Hemp Seed Oil Nutrition Research, Processing, Uses & Health Benefits

    Hemp seed oil is a very good oil which can be used very well in the preparation of food. Hemp seed oil is, as the name implies, is derived from hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa). While it is pressed from the seed of hemp plant

    Hemp Seed Oil should not be confused here with oil that is obtained from the leaves of hemp, which is one of the essential oils. It is wrong to think that the oil is derived from cannabis but hemp seed oil contains the same active ingredients as the resin of cannabis. Here, there is no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

    Nevertheless, Fiber hemp seed oil or Industrial Hemp seed oil also has some good ingredients that have healing effects. To get good fiber hemp seed oil with a high quality, it should be cold pressed. pressed in the oil mill and heated for not more than 40 to 60 degrees. If it is not cold pressed, it loses some ingredients and taste.

    The taste of the Cannabis Sativa Seed oil is slightly nutty and can be a tasty ingredient in many dishes. Especially to the serving of salads, the hemp oil works well. There are many recipes which you can cook with industrial hemp oil. For its use in the kitchen and health-wise, hemp seed oil as an alternative remedy.

    Centuries ago, Cannabis was grown as a crop. However, it has deviated more in recent decades, the hemp (Cannabis Indica or Indian hemp mostly) is used for the production of hashish, and its cultivation ( as marijuana) is now prohibited in some areas. Cultivation as a crop plant for the extraction of oil has gained popularity in recent years (that is, Cultivation for industrial purposes)

    Fiber Hemp seed oil can be used in a versatile ways since it can be also be used as lubricants and therefore, it's used in industrial application. But also, Cannabis Sativa as Industrial hemp can be used as a fuel, such as bio-diesel. However, it must be said that, so far so good, it's rarely used for this purpose, but rather for home use in the kitchen.

The Effect of Hemp Seed Oil on the Body
    To understand the health benefits of the use and application of industrial fiber hemp seed oil has, you should understand the health benefits of the nutritional value of hemp seed oil.

    Cannabis sativa seed oil contained valuable fatty acids which are important for the body. But also vitamins and minerals can be found in hemp seed oil. Some of the Important nutrients, for example are:
  • Omega 3 fatty acid
  • Omega 6 fatty acid
  • Linoleic acid
  • Gamma linoleic acid
  • Oleic acid
  • Palmitic acid
  • Stearic acid

    Linoleic acid is an important ingredient in Cannabis sativa because it has anti-inflammatory effects and can also be used for skin diseases, as well as other chronic inflammatory diseases.

    The hemp seed oil is good for people suffering from eczema and of course also suitable particularly for problems such as psoriasis. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are important for some functions of the body but they are not produced in the body and must be fed by different food products.

    Therefore, Cannabis sativa seed oil is a good resource to supply the body with these fatty acids. It should be noted, here, that this hemp oil has exactly the right concentration and composition of fatty acids as alternative remedy that's effective.

    The hemp seed oil is not only for skin problems, these fatty acids are important,
and also very effective for the functions of nerve in the body. Also, the cells are repaired and regenerated by the ingestion of the hemp oil.

    For anyone that wanted to enhance the brain functions, you want to feed your brain with healthy nutrients, you need these substances to optimize the functions of your brain. The anti-inflammatory effect of hemp seed oil is due to the stearidonic acid present in the oil and is also important to our health.

    For Cannabis Sativa oil, there are many interesting areas of application. There are many good hints and tips for cooking with hemp seed oil and also for its use as remedies.

The Versatile Applications of Hemp Seed Oil
    Those who are interested in alternative remedies will be thrilled by hemp oil. This oil was used in recent decades, especially for the production of hashish but its cultivation is not globally accepted but it seems more countries are now embracing its cultivation and use and this can only increase in years to come because of more research on hemp plants and its health advantage.

    Hemp seed oil is produced from the hemp seeds and not the leaves and the seed of the hemp plant has no Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a compound that was found to have side effects on our health in the long and it's one of the reasons Cannabis Indica/ Indian hemp and the production of marijuana (a special preparation of the hemp strains, dried for smoking) is not well tolerated but the former has very healthy ingredients that are very useful and effective on different illnesses.

Hempseed Oil on Body Hormones
    For example, the application of industrial hemp seed oil in hormone disorders is interesting. Especially for women going through menopause, they often suffer from some symptoms which are due to hormonal disorders. Here, industrial hemp oil can definitely bring relief.

    The ingredients of hemp seed oil make sure that the hormonal balance is balanced again and therefore certain symptoms are improved or even cured. This hemp seed oil can be taken orally but it is important to take it gradually and regularly on a daily basis.

Hempseed Oil on PMS
    Also, women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and complain about symptoms such as muscle tension, irritability and depression can notice a drastic change with the use of Cannabis Sativa seed oil. This is because, fat metabolism is caused by the hormonal disorders and it can be improved significantly with the consumption of this hemp oil produced industrially for medicinal purpose.

    It is of course also necessary to take the industrially extracted hemp seed oil regularly. A good way you can take it is to have it in your diet; use the the extracted hemp oil to prepare various dishes. A very important point is the application of hemp seed oil at various skin illnesses. You can obtain a double effect if you consume the hemp seed oil extract orally or using it in food or simply pour it in a teaspoon and consume it.

Hemp Seed Oil for Cosmetics
    In addition, you can apply the hemp oil extracts externally on the affected skin area. This oil just need to be slightly rubbed and massaged on the skin area in question. The skin disease is treated from the inside and from the outside which promises a better success in healing.

    By the way, it is of course also possible for you to produce your own cosmetics with hemp  seed oil. Whether you want to use it as pure oil on the skin or opt for its use in
producing cosmetics, you will certainly be thrilled by the hemp seed oil and its health effects.

    The application of extracted hemp seed oil is for example very recommended for eczema. The experiences of users online in which the oil was used for eczema also confirm its effectiveness. Either it was just the hemp seed oil that is applied to the skin or mixed with a special cream.

    I tell you, You can mix this industrial oil with Aloe Vera as well, so that it can be used also as moisture or night cream. If you want to take another dimension in its use, the hemp oil can also be applied to your bath water and it's also a nice method.

    With the health nutrients in this oil, moisture is supplied into the the skin and its elasticity is regained. Also, Itch on the skin is relieved. Within a few days of application of hemp seed oil, you will notice a 'big' difference in atopic dermatitis.

Hemp Seed Oil for BP, Inflammation and Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Besides the obvious areas where you applied the hemp seed oil, you can also use this precious oil with for other symptoms for great advantage. For example, hemp seed oil can lower blood pressure and is therefore healthy for the cardio vascular system.

    Another advantage of industrial hemp seed oil is the anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, you can apply this oil in chronic inflammatory diseases. Hemp seed oil is also helpful, especially in rheumatoid arthritis, and it's therefore applicable in this condition.

    A treatment with the Cannabis sativa oil over a longer period of time can be useful here. But take note, Large amounts of hemp oil must not be used, but it is important to take the oil daily in order to claim the full healing effects of the hemp seed oil.

    Many other diseases can be substantially improved by the ingestion of Cannabis sativa seed oil and even sometimes cured. There are interesting scientific studies on the subject which affirm the fact that, hemp seed oil is very healthy and eating it has many positive effects on the body. It is important that you pay attention to a balanced diet.

    If you want to eat healthy food that's rich in protein, you should avoid more of meat and embrace more of fish. Particularly fat sea fish, where you can benefit from the Omega 3 that's present. But if you don't like this fish much, you can replace this nutrient through the application of hemp seed oil.

Hempseed Oil for Cooking
    For vegans and vegetarians that don't eat fish, they can therefore take hemp seed oil very well to cover the need for Omega 3. Haven't you tried this nutritious  fiber hemp seed oil and you're wondering what dishes you can prepare it.

    Let me tell you, it's suitable for many dishes; Particularly suitable for preparing
cold dishes such as salads. And also for cooking, this oil is just irresistible. However, hemp seed oil should not be used for frying since it can loose its good taste and also the valuable ingredients by strong heating.

Industrial Hemp Seed Oil is Suitable for Pets, like Dogs
    The hemp seed oil is not only a healthy food for human beings, pets can also benefit from the nutrients contents of this valuable oil. For example, hemp seed oil can be used to feed dog or prepare their foods with it.

    Cannabis sativa seed oil is beneficial to four-legged pets, the dog for example can be beneficiary of the Hemp oil. For the case of dogs that have dull coat, or shaggy look, hemp oil is a good remedy.

    You can just rub the dog concerned with a teaspoon of Cannabis sativa seed oil or use via food and correct eczema and itching as quick as possible. Already after a short time, you can determine that the fur of the dog is back shining and the entire behavior of the dog gets better.

    This hemp seed oil is effective against allergies in dog and strengthens the immune system. Also, you will quickly notice that the skin of your pet looks healthier and shinier. The Cell growth of the dog stimulated and even regenerated.

    It's also Interesting to know that, there are testimonials from customers who have tried this oil on their own pet. Just check online for hemp oil specifically produced and packed for dog.

Scientific studies about hemp seed oil
    There are some scientific studies about Cannabis sativa seed oil which testified to the health benefits of this hemo oil to and these interesting facts about Cannabis seed oil are obvious from the testimonials we received from users.

    Some studies also deal with the ingredients of cold-pressed and processed Sativa oils and its benefits for the body. It was found that the cold-pressed  Sativa seed oils are better as chlorophyll is present, which is an important part of a healthy diet.

    Another study that deals with the exact ingredients of Cannabis sativa seed oil extract was performed at the University of Seville in espanol. Here, the composition of this Cannabis sativa seed oil can be seen a little more and the large role played by the different fatty acids in the oil.

    Due to the valuable ingredients which were found, the scientists came to the conclusion that the Cannabis sativa seed oil is safe for use as food and cosmetics and it also has much health benefits. We also spot another very interesting study that revolves around the effect of hemp seed oil on the heart.

    This study was conducted at the University of Manitoba, Canada. This study was supported by the University Hospital in Holguin, Cuba. In this study, the nutrients and ingredients of Cannabis Sativa seed oil were proven effective and The hemp seed oil was investigated on different functions of the body.

    For example, it was found that the cholesterol levels can be reduced with the use of hempseed oil. A lowering of cholesterol levels was observed from 15 to 22%. This is of course also depends on basic nutrition which draw the inference that, in general, a healthy diet can be supported with hemp oil.

    The same study observed the effects of Cannabis sativa seed oil on blood pressure in over 4000 subjects and it was found that blood pressure can certainly be reduced by taking hempseed oil. The scientists noted here that research into hemp oil only is at the beginning stage and it is important to investigate further at these points.

    The scientists made another interesting observation about  their tests with hempseed oil. Its effects on heart. However, after all the tests that were undertaken by the scientific team, the end result shows that industrial hemp seed oil is healthy for the heart, and that people who suffer from cardiovascular, circulatory problems will achieve positive results after taking this oil continually for a reasonable time period.

    Also, an article in the American Journal of Physiology deals with the topic of the health benefit of Cannabis sativa oil on the cardio vascular system. Scientific studies have been discussed, which took place for example in rats.

    Hemp seed oil was administered to rats in the feed and the rats were then observed and examined. It was found that after about 12 weeks of treatment with hemp seed oil, a difference could be established in the health of the rat's heart.

    Even , damage to the heart could be dramatically improved and healed by the ingestion. Certainly, the studies about the health benefits of hemp seed oil have not just started but it's unfortunate that its cultivation is not yet accepted in some countries, for example in America.

    Also in Germany, the use of hemp was somewhat frowned upon because hemp is used as a base for narcotics. But hemp oil contains no THC, and scientists have brought the valuable ingredients again in recent years in the right light.

    Hemp oil is increasingly manufactured and marketed again. The studies that have been carried out so far are promising and show clearly that hemp seed oil certainly has healing effects and therefore should not be undervalued in any household.

Tips and suggestions about hemp seed oil
The positive effects of hemp seed oil on the skin
    If you have skin problems, you should try to buy hemp oil because one thing is certain, the hemp seed oil is excellent for the skin. It is an excellent moisturizer and therefore almost perfect in many skin diseases.

    If you know anyone who suffers from eczema or other skin irritations, you should advise the person to try the hempseed oil once and see for himself. Just rub on your skin and massage gently, do this for some days and see yourself how it improves the appearance of your skin and ensures the skin gets enough moisture and also reduces itching significantly on your skin.

Eczema can be alleviated by hemp seed oil
    What many don't know is that you can alleviate atopic dermatitis with industrial hemp oil. If there are itchy areas on your skin which is making you to be very uncomfortable, you can rub the places with the oil and make a kind of skin treatment.

Where should I buy hemp oil?
    In any case, you can get good hempseed oil in a well stocked health food or health food stores. You should make sure that you buy an organic oil, because then you can be sure that it is free of pesticides or other foreign substances.

    Certainly, to buy a conventionally manufactured hempseed oil and compares with an organic oil, it will be noted that the two differ greatly in color and taste. As a gentle production is better, you should rely on the bio oil.

The production of hemp seed oil
    Mostly, Sativa hemp seed oil is obtained through the cold stamping. To do this, then, use the hemp nuts. This process has the advantage that all important ingredients are also preserved and not lost when heated. However, you should not forget not to use the oil for frying.

    Cannabis sativa seed oil has been used in food and also as remedy for centuries, it was later forgotten in recent decades, especially in the Western world. Hempseed oil is a really healthy oil which can be used very well for cooking and serving of food.

    As a remedy, this oil works well. The scientific studies prove this, so also the experiences of people with hempseed oil are very interesting. It is worth in any case, even to try hemp oil, especially, if you have problems with eczema and other skin diseases.

    This hemp oil can be used as pure oil or cosmetic products such as creams. Its external application is safe and risk-free, so that even sensible people and children can apply hemp oil. The application in cardiovascular disease, chronic inflammation, and hormonal imbalances are also fantastic in the result gotten.

    Oral intake is advisable for these diseases. You can simply add the oil to your food regularly but you're advised to take the hemp seed oil also directly with the teaspoon.

    If you want to buy hemp seed oil, you can go for it in a health food store. It is also offered in some organic food shops. However, the shopping on the Internet is much easier. Here, you can choose from varieties and select the better one, verify the credibility of the manufacturer and supplier.

    Also, you don't need to search for long time when you can find its offerings with the click of a mouse. However, It is only important you ensure that the hemp seed oil comes as organic oil This means that, no pesticides were used during cultivation, which could affect the quality of the oil.

    Also, the purity of the oil is crucial. There should be no additives in the oil. Depending on the production of the hemp and the area the hemp is grown and in which oil mill, there could be difference in color and taste.

    This has however nothing to do with the quality. Fresh hemp oil has a slightly nutty flavor which is why this oil is perfect for salads and cold dishes.