Pomegranate Nutrition| Recipes| Uses| Health Benefits & Side effects

The pomegranate
    The pomegranate (called Punica Granatum in Latin), is an exotic plant which comes from Asia. Pomegranates now also grow on the Mediterranean Sea. The pomegranate plant itself is suitable as an ornamental plant and flourishes with beautiful orange-red flowers.

    This plant is suitable for decoration and it also bring about good tasting fruit that are also healthy. In some places, it is not possible to cultivate the pomegranate in the open air because winter is not a favourable weather for its growth.

Cultivation of Pomegranate
    It survives only in a very mild winter in regions where the temperatures is in the minus. Anaway, if you would like to plant a pomegranate, try it in a large pot and keep out only in warm weather. In early autumn, the pot should be placed in the house.

   The pomegranate plant during winter are kept warm in the garden all year round and get much sun. This is what's usually recommended. The pomegranate is different to most fruits. There are hundreds of fruit cores which are berry-like sitting inside the bowl. These are bulging filled with the juice of the pomegranate and taste delicious.

    However, it is often difficult to rid the pomegranate as they are surrounded by fruit walls that contain the bitterness of these fruit cores. The juice of the pomegranate is also a strongly stain and stains caused by the core which can be very difficult to be removed.

How to Cut Pomegranate
    You can follow a few clues that make the core easier. Prior to the core, you can roll the pomegranate, for example on the sideboard, back and forth with a little pressure. Cut a rectangular hole in the top, then follow the white walls of fruit at the carving effect.

How to Open Pomegranate
    It cuts the pomegranate just like an orange. Then, it opens it only to the half, to breaking up the pomegranate spread. You can then tap on the bottom of the fruit over a bowl. This is especially a wooden spoon.

    While tapping the fruit seeds that are released. The small scrap of fruit skin must be sorted before being eaten out. Also, you can put the pomegranate core in water to avoid more spraying. However, much of the juice may be lost, which tastes very delicious.

The Origin of Pomegranate
    In the research of the origin of the pomegranate, you will see quickly that this fruit is known for centuries. It is even historically recorded that the pomegranate was grown and cultivated thousands of years ago.

    In the Bible and in the Qur'an, this plant is mentioned several times. According to
the Bible, the Jewish temple was decorated with pomegranate sculptures. Also in poetry, the pomegranate was used as a symbol.

    In Greek mythology, this fruit is also mentioned here, it is a symbol of fertility and the underworld. In ancient times, a healing effect was attributed to pomegranates and these were rediscovered in modern times too.

How to Buy Pomegranate
    Nowadays, there are some interesting studies dealing with the healing effects of the pomegranate. Pomegranates are available today in most stores. However, it is advisable to buy fresh pomegranates from a reputable local market because you get here mostly fresh fruits in a better quality in the market than a supermarket.

    Also, there are some products that contain pomegranate. So you can buy the juice, tablets and capsules with pomegranate extract. Today, some cosmetics also contain pomegranate extract. Meanwhile, some delicious jams with pomegranate are offered.

    Often, you get these products only in health-food stores but  you can also buy them online where you can find good selection and you make it easier to purchase without moving a foot.

The Healing Effects of Pomegranate
    If you want to know the healing effects of pomegranate, it is one of the few fruits that have special antioxidant properties. For example, Polyphenols are contained in this fruit, which affect the human body and have amazing health benefits.

Health Benefits of Pomegranate on Heart
    The antioxidants or polyphenols have healing effects and ensure that cells regenerate themselves better. So, eating the pomegranate at a good interval has much healing effects on the heart. It Promotes blood circulation and prevents the calcification of the vessels.

    Cholesterol levels can be lowered sharply with consumption of Pomegranate and pomegranate extract. So, for example, heart attack and strokes can be prevented. For these reasons, the consumption of the pomegranate is recommended because it reduce blood pressure and improves blood flow.

Pomegranate Health Benefits on Inflammation
    In addition, the pomegranate has anti-inflammatory effects. Some people have symptoms, lead back to any particular disease is sometimes difficult to determine because of inflammation within the body. Regular consumption of Pomegranate can be an advantage here because it has healing effects on the inflammation within the body.

    So, you can eat the fruit or drink also the juice of the fruit if you have problems with the stomach and intestines. Inflammation of the intestinal mucosa can be cured  naturally. So also, the pomegranate has positive effects on the liver.

Health Benefits of Pomegranate on Cancer
    The effects of Pomegranate juice on cancer cells is interesting. It emerged in investigations that it also has a healing effect and that, you can prevent the formation of tumor. Therefore, the ingredients of the pomegranate in the cancer screening are so important.

    The consumption of pomegranate don't only help in preventing cancer disease but it can also strengthen one immune system through regular consumption of pomegranate seeds and help you avoid infections by viruses and bacteria.

    You will soon feel the effects of this fruit and avoid most certainly, some colds. Side effects do not occur when eating this fruit. Also interactions with other drugs are not known.

    The effect that one feels through the consumption of pomegranates is with many vitamins, minerals and other ingredients. Some of its ingredients are anthocyanin and Quercetin. Also, phenolic acids, such as ellagic acid and Gallic acid are contained in the fruit.

The Pomegranate Nutritional Value
    The fruit is also very rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron and potassium. In 100 grams of fruit cores, one finds the following nutrients:
  • Water 79.1 g
  • Protein 0.7 g
  • Fat 0.6 g
  • Carbohydrates 16 g
  • Dietary fiber 3 g
  • Sugars (fructose and glucose) 8 g
    You can't start expecting miracles from eating a pomegranate once or few times or at wide interval. You should take it as best as possible in order to take the healing effects of this fruit, you should try to incorporate it in your daily diet.

    You can eat the pomegranate fresh or push even the juice from the fruit. However, you can buy also already finished juice. Also, there are other products with
pomegranate that you can buy. The pomegranate is versatile and can therefore be used in most diverse recipes.

    For example, it is possible to prepare a dessert with pomegranate or to use the fruit seeds for cooking sauces. Also, you can make up even its own recipes.

The pomegranate - special applications
Pomegranate for Skin Care
    There are many areas of application for the pomegranate as a natural remedy. Through the regenerative effect on the cells, the pomegranate can be used also for skin care. This fruit has anti-aging properties and the extract is very much used in cosmetics today.

    Small wrinkles can be easily smoothed with the extract. Also, the pores can be reduced in size and the entire complexion will improve within a short time. Care products such as skin masks, skin care creams, lotions, firming cream for the eyes and the like can be purchased in shops and also online.

Pomegranate for Weight Loss and Digestion
    If you want, you can produce cosmetics with pomegranate seeds yourself. The pomegranate or the Pomegranate juice is also helpful to achieve weight loss and it's often consumed today. Of course, all fruits and vegetables in a diet are recommended and contain important vitamins and minerals.

    But the pomegranate has ingredients that stimulate the digestion and metabolism, and it is therefore suitable very well for weight loss. The juice can be taken in the morning as breakfast to start the day with more energy.

Pomegranate for Healing
    The pomegranate is used for various illnesses. Here, they can be used as supporting drug to the main drug that's being for used for healing or even replace it. Note this, you should not overdo in the use of Pomegranate juice or extract and think that this natural remedies can replace any medication. It does not work like that.

    Don't try to jettison your prescribed drugs or prescription drugs. Better, try to take the Pomegranate juice regularly. Once you begin to feel the healing effects, you can now control the use of the prescribed drugs; and it's very important to notify your doctor and discuss this with him.

    If you have chronic pain and disease, you should always seek the advice of a doctor. It is but scientifically proven that the ingredients of the pomegranate can be used in different symptoms and diseases. Among other things which its consumption is recommended, and other conditions which it's being applied or recommended are:

  • Overweight
  • High cholesterol levels
  • High blood pressure
  • Vascular calcification
  • Inflammation
  • Digestive disorders
  • Metabolic disorders
  • To strengthen the immune system
  • To combating cancer cells
  • Detoxification
  • Regeneration of cells

    Without any doubt, there are also a few other applications not listed here. Also, research is still in its "infancy" and there are always new facts about the healing ingredients of Pomegranate.

Scientific Studies on The Effects of Pomegranate Extract
    Scientific studies had dealt wiith the effect of pomegranates on the human body for years and many of these studies come from abroad, mainly from the United States. An interesting study from there examined the effect of Pomegranate extract on cancer cells.

    The study was conducted by the National Cancer Center. Here, patients with prostate cancer were examined. The subjects were given Pomegranate juice 240 ml daily to see whether the juice has an effect on the cancer cells and how it affects the patient.

    Of course, the patients also received chemotherapy at the same time. In prostate cancer a PSA redoubling time was approximately 15 months. The PSA redoubling time measures the rate of mortality in cancer patients.

    When the juice was administered to the patient, an extension of this time could be determined. At the end of the doubling time with 54 months was detected. There are still some further studies which deal with the effect on cancer cells and the health benefits from cancer patients.

    The pomegranate extracts don't only combat cancer cells in the body of a prostatic cancer patient but  also on other cancer, such as breast cancer, colon cancer, and similar types of cancer.

    The specialist, Dr. Hans Schön from Vienna in one of his articles, discusses the effects of Pomegranate and the various scientific studies. The studies are interesting as they highlight the protective effect of this extract on the cardiovascular system.

    So, for those that suffer from cardiovascular diseases and drink 250 ml Pomegranate juice, this disease can drastically improve. Blood flow is improved by 17%, and after one year, the deposits in the vessels even at 35% had reduced. But the patients needed to wait for a whole year to feel the effects of the juice.

    Cholesterol level is also lowered within 14 days. The blood pressure has been reduced greatly due to the ingestion of juice. Within a year, a reduction could be observed by 21%. In the same article written by Dr Hans Schön, he talked about the antioxidants, the effective ingredients of the pomegranate.

    The effects of this ingredient has been studied extensively. Also, it was identified in the studies that, the antioxidant vaccines in pomegranate are far higher than in other fruits, and even higher than in the red wine. As mentioned by Dr. Hans Schön, the consumption of Pomegranate juice showed increase of antioxidant protection in the blood by 130%.

    By eating, one can protect the brain and nervous system. Here again, the risk of brain damage through lack of oxygen is reduced. The risk to Alzheimer's Dementia has been reduced dramatically.

   The pomegranate is a silver bullet in the fight against chronic diseases and sufferings. Its effects on heart patients, Alzheimer's disease, stress, nervous disorders can not be underestimated. Of course, the researchers are still busy to find more information on the effect of pomegranates.

Tips and tricks for dealing with thePomegranate
    The exotic look of the pomegranate deters very many people to buy this particular Apple. While it contains many important ingredients that are not only for the blood in the body but also for enormous importance.

    It is enough if you take up to 200 ml juice or a whole pomegranate itself. Then you reach the perfect effect for your body.

Peeling a pomegranate is not an art
    Most shy away from the pomegranate because there are problems with the peeling again. This requires only a very sharp knife, a good countertop - it's best when is made of glass or plastic that makes cleaning easier afterwards.

    You should have an apron ready because splash can be poorly removed from clothes. Then, you take the pomegranate in hand so that the fruit base is firmly in hand. The Crown is now cut off. Now turn around and also thin cut it off from the other side.

    Now the walls are now cut, it can be solved out the pulp, the cores, - best from the Middle, top starting. Here you can also break it, which facilitates release of nuclei. As a tip, you can still remember that, the easiest way is for you to try the whole thing in a bowl with water. Then, there would be no splashes and the white release pellicle come off easier.

Pomegranate Juice
    Since this is diluted in the meantime. Making just the Pomegranate juice is one of the delicacies because it contains all the vitamins and not just pure good tastes. You can also take the juice for the production of delicious jellies, refine desserts or do just anything for the health and drink it.

Eating Delicious pomegranate
    If you've already tried the pomegranate, you already know how delicious it is to eat a pomegranate. By the way, eating only the cores has slightly bitter taste, the white skins between the cores should be carefully removed. The cores themselves are very similar to the taste of currants.

Preparing the pomegranate
    There are many variants. You can eat the pomegranate in different forms. For example, the nuclei with sugar and milk, also as a dessert and ice cream, it looks good but refined food. The cores are ideally suited for baking.

Pomegranate recipe
    It doesn't matter whether you want to conjure up a dessert or something hearty, with the pomegranate is all a treat. The pomegranate fits perfectly with Camembert, to salads, poultry dishes and delicious cake. Not only these, there are several others we can not cover due to some constraints.

The pomegranate as Care for healthy skin
    The pomegranate is suitable not only for eating, in the cosmetics industry, you know already for a long time here that it has anti-aging properties and it's being used for skin products.

    Therefore, you can find many products that agree on the important ingredients of the pomegranate as a fruit with good care properties for humankind. The skin is protected from the so-called free radicals and it can delay aging but to some.

    The pomegranate is not only a delicious fruit that is versatile, it can be used in the kitchen and it has been scientifically proven that this fruit has healing effects. The fruit itself is packed with essential vitamins and minerals which can contribute to a balanced diet.

    If you consume pomegranates regularly, you can benefit from the health benefits. While no large quantities must be eaten, 120-250 ml of juice per day is already more than enough. Would you eat the fresh fruit, a handful of fruit cores is enough for a day. These can be eaten in the morning as cereal or be stirred into yogurt and cottage cheese.

    You can buy fresh pomegranates or the juice of the fruit in health food stores. The extract of this fruit is also available in the form of capsules and tablets and they can be purchased as a nutritional supplement.

    Also, there are other products like for example jams with pomegranate, that can be purchased without further ado. It's good to choose to buy it online because you have a wider choice of product. Also, you will be able to find a good provider, because it is important to ensure that the products are natural when buying it.

     In the application of the extract of pomegranate in the cosmetics, the extract can help to reduce wrinkles, smooth skin, shrink pores, and to enhance the appearance of the skin generally. There, online makeup, creams, lotions, skin masks, and much more are enriched with an extract of Pomegranate.

    Again, it depends on the quality of the product and if you ordered online, you should find out a little about the manufacturer and provider. If you want, you can make alternative of the cosmetics yourself by following some tutorials online.

    The pomegranate is a precious fruit and everyone should embrace. After a short time, in most cases within 14 days, you will determine quite a difference in general well-being if you're taking this fruit. Regardless of whether one has digestive difficulties or is suffering from high blood pressure, eating this fruit in any case is recommended.

    The pomegranate is not known to cause side effects and is therefore virtually risk-free. If you've never tried the fruit, you should try it once in any case.