Guarana Seed Extracts, Nutrition, Health Benefits & Side Effects

    Guarana (Paulinia cupana) is a plant whose seeds and fruits are highly beneficial. They are used mostly to brew energy drinks and for medicinal purpose. Other species of Paullinia are Paullinia crysan and sorbilis and they're commonly referred to as, Guarana gum, Brazilian Cocoa, Guarana, Guarana paste etc..

    Guarana (Paullinia cupana) is cultivated and common in Brazil, US, Canada, Peru, Mexico, India for its drink, products and medicine manufactured for various health problems. Paraguay has been sighted for producing series of products from Guarana; however, it seems Guarana is not common in Africa.

The Guarana Shrub
    Many have already heard of the Guarana stimulant. However, Guarana paste is not only a stimulant which is gladly eaten as a substitute for coffee but also a medicine and a skin care product.

    Therefore, Guarana plant, fruit, seed extracts are becoming more popular because it is an absolute allround talent. Meanwhile, numerous studies on Guarana extracts had been carried out and therefore in general practice, it's gaining more attention. The Guarana plant can do so quite more than to serve only as a stimulant or to distribute a hangover.

    A special advantage of Guarana fruit is that, the contained caffeine is better tolerated in the human body than the caffeine in coffee. For this reason, Guarana fruit is a
unique alternative to coffee.

Origin of Guarana (Paullinia cupana)
    The Guarana plant comes from the region of the Amazon and is one of the three plants. The special feature of the graviola fruit is the particularly high content of caffeine that coffee can no longer compete with.

    Guarana is actually a vine plant and loves the tropical and subtropical climate. Guarana, also quarana is not a tree but more like a shrub which can grow up to 15 meters high. Especially as a young plant, the branches are lignified, hairy, soft and Brown. As the Paullinia cupana becomes older, the more the branches are softer, so they remind of lianas.

    The leaves of guarana plant are about 20-35 cm in size and are oblong to oval in shape. The inflorescences turn beautifully red until the pollen is ripe. Then, the color becomes bright orange. Now, the plant is also a capsule-like fruit that has a diameter of about 3 cm.

Harvesting and Production of Paullinia cupana
    Guarana plant is not usually grown as a monoculture but growing between a varied plant. Therefore, it's not easy harvesting it and it's very stressful because they must be completed not only on hilly terrain but also trails.

    After the harvest day, the Guarana fruits are filled in bags and stored for 4 to 6 days, then the shell of the cores is dissolved. During this time, the caffeine content of Guarana fruit
increased to about 4 percent.

    The fermented Guarana seeds are crushed and the nuclei dissolve completely from the
tray. After that, the seeds are washed by hand. The bowls floating on the water are siphoned off and can be used as a natural fertilizer. Now, the Guarana seeds are dried in the Sun. This can be done for a few hours or several days.

    The moisture content is only about 7 per cent, the cores in a wind tunnel are cleaned once again and is now free of dirt and dust before they are processed into Guarana

Ingredients of Guarana
    Since the 40s, the nutrition values were filtered little by little in numerous studies on Guarana. This could be determined that Guarana plant as a whole has many positive effects (health benefits) on the human body and therefore, it is becoming more popular in general medicine.

    However, the most important ingredient of the Guarana fruit is the high proportion of natural caffeine. The caffeine is not only in the fruit but also discovered in its leaves. For this reason, Guarana fruit is used as revitalizing Energizer and it's used to keep one active and improve performance at the same time.

Health Uses and Benefits of Guarana Plant, Leaves, Fruit and Seed
   Also, caffeine has a large share on the function of different organs. Thus, caffeine stimulates the human kidney function and also influences the human brain activity. Furthermore, the sub level has influence on the lung, liver and digestive system.

    Even the human heart activity is improved because of caffeine vasodilator effect of Guarana. Of course yes, the caffeine should not be consumed in large quantity. However, the caffeine content of the Guarana powder is between 0.9 percent and 7.6 percent. The percentage of caffeine can vary considerably depending on the growing area and production process of Guarana.

    However, as regards caffeine in guarana. By comparison, a cup of coffee contains only 1.2 per cent to 1.3 percent of caffeine. While the caffeine in Guarana works very fast. The first signs can be perceived already after about 45 minutes of taking it.

   The caffeine is directed by the gastro intestinal tract into the bloodstream and can then work from there to the human central nervous system and the muscles. However, the caffeine from Guarana is more agreeable in contrast to coffee. This is because the caffeine of tannins is bound and these need to be removed first.

    Therefore, the caffeine of the Guarana plant can last up to six hours in the body and can also have effects in the body for relatively long time. As already mentioned, tannins are present as nutrient in Guarana. These tannins are meant to kill germs and have an astringent effect which manifests itself as a natural  protection in the gastro-intestinal tract.

    As Guarana extract is used for diarrhea in folk medicine and works very successfully. The tannins are responsible for the slightly tart taste of Guarana. Guarana extract is also stimulating, especially the kidneys and have a dehydrating effect. Also, the saponins in guarana help to combat parasites and fungi attack.

    Guarana extract works greatly for digestive tract as bad substances are released which make it an excellent remedy for digestive problems for the people in the Amazon region. Still, even theophylline is included in the Guarana which above all, has a stimulating effect and should also have a positive affect on the release of calcium.

    In addition, Theobromine is also part of the elements, which can also be found in cocoa tea. It is like theophylline is provoking, stimulating and supports the heart and kidney function at the same time. In addition to a wide range of vital nutrients and among other things, there are more vegetable fats, resins and pectins in the Guarana.

    Cholesterol also exists in a kind of Liana and has influence in building the body's cells. There are lots of important ingredients in the jungle plant which naturally encourages the purchase of Guarana products.

    However, you should take note of the fact that, each Guarana powder has different caffeine. Therefore, it worths your look on the packaging because the caffeine content is usually specified on the package. Thus, you can do quite good to your health for knowing the concentration of caffeine in the Guarana product you intend to buy.

Effect of Guarana
    The Guarana plant was used mainly against cramps, headaches and fever in the 40s and the Brazilians were also successful in its use against these health problems mentioned. The positive effect was demonstrated in even multiple because since that time, scientific studies were carried out. As the stimulating effect was detected very early. But only in the 80s, the plant was taken really serious.

    Not only because it was becoming increasingly popular among consumers and was in line with the trend, but also because the research on Guarana fruit and seeds in the 40s were so successful and have many positive effects. Now, the cosmetics industry wanted to use the good ingredients in Guarana in cosmetics.

The Stimulating Effects of Guarana
    The Guarana is well known as a stimulant, which could also be extensively explored. Therefore, the Guarana powder was an excellent alternative for people who do not tolerate coffee but yet, they want caffeine. This is just the way out!

    Already, the Indians in the Amazon used Guarana if they were on the road for several days. So a bar called "Bastones" was made from Guarana powder, cassava starch and water. The guarana paste is made from this mixture and after it had dried, the paste hardened off and the bolt came.

Guarana with Hangover in the morning
    Guarana is not only a stimulant but also a perfect hangover killer after a boozy night. Because of the high caffeine content in it, it brings the cardio vascular system on tours and fight the hangover. Because the Guarana caffeine is released only in the intestine, it is very easy to digest in the human body and is even full of more fibre which also increase the impact and benefits the body more.

Guarana as medicine
    Already in the 40s, the Guarana powder was used as medicine and used specifically for headaches, fever and cramps. Also today, Guarana content is found in medications taken for cramps and thus shows that it is helpful in drug application.

    The Guarana powder is of great importance to fighting migraine and can significantly reduce the symptoms. Because it is used for many centuries by the indigenous people of the Amazon against stomach and intestinal disorders, scientists must have been aware.

    It was found that Guarana extract has an antibacterial effect against salmonella and coliforms and can thus be used medically. Guarana can be used for digestive problems, diarrhea, constipation and bloating. Also, Guarana has a blood thinning effect and can help preventing thrombosis, as found in studies.

Guarana nutrients in cosmetics
    Since the 80s, Guarana is a popular supplement for cosmetics. Especially for skin care products. It is often advertised with the addition of Guarana. In fact, the ingredients of the jungle plant are vitalising and invigorating.

    Therefore, the substance is used like in anti cellulite creams because the blood circulation of the skin should be stimulated and it has preventive effect against cellulite. Products by Florena are particularly well known for cellulite. Guarana extract is used in shampoos since it can work against oily hair. In addition, it prevents hair loss.

Guarana is no help in reducing weight
    Guarana is already known and marketed here in europe as a panacea against unnecessary pounds. However, this is not scientifically proven. It is well known that Guarana suppresses the hunger and sense of thirst, but not permanently.

    Thus, it is impossible that the consumption of the Guarana plant for several hours can suppress hunger. A study showed that energy increased after the consumption of Guarana. However tons of Guarana would have to be consumed as tea which in turn is not good for health and can rapidly drive blood pressure upward.

Scientific Studies on Guarana
    Studies on Guarana plant (fruit, seed, leaves) had been carried out since the 40s and there is ample evidence for the effectiveness. Here, we would like to list some studies that show that Guarana is useful in medical field, nutrition as well as in the cosmetics.

    In a scientific study on rats, it was discovered that, Guarana extract is a good alternative to treat cognitive disorders such as hyperlipidemia. In this scientific study in the year 2016, it could be shown that, Guarana is helpful to reduce oxidative stress and safe to man's use.

    The result of this research on mice is promising. Because it shows that, Guarana reduced the total cholesterol level and high-dose Guarana reduced inflammation processes. That Guarana is supposedly to help people with erectile dysfunction is still not completely scientifically confirmed but we're hoping another research in this direction in the future, and trust us here, we would keep you posted.

    In this study, Guarana, however has been tested in combination of ginger and other substances and the result is quite positive. A combination therapy with Guarana seed extracts and juice could reverse the erectile dysfunction in rats.

Guarana side effects
    Guarana contains lots of caffeine and anyone that enjoys this so much usually worry about side effects. Consume Guarana in moderation and in right dosage. some side effects that are known are:

  • Tremble
  • Head pain
  • Sleep disorders
  • Increased irritability
  • Muscle pain
  • Tachycardia
     But those who comply with the dose of approximately four to five grams of Guarana per day are safe without any side effect whatsoever.

The problem with Guarana: The Guarana powder is easily adjusted. Because, as it has been already described, the caffeine content is very different. This is influenced by the origin and production and this is one of the reason we always sound a note of warning to know the how and where the Guarana was produced or safely buy online where they can evaluate the quality before making their order.

    When two different Guarana powder is compared, it is quite possible that with 3 grams of Guarana, only about 30 mg caffeine is present in it. It is also conceivable that at 3 grams to the 250 mg, caffeine are included. For this reason, care should be taken when purchasing  guarana and it's important to read the information on the package leaflet or the label, because the caffeine content on the packaging should be specified.

    Also, there may be a certain dependency on coffee. Is there any one that consumed Guarana or coffee for a long time, you can experience mild symptoms after discontinuing these products.

Caution: Pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as people who suffer from chronic headaches should avoid the consumption of Guarana seed extracts, fruit or its tea. Also, people who take blood-thinning drugs or people suffering high blood pressure should not consume Guarana product or pill.

Guarana dosage
    Guarana has a wide range of dosage forms. For one, there's the Guarana powder, on the other hand, Guarana capsules, Guarana pills, Guarana soda are available. You can also buy Guarana food and energy drinks which serve as a stimulant. Especially when the Guarana powder is extremely difficult to dispense, this because the caffeine content may be different than ever.

    Depending on the origin and production, 10 mg of caffeine or up to 75 mg of caffeine can be included in a gram of Guarana. Too high dose quickly result to side effects.

    Usually, about three or four grams of Guarana should be consumed every day to prevent side effects such as heart palpitations, nervousness or insomnia. If you take
high amounts of it within a short period of time, you may suffer even a caffeine poisoning. Large amounts of water should be drunk at a high dosage to lower its effects immediately.

Guarana tea dosage: one teaspoon of Guarana powder for guarana tea is needed for a stimulating effect. This is doused into 250 ml of boiling water.

Guarana capsules dosage: Guarana capsules can be taken by anyone but you need to follow the recommendation of the manufacturer on the package. The capsules or pills with the Guarana extract should be taken with enough water. Since Guarana somewhat suppresses the hunger and thirst, make sure you always eat enough food.

How to Buy Guarana
    Guarana can be purchased in pharmacies, health food stores, as well as some
sort of drug stores. However, the selection in local stores is usually very limited and it's harder to get the stimulant product of the Guarana.

    Buying online also has much more to offer and the variety of products can be found. Unless the Guarana chewing gum which is used as a stimulant, the Granola bars can improve performance in sports. But, you still need to buy from reputable seller in order to get high quality. Only in this way, Guarana can fully exert its effect.

    Guarana is unbeatable as a stimulant if you don't overdo it. In addition, the powder is an excellent alternative to coffee, if you don't like to take coffee, probably your body is reacting negatively to it.

    The Guarana plant has many good properties, it benefits the body and mind. In particular, the concentration can be increased so Guarana is very popular with students. The Guarana plant is also a great helper as it refreshes the skin.

     Despite the numerous studies that have been conducted, it is not final and
researchers still continue to deal with Guarana. This shows that the plant is not quite unimportant and some scientific studies that have been carried out in recent years have 'cemented' the facts about the health benefits of Guarana plant.