Coconut Flour Nutrition, Uses, Health Benefits & Side effects

Coconut Flour - Gluten free
    More and more people remember healthy food and turn their back on the Fast Food chains while the food industry taking every step so that you can take more finished foods (more chemicals in the food), so that their profit can increase.

    For this reason, foods are increasingly on the rise, as also the organic coconut flour, which is gluten-free and also has lots of fiber that can equate very small amounts of carbohydrates. Due to the slightly sweet taste, Coco's is not necessarily
suitable for hearty and savoury dishes.

    Bread and pancakes with minced meat should therefore be better prepared with a traditional meal. For cakes and sweet pastries, excellent coconut flour is a very good alternative.

The coconut flour manufacturing
    The coconut oil is obtained from the dried coconut flesh (also called coconut meat). In doing so, the coconut meat is removed from the shell and dried. Then, it will be de-oiled and ground into a fine flour. The fat content of coconut flour is very low by the Deoiling.

    However, unlike coconut flakes, it usually has lots of fat and calories. In the production of coconut, the fat is removed and sold as coconut oil, which in turn means that the industry uses a variety of coconut.

The excellent ingredients of coconut flour
    More and more people suffer from allergies and can eat all food safely. The coconut oil (gluten free) is very suitable for people who suffer from celiac disease. But also, people who suffer from digestive problems can quickly recover on the gastro-intestinal tract, taking coconut flour regularly since coconut flour is easy to digest, rich in dietary fiber and not attacking the digestive system.

    In addition, it has only a very small proportion of carbohydrates and is completely free of cholesterol. It is recommended to eat the coconut flour for breakfast regularly, such as yogurt or cereal. But also for baking or to desserts, using the healthy meal is perfect and can do much good to your body system.

    In addition, coconut flour is hypo-allergenic and therefore, can be a very good alternative to other types of flour; especially those that contain gluten. Note this if you want to buy coconut flour, the following nutrients and minerals are present in the healthy meal:

  • Vitamins B and E
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Natural fatty acids
  • Dietary fiber
  • Trace elements
  • Enzymes for digestion

    Here, the components are divided as follows:
  • 40 percent fiber, which are good for the digestive system, 
  • 20 percent vegetable proteins that are used to build muscl and the conservation 
  • 12 percent coconut oil, which has a positive effect on the entire body; this, in particular the amino acids contained in the coconut flour which contribute to a healthy and excellent supply of protein in the body.

    Especially, meals that are prepared with coconut flour are very good and the feeling of fullness is long-lasting. This is due to the high content of fiber and the other amino acids. Thus, the coconut flour is ideal for weight reduction and at the same time, very suitable for easy digestion.

    Still, the fiber has more benefits. It can as well bind pollutants and toxins in the body, regulate blood sugar and reduce harmful blood fats.

Effect of Coconut Flour
    Coconut flour is low in fat, low in calories and has a high proportion of fiber, which is much higher than flax seed or bran. These fibers stimulate digestion and are significantly involved in regulating the process. The protein, which is contained in the coconut flour offers optimal conditions for athletes to build up the muscles.

Coconut Flour in Celiac Disease
    More people suffer from gluten intolerance and are therefore limited in the consumption of food. Especially when baking, the taste of alternative flour is noticeable. Here, coconut flour is a great alternative that has a taste that stands out.

    Since the coconut flour is completely gluten-free with its fine nutty and sweet aroma, therefore, it can be used for sweet dishes very well. As in all normal grains, gluten is included and it could lead to inflammation of the intestinal mucosa when consumption rate is high.

    This can quickly turn into a chronic inflammation and thus a celiac disease is not far away. Since then, mucosa cells are destroyed and a healthy function is then no longer guaranteed. The consequences are continuous vomiting or diarrhea, which is associated with a weight loss.

    As the patient continue to feel weak and pale; thus, not only the gastrointestinal tract is affected in celiac disease, but the entire body is been affected.

    Although, Cereals with gluten has no side effects, yet, an increased consumption is not recommended because digestive problems can be caused by gluten and for this reason, it makes sense to switch the cereals and even the healthy coconut flour, without gluten. Thus, the digestive system can regenerate again and at the same time, you nourish your body.

    Similarly, no phytic acid is included in the coconut flour which could inhibit the absorption of some trace elements and mineral substances. Thus, each trace element and any mineral substance from the consumption of coconut flour are excellently processed and its regular consumption in the long term may enhance functioning and healthy body.

    Due to the lack of vitamins such as the minerals, the nutrients contained in coconut flour make it an absolute all-rounder, which should be in every household.

Weight loss with coconut flour
    The unique coconut flour is an excellent Assistant in weight loss because it is low in fat and calories. Also, coconut quickly filled and inhibits the desire for sweets. Thus, the medium-chain fatty acid form the only fats and it's used in the body similarly to carbohydrates for energy.

    The advantage of this medium-chain fatty acids, however, is that they are not stored as carbohydrates in the form of body fat. Furthermore, these fatty acids stimulate the metabolism in a natural way and are irreplaceable Assistant in weight reduction.

Coconut Flour and Blood Sugar levels
    Coconut flour has other advantages. The low proportion of carbohydrates, as well as the high percentage of dietary fibre is perfect to practically protect the blood sugar levels. Especially when cravings bring the blood sugar level out of balance, the coconut flour is a very good alternative.

    Since it significantly inhibits these cravings and therefore helps correct large fluctuations. If you like to keep watch on you blood sugar, you can safely rely on the coconut flour.

Coconut Flour is healthy for the whole body
    Coconut flour can be used in so many ways for the health of the body and it also acts as a kind of vaccination against parasites. If you regularly consume coconut flour, your immunity against viruses, bacteria and fungi would be enhanced. It's a sort of natural protection against these harmful organisms.

    In addition, we recommend that you consume at least 30 grams of fiber a day. But hardly a man does so because whole grains have very few fiber with gluten.

Coconut Flour in the kitchen
    Coconut flour is a great bonding agent in soups and sauces. The use of conventional flour or binders can be waived completely. Well, you should carefully deal with it; however, a pudding can be made with the soup or sauce quickly, because the binding properties are excellent.

   However, the consistency is not to compare when the sauces are bound with flour. Therefore, only very little coconut flour should be used as a binder. But the all-rounder coconut flour can be used in smoothies.

   Due to the source of the coconut flour, it is ideal for smoothies, because they can  be so concentrated easily while coconut flour makes fast and long enough and is essential for a diet.

    People who want to diet and reduce their sugar, as far as it goes, coconut flour is a real alternative. Delicate and slightly sweet taste, significantly less sugar can be used in baking. However, the coconut flour can be used as a bread or even hearty food.

    Nevertheless, pancakes, pastries are ideal to prepare cakes and pies and muffins with coconut flour. This, the flour must by no means be replaced completely by coconut flour. Like only a proportion of coconut flour can be used to create a very special cake.

    However, it should be remembered that the quantity of sugar by a partial replacement of coconut flour can already be reduced.

Recipes with coconut flour
    Coconut flour is suitable mainly for desserts or smoothies, because it has an aromatic and slightly sweet taste. But also, coconut bread is good for the sweet breakfast can be easily baked.

Banana muffins with coconut flour
25 grams of coconut flour
3 table spoon (TBSP) coconut blossom sugar
3 Tablespoons coconut flakes
2 TBSP coconut oil
3 eggs
¼ TSP (Tea spoon) baking powder
¼ TSP salt
1 ripe banana

1. baking powder and coconut flour, mix well and mix with the other ingredients in a bowl to make a smooth dough.
2. Pour the dough now into muffin cups and bake for about 15 minutes in a preheated oven at 200 ° c.
3. Allow it to cool and serve.

Coconut flour bread
200 g spelt flour
50 g coconut flour
50 g sunflower seeds
10 to 15 grams of salt, as needed
5 grams of bread spice
2 to 3 Tablespoons coconut oil (sunflower oil is also possible)
½ Cube yeast

With 50 ml of water, stir with yeast
2. Put all dry ingredients in a bowl, mix well and then stir in the water-yeast mixture and knead vigorously. The dough is relatively firm and rubbery, which is due to the coconut flour because it absorbs all the liquid.
3. after the dough has been kneaded well, cover with a towel and leave it for approximately 60 minutes.
4. Preheat to 180 degrees. Briefly knead the dough in a baking Tin and bake for 50 minutes. The surface of the bread can be rubbed with water to get a crusty bread.

Coconut flour pancake with apples
85 grams of coconut flour
6 eggs
1 large Apple
½ TSP cinnamon if necessary

Coconut oil for frying
1 eggs, stir in coconut flour and cinnamon to make a smooth dough.
2. Cut your Apple into quarters and cut into thin slices.
3. Pour your coconut oil in the frying pan and heat on medium high.
4. place dough in the Pan and distribute the slices of Apple on it.
5. bake for three to five minutes and serve.

    The pancakes maple syrup can be used if necessary. You can also add good  taste with a sugar-cinnamon mixture to make it more delicious. If you want to buy coconut flour, you should go after natural product and be aware that, a proper storage is the be-all and end-all.

    For a good storage, coconut flour is extremely durable. While kept in the fridge or freezer, it can last up to a year without any problem. It however gives your desserts an aromatic and unusual taste that is very popular not only with children but also with adults.

    Also, if you've already baked with gluten-free flour, you would love the coconut flour more since it is a tasteful alternative to the gluten-free flour. Coconut flour is hard to beat especially with rice, millet and amaranth in combination.

How to buy Coconut flour
    If you would like to buy a good coconut flour, you can find it in health food stores or on the Internet. However, buying coconut oil on the Internet from reputable and trusted dealers should be taken into consideration. It's important to know that what you're buying is without additives. Coconut flour is usually free of the following:
  • Dyes
  • Gluten
  • Preservatives or other additives
  • Lactose
  • Milk protein
  • Wheat
    Also, the coconut is naturally grown and matured and was subjected to any artificial maturation process, steam treatments or chemical treatments.

    The valuable coconut flour is an enrichment for every household and with it, the most delicious desserts can be created, which are not very aromatic, but at the same time reduce the sugar. Coconut flour is an absolute alternative to gluten-free flour for sweets because it provides not only good taste and pleasure, but also for health, it has a positive effect.

    So, even diabetic patient can embrace the consumption of coconut flour since it only slightly altered blood sugar levels and thus virtually protects large fluctuations. Cravings no longer become an issue which means that this exceptional meal perfectly lends itself to reduce your weight.

   Because it can quickly make you become sated and on the other hand, this feeling of satiety is long-lasting. Coconut flour is a healthy cholesterol-free meal which is loved by almost everyone once you experience the taste. If you just try it once, you will always love it.