New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Nutrition, Uses, Benefits & Effects

    New Zealand is land of the Kiwis and the endless expanse, but hold coastal regions (New Zealand is still a natural hidden treasure for green-lipped Mussel Perna canaliculus). Some other species of perna are Marine Mussel, Freshwater Mussel and Zebra Mussel.

    Lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus) can also be called: New Zealand Mussel, Kuku, Green shell Mussel, Kutai etc, depending on what they choose to call it in individual country; however, it is commonly referred to as New Zealand green Lipped Mussel, Lyprinol, Seatone, depending on the preparation.

    Its extract contains special ingredients such as antioxidants and fatty acids which can help as it has been proven against a variety of ailments and it's mostly cultivated and produced in Thailand, New Zealand and Philippines while New Zealand is known to be the biggest exporter as at the time writing this article. However, Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia also cultivate Mussel.

    The knowledge of these agents in possession of the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand has been for generations. For over 6,000 years, these Nations use their natural history knowledge around the Green-lipped Mussel to cure diseases and lessen pain.

    Now, there are many ways to explore the knowledge about the effectiveness of green-lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus) far beyond the borders of New Zealand. At least 60,000 tons of specially bred seafood are exported. In Germany, the shell under the name "New Zealand green scarf shell" in the trade is available.

    Perna canaliculus can either be consumed directly as a delicacy or used in the form of pharmaceutical tablets, extracts, ointments or as a powder. Both the tablets and also the powdered freeze-dried are manufactured in gentle process that preserves all valuable extracts of the Green scarf shell.

Important Ingredients of Perna canaliculus and Their Effect
    Around 10 percent of the annual harvest of mussels is not directly consumed, but are processed into pharmaceutical drugs. The active ingredients of the Green lipped mussel are anti-inflammatory in nature and they can be used against arthritic joint disease, relieve the symptoms to linden.

    Still, the extract of the New Zealand green lipped mussel promotes the production of synovial fluid. This has positive effect on the entire musculoskeletal system. In addition, using the Green-lipped Mussel also has positive effect on respiratory diseases such as Asthma, having a significant relief.

    Through it, one can avoid a suppression of inflammation of the respiratory tract and thus the typical symptoms can be improved significantly, because of more oxygen into the lungs.

    The unique ingredients of the New Zealand Green lipped Mussel extract includes:
Glucosamine glycine: Glucosamine is a body substance used to easily move the joints. With advancing age and/or deterioration of the disease, it comes to a degradation of this substance and a breakdown of the cartilage.

    The Glucosamine glycine of the Green lipped Mussel, botanical name: Perna canaliculus replaces the body's own substance, and encourages the body to make new cartilage.

Lyprinol: The active ingredient of Lyprinol is in the Green-lipped Mussel. It contains 12 different Omega-3 fatty acids. These particularly have anti-inflammatory effect on the entire organism.

 Antioxidants: Different antioxidants which have positive effect on the immune system and also contribute actively in the inhibition of inflammatory processes of the joints. This reduces pain and decrease swelling of joints.

The application areas of the New Zealand Green lipped Mussel
    The application areas of the Green lipped Mussel is confined not only on the relief of symptoms in humans. Also, dogs, horses and cats can benefit from the positive effects of the Green lipped muscle extracts.

    First and foremost, the extract helps people with arthritis, asthma and other joint problems. These can be chronic in nature, such as Arthritis and Rheumatism, they can also be short-term type, for example with overexertion in sports.

Green-lipped Mussel for Human
    First and foremost, Perna canaliculus is used successfully against osteoarthritis and cartilage damage. There are scientific studies that confirm the positive effect with regard to cartilage structure and pain relief.

    Perna canaliculus is uncontroversial alternative to the usual drugs. Furthermore, the Green-lipped Mussel contains many antioxidants which protect the cells and thus prevent degradation. Also, respiratory ailments such as asthma can be well subdued.

    Gradually, researchers find that this shell can be used effectively against more diseases than previously assumed.

Green-lipped Mussel for Dogs
    The Green lipped Mussel extract in powder form is also a popular natural historical remedy for dogs of all breeds and sizes. It helps with joint pain and General musculoskeletal conditions. The dose can be adjusted easily to the size of the animal.

   The recommended amount of powder can be simply put up with the daily feed. Even veterinarians are not left out in this.

Green-lipped Mussel for Horses
    Green lipped Mussel extract for horses is just as effective as for dogs and cats. It must be administered naturally at a higher dose, depending on the size of the animal. Horses benefit from the action first and foremost with respect to their joint functions.

    So is the Green lipped Mussel powder is special and popular for horses, used for spring sports but also makes sense as an encore to the diet in older animals suffering from classical age arthritis.

Geen-lipped Mussel for Cats
    Cats are very susceptible to the positive effect of the Green lipped Mussel extract. This comes as a cat drug in powder form or as order tablets veterinarians or animal needs. Just older animals or those with chronic diseases such as arthritis
experienced significant pain relief through the Green-lipped mussel and can move just free.

    It is necessary to extract the best which you further make it feed rich for the animals to take regularly. You should not expect Perna canaliculus to take effect immediately but for the good but long-term results, the health of the animal will be improved without any side effects.

Side Effects
    The Green lipped Mussel extract is a pure natural product which results in no side effects after taking it. Also, an overdose is absolutely not a problem. In the area of the gastro-intestinal tract, nor elsewhere in the body is to be reckoned with complaints after taking it.

Scientific Studies
    There are a number of scientific studies which deal with the effect of the New Zealand Green-lipped Mussel for humans and animals and the effectiveness are confirmed.

Russian study in Asthmatics
    The treatment of asthma with lipid extract of New Zealand green-lipped agriculturist: a randomised clinical trial Study, the Emelyanov et al. hospital therapeutic clinic, Pavlov Medical University, St-Petersburg.

    Russia is regarded to have one of the most recent studies on this subject and dating back to the year 2000. Participants were 46 subjects with chronic asthma, treated each twice a day over a period of 8 weeks, depending on a capsule of Lyprinol or a placebo.

   The Lyprinol capsule contained 100 mg olive oil and 50 mg Omega-3 fatty acids of PUFAs. All patients were previously been treated with steroids. The aim of this study was to prove that the extracts of the Green lipped Mussel can move the inflamed mucous membranes to the swelling.

    This segment inflammation caused by lipid mediators and leukotrienes. These can be blocked by certain enzymes of the Green lipped mussel and thereby significantly reduce the symptoms. The result surprised the researchers.

    Nonetheless, because it actually decreased lung whistle of patients treated, the respiration rate increased and the hydrogen peroxide content of the lung has declined significantly more than was the case in the control group, which had swallowed just placebos.

    This called ("polyunsaturated fatty acids") their Omega-3 fatty acids proven short PUFA and also demonstrated that these connections are responsible to relieve the inflammation activity in the joints. Through a laborious process of extraction succeeded, the scientists to produced an omega-3 powder, that BB´s included all components of PUFA.

    This extract was able to inhibit, a task that creates only a painkiller with Lipoxygenase. They had found a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug so that in particular asthma patient, gentle manner can help because it shows no side effects on the gastrointestinal tract after ingestion and is thus tolerated very well.

Korean Study Examined Effect for Osteoarthritis
    The green lipped Mussel extract can help not only with asthma, according to a study from Korea in 2009. In the ' clinical efficacy and safety of Lyprinol, a patented extract from New Zealand green-lipped mussel (Perna Canaliculus) in patients with osteoarthritis of the hip and knee: a multicenter 2-month clinical trial "

    The researchers studied the strong anti-inflammatory effect of extract in Yonsei medical clinic. As a study group, they recorded 60 patients in the program, which all suffered from osteoarthritis (a form of joint wear, as it typically occurs in old age).

    The patients were treated with New Zealand green-lipped Mussel extract for eight weeks with an astonishing result. After 4 weeks, 53 percent of respondents showed a reduction in their pain and a better mobility of the affected joints.

    After 8 weeks, these improvements increased to over 80 percent of the participants to observe and to prove medically. None of the patients had to complain about any side effects while or after taking it. As knowledge from this research group, the scientists held that Lyprinol enzyme has an exceptionally strong anti-inflammatory effect and this is able to mitigate natural osteoarthritis.

    Researchers in the United States demonstrate positive effects in animals And the Perna canaliculus extract not only helps people but also in animals, scientists could prove a positive effect.

    In the the University of California in the United States, they tested the anti-inflammatory effect of lipid-rich extract in rats who suffered from arthritis and polyarthritis. They got the valuable Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants naturally in much lower dosage form, as a man.

    The rats also showed a clear improvement of the complaint. In addition, they received a significant overdose of endurance to find out whether there are side effects with an extremely large dose of extract. However, all the rats behaved normally and showed no problems.

    The researchers from the United States concluded that the Green-lipped Mussel extract contains valuable fatty acids especially in high dose than in the case for example with fish oil or similar products of similar nature.

    The extract of New Zealand green lipped Mussel is also a tremendously antitoxic effect and can be taken without the risk of overdose, even for humans and lower animals, which are very sensitive and react quickly with problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

Dosage forms of Green Lipped Mussel
Green lipped Mussel capsules
New Zealand Green lipped Mussel capsules are taken daily. To take 1-2 capsules throughout the day, take with water or dissolve in a small cup of water. More details are available in the respective package insert.

Balsam green-lipped Mussel
    Green lipped Mussel balm is applied daily to all parts of the joint with pain complaints. There are no restrictions on the use intensity. Just use the balm often as it does well until the symptoms are improved.

Green lipped Mussel Ointment
    Green lipped Mussel ointment can be applied similar to the Green-lipped Mussel balm. The ointment applied move easily on the relevant areas of the skin. Use it several times a day and repeat this process until an improvement occurs.

Green lipped Mussel concentrate
    You should take Perna canaliculus concentrate at least once a day. It's even better if you take it every morning and evening. Just follow the instructions on the package leaflet.

Green lipped Mussel Extract
    Take the Green lipped Mussel extract as specified on the package leaflet but the extract is usually taken twice a day at fixed times in some liquid.

Green lipped Mussel Powder
    Put Green lipped Mussel powder in water, fruit juice or tea, stir up and take it twice daily to get the best result. An overdose, like all other products of the Green lipped Mussel has nothing to fear about. Excess active ingredients are simply being excreted.

    The New Zealand green-lipped Mussel which its scientific name is Perna Canaliculus contains not only valuable ingredients for health, it has demonstrated to have a healing effect, particularly in Musculoskeletal and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and asthma. The valuable Omega-3 fatty acids and other substances can relieve not only pain but also reduce the activities of inflammation in the body.

    In addition, it helps human beings and also lower animals, including dogs, horses and cats, because they also benefit from the positive features of the New Zealand green- lipped Mussel.

    The big advantage is not only the numerous available dosage forms as powder, balm, ointment, tablet or extract, convinced with gentle effect. Side effects are after the taking of green-lipped Mussel extract and it only has negative effects on people and animals with a sensitive stomach-intestinal tract.