Buckthorn Seed Oil, Nutrition, Uses & Health Benefits

    Buckthorn is an extraordinary plant and the berries have many nutrients. Meanwhile, Buckthorn is counted among the super fruits and thus has the same importance as the pomegranate, goji or acai. In particular, the high percentage of vitamin C makes this berry an important helper to strengthen the immune system.

    But even when taking off, Buckthorn can help and let the hunger fade away. To your skin, buckthorn is a true elixir that provides the skin with numerous important vitamins. But also for vegans, buckthorn is a good medicinal plant for taking vitamin B12 because it is precisely this vitamin that is not found in many foods in large quantities.

Origin and history of Buckthorn
    Buckthorn, also known as Red Blackthorn, Sandbeere, pheasant berry or AU, Dune Lagoon-du sea Thorn has the Latin name "Hippophae rhamnoides", which is so much called, like shining Horse with thorns. It is assumed that horses that consume buckthorn may regain the shining fur.

    Others say that the name comes from the fact that, in antiquity, the sand Thorn was taken as a fencing of horses. The home of the Sanddorns is Asia. Especially the Himalayas, Nepal and Tibet. The beneficial and medicinal plant quickly spread to the west, and already Hildegard von Bingen and monks appreciated the healing power of the Sanddorns.

    Even Lenin is said to have supported the cultivation of Buckthorn in the former Soviet Union, as the nutrients have so many advantages. In the meantime, Russia and China are the largest producers of buckthorn, as the shrub can thrive very well at high altitudes. The buckthorn is also used to renature landscapes and counteract soil erosion.

    It was only during and after the Second World War that Buckthorn was very popular in many countries, because vitamin-rich foods were still relatively scarce. However, the great potential of the Sanddorns is due to the fact that it was used not only as a vitamin dispenser but also for recultivation.

    In Germany for example, the buckthorn production has completely collapsed after the reunification of Germany. Only a few companies resumed production and Christine Berger is at the forefront of her buckthorn production. Their products are known and popular throughout Germany. Delicacies such as Buckthorn jam, buckthorn chutney or even cosmetics with Buckthorn are offered.

Occurrence of Buckthorn
    Buckthorn, also known as Sandbeere, is likely to grow on the sand dunes of the North and Baltic seas. Here, the buckthorn feels quite comfortable, also because Buckthorn does not have any great demands. Because even barren soil properties do not make the medicinal plant anything.

   Due to the strong rooting that the buckthorn in the dunes requires, it gives off its power to the orange fruits. However, in botany, the fruits in botany is regarded more as nuts instead of berries. Despite the inconspicuous appearance of the shrub, which is rather bizarre and bulky, the luminous fruits are full of healthy ingredients.

    Although the shrub has been around for a long time, it was not discovered until the 1950s as a crop. Especially in the eastern European States, the buckthorn shrub was discovered as a change for the local fruit varieties. But it was only in the 1990s that the medicinal plant moved into the Western countries and it has became one of the most popular food supplements.

Processing of Buckthorn
    Buckthorn tastes very sour. For this reason, the juice is usually sweetened with honey. To get this, the fruits are first washed and then squeezed out. Also, there are mixed juices to cover the sour taste. Very popular is a buckthorn apple juice that tastes refreshing. A buckthorn powder is also available.

    In this case, Fuits from organic cultivation are dried first and then gently processed into powders, so that the valuable ingredients are retained. About 8 kg of sand thorn fruit is needed to produce a kilo of buckthorn powder.

    The oil is obtained from the press residues of the cores and fruit. This is full of fat-soluble vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. The shrub is grown in Russia mainly because of this excellent oil. It is used in gastrointestinal disorders as well as in skin diseases.

Ingredients of Buckthorn
    Buckthorn can have a wealth of ingredients that give strength and are good for the healthy posture of the body. The vitamin C content of buckthorn, for example, is higher than in lemons and has also brought the fruits of the name "Lemon of the North".

    Furthermore, the following ingredients are included in the Buckthorn:

  • Vitamin A, E, F, K and P
  • Vitamin B1, B2
  • Mineral materials
  • Trace elements
  • Iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc
  • Flavonoids
  • Unsaturated fatty acids

Studies on Buckthorn
    There are already numerous studies on buckthorn. However, there are many more to follow in order to prove medical efficacy. However, in this study in 2011, it has already been established that it can be effective in many complaints. However, further studies have also assumed its effectiveness.

    In 2014, a study was conducted that showed that, buckthorn with its antioxidants could prevent cancer from occurring. Further studies still have to follow.
A study from Turkey, carried out on rats shows that buckthorn is a helpful remedy against mucositis (inflammation of mucous membranes, which occurs especially in patients with chemotherapy).

    It is also demonstrated that buckthorn, as a natural agent, is better than the chemically produced preparation. But there are also additional studies to be carried out here. This study shows that Buckthorn was able to significantly improve the barrier function in healthy people.

Effect of Buckthorn
    Due to the high content of vitamin C, the sand thorn fruit naturally has a positive effect on the immune system. With about 260 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams of fruit, the buckthorn contains more vitamin C than in lemons or rose hips. Thus, buckthorn not only strengthens the Immune system but can also improve performance. It can improve one, both physically and mentally.

    Even in the cold season, buckthorn is an effective means of preventing flu infections and colds. For this purpose, a teaspoon of sand thorn powder is usually sufficient to strengthen the immune system and thus not allow bacteria and viruses to penetrate.

    In addition, the natural content of unsaturated fatty acids ensures that the fat-soluble vitamins can be absorbed well. This in turn means that the body benefits from all vitamins, trace elements and minerals and remains healthy.

    Furthermore, Buckthorn has an antioxidant effect, which means that free radicals are neutralized. In particular, vitamins and secondary plant substances (flavonoids) contribute to this effect.

    In addition, studies have shown that Buckthorn also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. In Naturopathy, Buckthorn has been used for a long time for many ailments. Especially in the case of problems in the gastrointestinal area, in case of complaints with liver and spleen as well as in lung diseases, the great fruit is used.

    It is also used for rheumatic ailments, women's ailments, or joint edema. As it has been proven in studies, buckthorn can also be used to support chemo and radiotherapy to prevent mucosal inflammation.

Weight-taking with Buckthorn
    Buckthorn even has a nice side effect. You can take off with the great fruit. A study found that weight loss is improved. Obese people had less desire for sweetness and also the craving for nicotine and alcohol was reduced.

    The background is that, according to the Lipostatischen theory, different free fatty acids evoke hunger. Since vitamin B12 is involved in the degradation of these fatty acids, the lust for sweets can be suppressed.

    Since Buckthorn is one of the least medicinal plants that provides vitamin B12 in such a large quantity. So far, milk, liver or meat have always been the sources that were considered the largest supplier of vitamin B12. For this reason numerous vegans suffered from vitamin B12 deficiency, because this was mainly in animal products.

Vegans benefit from Buckthorn
    Vegans often have the problem of suffering from deficiency symptoms. Especially a vitamin B12 deficiency is not uncommon. This is because the vitamin is almost exclusively available in animal products.

    With Buckthorn, However, these deficiency symptoms can now be compensated. Especially in this fruit, there is a lot of vitamin B12 and also vegetable. Therefore, Buckthorn is a very good way to extend the diet to a fruit that provides the important vitamin.

Beautiful skin with oil
    The golden oil from the pulp and the kernels is full of vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids as well as linolenic, Lonol and palmitoleic. These are among the vital components of the cells in the body. The Oil is exceptionally well absorbed by the upper skin layer as it has a great similarity to the body's lipids.

    This means that, not only the barrier function of the skin is supported, it also gains vital strength and regenerates faster. Furthermore, the beta-carotene content in the oil ensures that the light and sun protection is increased. Thus, the skin is not only protected from strong sun, but also from ozone and free radicals.

    The excellent oil prevents premature skin ageing and can even reduce the tendency to sun allergy. In addition, the oil is also a first aid in sunburn as it relieves the pain and can help the skin to regenerate more quickly. In addition to this, the tan with oil will remain longer because the oil promotes the natural pigment balance of the skin.

Application of Buckthorn
    Buckthorn can be applied in several ways. For one, the dried berries can be used as refinement in beverages like teas or also juices and mead. On the other, the sand thorn juice can be drunk. Jams or powder and oil are also available and can serve as a spread of bread or refine food.

    More so, Buckthorn is used in the production of skin creams and care products which are a fountain of youth for the skin.

Side effects of Buckthorn
     So far, there is no side effects or counter-indications of buckthorn which are known.

Buy Buckthorn
    If you want to buy buckthorn, you will usually find them in organic stores or health stores. But the numerous products are also available on the Internet. While local shops usually have only buckthorn juice or dried berries and a small selection of oil or care products, on online stores, it keeps everything ready to use the valuable fruit for health.

    Of course yes, when buying buckthorn, it is important that the fruits come from a sustainable cultivation and are certified with organic certification. So you can be sure that no pesticides or toxins are present in the products. In addition, the purchase of buckthorn should always be from a reputable trader with assurance of good quality.

    Buckthorn is still quite unknown to many. Nevertheless, the fruit is a valuable source of vitamins and can be used as supoort in numerous complaints. Especially for vegans, it should be integrated into their diet, because Buckthorn has a large vitamin B12 content which is lacking in many vegans.

    Those who want to do good to their health should not renounce buckthorn products. As dried berries is used in the kitchen, as a powder for food to refine or as oil to treat skin problems, buckthorn is undoubtedly a great fruit to increase your performance and conserve your energyenergy