocessed coffee or java; while the Coffea arabica is our focal point of discussion today, there are other species of Coffea such as Coffea liberica, Coffea canephora which are all beneficial to mankind too.

    The green coffee plant was growing in other parts of the world  until 1723 when the plant was brought to America. Now, South America export about 45 percent of green coffee. However, Brazil is the undefeated number one in the coffee export globally.

    Roasted coffee beans came for the first time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1865 in the retail. But almost 100 years later, the important spray drying process has been developed. From then on, the green coffee bean tea consumption has grown continuously and has become a very popular drink in many countries.

   The Americans were the ones who had the highest consumption of coffee for years but this later changed dramatically. In the year 2015, Finland was with 12.2 kg of coffee per capita, the front-runner among consumers. Germany, however, consumed only 7.2 kg of coffee per capita.

    Where does the name come from, is however disputed. While the Oxford English Dictionary says that the name comes from the Turkish kahveh, others emanate from a legend that the name comes from the province of Kaffa in Ethiopia,
where coffee perhaps also has its origin. Some even claimed it was from Saudi Arabia but was forbidden to be drunk by the Muslims.

    In Ethiopia, it is told that a shepherd noticed that whenever goats eat from a certain bush, they were very lively. He sampled the fruit of the plant and also noticed the stimulant effect as it also make them awake during the middle of the night if it's taken at night. Monks were aware through this narrative, dried and grind the green coffee beans and prepared the aromatic coffee drink.

Ingredients of pure Green bean coffee (Coffea arabica)
    The ingredients of green bean coffee can vary depending on the region and maturity. Therefore, when buying green bean coffee, be careful always to make sure it comes from a good source. However, the important chlorogenic acid is generally included in the green coffee and it has healing and weight-reducing effects.

    Polyphenols, chlorogenic acid, both have antioxidant properties and especially these ingredients are particularly important for weight reduction. Chlorogenic acid is included up to 70 percent in green bean coffee tea and prevents the absorption of glucose in the blood.

    This means that, green bean coffee extract does not increase blood glucose levels and so fat can hardly be stored in the body. Chlorogenic acid is also contained in potatoes, nettles and even artichokes. Alkaloids are also in green bean coffee extract but only in small amounts.

    Caffeine, which is also an alkaloid, accounts for only about one percent of the green bean coffee. So also Trigonelline, is an alkaloid but is present at low levels. This ingredient helps the body. This vitamin is essential for many metabolic processes in the human body. It is, for example, of great importance for the production of fatty acids in the human body.

    Also, there are about 18 amino acids detectable in the green bean coffee that are responsible for the control of metabolic processes. Green coffee has many important nutrients that are good for your body. Still, green coffee has a high proportion of carbohydrates, mainly as polysaccharides.

    Even vitamins are included in the green bean coffee extract but to a small degree. The percentage of lipids is, however, relatively high. It forms triglycerides, at 79 percent and it's the largest share.

    Triglycerides are important energy suppliers.  Tocopherols, also lipids, are to be found only in very low content but contribute to the lowering of cholesterol levels.

Study on raw Green bean Coffee Extract
    Scientific studies have now shown that green coffee extract (raw coffee) is one of the best ways to achieve weight loss. In many studies, the comparison has been normal between coffee and green coffee and it was found out that coffee is not carcinogenic as it has been assumed for many years. Thus, coffee can be enjoyed and it also has a positive effect on human health.

    An health research team led by Joe Vinson conducted a study on caffe at the University of Scranton with overweight people. While the 16 subjects were divided into three groups, the first group received tablets with a high-dose and green bean coffee extract, the second group was however with significantly lower extract tablets with green coffee also. The third group, however, received placebos.

    The subjects took the caffe tablets over a period of eight weeks. After a two-week break, the tablets in the Group were exchanged. In addition, the dining and sports habits of people were monitored and it could be noted that after 5.5 months, almost all the subjects had lost 8 kg. Thus, not only their body fat percentage had reduced significantly, even the Body Mass Index (BMI) could be reduced to around three points.

    While the 16 people that were previously overweight, now had normal weight. It was discovered that, reducing weight, especially in that period is effective on the people that took the high-dose pills with the green bean coffee.

    Another attempt was carried out on 100 female persons of a television show. For two weeks, the spectators had to make green coffee extract, also caffe. This decreased  about 1 kg on average. It was also noted that green coffee benefits mostly people who eat balanced diet and also exercise regularly. You benefit so much from the advantages of the green coffee extract!

    Also, a study concluded that, Chlorogenic acid in caffe is a very powerful antioxidant which can boast of DNA-protecting properties. It protects skin cells against UV radiation and significantly counteract stress and the aging process.

    So also, the polyphenol slowed the transport of sugar in the blood and could be allocated on the basis of trials in the UK.

Application of Green bean Coffee
    The unroasted green bean coffee in particular is full of chlorogenic acids. Here, 11 of these chlorogenic acids have been found in the shrub already. These include antioxidants and therefore have an important role in the human body. Caffe affects different
processes in the organism and remain free radical scavenger.

    It's important to know that the free radicals can wreak great damage over a long period of time. Thereby, the body can't escape it, but only fight them with antioxidants such as, for example, the chlorogenic acid. The green coffee extract can be used for the following:

  1. Weight control and weight loss
  2. Reduction of belly fat
  3. Slow aging process
  4. Optimized performance
  5. Diabetes risk reduction
  6. Before tanning of the skin
  7. Cleansing the liver
  8. Stimulation of the metabolism
  9. Positive effect on the blood circulation

    Do you ever conceive a question on the dosage forms and dosage of organic green coffee extract that's ideal and good for you? If you want to buy raw green coffee, they could be in powder, capsules and tablets form as well as drinks in the store. Here, these are however used with different dosages.

    For this reason, care should be taken when taking on the dosage of the leaflet.
While the tablets and capsules with green coffee extract is usually taken about 30 minutes before meals, there are green bean coffee pills that are taken only in the morning and in the evening.

    The amount of the caffe extract is crucial. Most tablets with green coffee extract have a dose of 200 or 300 milligrams. But also, higher-dose tablets are available. What's most important is to have a talk with your medical doctor for suggestions and advice

    It is sure that some caffe tablets and capsules are high in chlorogenic acids share, which is at least 50 percent. One can also find slimming coffee ( usually taken to lose weight) and drinks in the store. (Although, many people believed that, consuming coffee regularly for a long period of time can result to losing weight)These are usually in powder form and must be dissolved in water.

    The diet drinks are drunk each before main meals. The slimming coffee, however, should be consumed 15 minutes before breakfast.

Side Effects of Green Coffee Extract
    So far so good, there are no great side effects of the green coffee extract that could be observed. People with sensitive stomach should start with one or two capsules per day and increase the dose slowly. Chlorogenic acid may cause stomach irritation in exceptional cases.

    Even in some tests performed on animals, researchers found that, chlorogenic acid can improve stomach ulcers and occasionally, there may still be some sort of stomach irritation. In addition, it should be remembered that green coffee extract contains caffeine also.

    This is present in small amounts but nevertheless, the coffee consumption should be reduced when you've taken too much of it in a while. If you're starting out this regimen, you should endeavor not to overload your stomach.

Buying Green Coffee
    Green coffee is available in different dosage forms. You can buy the green coffee from health stores, food stores or online here. Generally, it can be in mixtures. The exact composition is rarely known. These mixes with green coffee are commercially available:

  • Green Arabica beans
  • Green excelsa beans
  • Green Liberica coffee
  • Green Maragogype coffee
  • Green robusta beans
  • Green stenophylla coffee

    To make sure that the coffee varieties come from sustainable cultivation and harvesting, you should buy and consume only the one from trusted dealers.

    By some studies that were conducted, it was affirmed that, green coffee extract could be used to shed some pounds and lose weight within few months without exercise or any special diet for reducing weight.

    Of course, the excellent green coffee extract benefits the people who eat healthy and do more sports more than the people that do not watch over their diet and engage in regular exercise. However, the ingredients of this green coffee bean make weight reduction possible.

    In addition, the substances in the green coffee can significantly help more. They slow down the aging process and also work in preventing diabetes. Still, it enhances
performance and help in liver cleansing. For this reasons, the green coffee extract is a great helper for the whole organism and does not have significant side effects when the appropriate recommended dosage from an expert is taken.

    Do you like to reduce your weight, the green coffee extract is an excellent assistant which has a positive effect even on the entire body. Extracts of bitter leaves also work great when you take it three times a day for just two months, the result will blow you off.