Coconut Water Nutrition, Uses, Recipes & Health Benefits

Coconut water
    Coconut water is known to everyone and peoole like to drink it especially during the hot summer months. It raises the mood right and it is associated with Sun, beach and sea and there's perception that the coconut has a positive effect on body and mind. When Iced, it is not only a pleasure, but is an excellent nutrient supplier at the same time.

Where does the coconut water come from?
    The coconut water is included in the immature and green coconuts and is not how white it is but being clear liquid. This has many valuable ingredients and an optimum nutritional profile. In many poor countries, coconut water is an important part of the diet and replaced thereby, for example, the missing and clean drinking water.

   Coconut water is an excellent thirst quencher as it is not too sweet and not too sour and well chilled for a very pleasant taste. To get the coconut water for drinking, drill a hole in the softest part of the Green coconut, usually at the pointed edge of the coconut and pour or put a straw inside and drink.

What is the difference between coconut milk and coconut water?
    Coconut water is perfectly natural and is in the Green and unripe coconut. There is no coconut milk, however, as natural component. In the production of coconut milk, the pulp of ripe coconuts is extracted and ground or grated.

    Then, it is mixed with water, creates a thick porridge. This is then squeezed out and the coconut milk is created, which still has to be filtered. The white coconut milk is excellently suited to be refined because it intensely tastes like coconut. It also has
numerous important ingredients and is very healthy.

    The coconut milk has numerous health benefits but has one disadvantage - it is suitable for weight loss for very fat people and thus not particularly well for people who don't want to lose their weight.

Substances contained in coconut water
    Coconut water offers a number of nutrients that can be well utilized by the body While the many nutrients in the delicious water that are included are very vital for the body. The Coconut water also has healthy low sugar and fat content.

    As people could guess, the largest proportion of coconut water is water. However, there are also 6 grams of other substances in 100 ml, such as carbohydrates, fat and protein. So, for example, you can find 5 grams of carbs in 100 ml coconut water. While the protein content is about 0.6 percent, 1 percent fat is represented.

Trace elements in the coconut water
    Trace elements are as important as vitamins and minerals. They are the little helpers that are not only for the hormone balance but also responsible for the metabolism and regulate them and they are also for decomposition.

Minerals in the coconut water
    Many minerals are present in the healthy water of coconut. They are important for bones and joints and also enhance proper function.

Vitamins in coconut water
    Especially in very young coconuts, the vitamin content is particularly high and a few glasses of the water can cover even the daily requirement of an adult since the important vitamins are present in the coconut water.

Energy content in coconut water
    The energy content in the coconut water is extremely low and approximately 250 ml of healthy water contains approximately 60 calories. While the normal soft drinks may have more energy content, coconut water is more healthy. Here the energy mainly come from fructose.

Nutrition facts/ingredients

100 ml coconut water
4.9 mg
0.4 mg
180 mg
280 mg
25 mg
30 mg
45 mg
30 mg
23 mg
0.1 mg
0.4 µg
220 µg
400 µg
0.1 mg
Vitamin B1
10 µg
Vitamin B2
20 µg
Vitamin B3
100 µg
Vitamin B5
50 µg
Vitamin B6
75 µg
Vitamin B7
0.5 µg
Vitamin B9
4 µg
Vitamin C
2 µg
Folic acid
10 µg
    Based on this table, you can see how much is the percentage of essential vitamins, trace elements and minerals. A healthy effect is thus ensured.

The effect of coconut water
    Coconut water has a high nutrient content and is highly regarded not only as food for this reason, in many countries, particularly in poor countries, where fresh and clean drinking water is available and people don't often have enough food; and coconut water is thereby very popular.

    Medically, the coconut water is used for many years. For one, because it has isotonic and alkaline properties and on the other hand, because it can have a healing effect for numerous disorders. Even in the weight reduction, as well as in pregnancy, coconut water is an excellent helper.

    The coconut water affects the metabolism, inhibits the formation of bacteria and has a positive effect on the gastro-intestinal tract. In addition, coconut water is a true panacea for skin and hair and is also still an excellent remedy used to detoxify the body from toxins

Detoxification with coconut water
    The organism absorbs lots of toxins everyday, in which it come from food and also present in our environment. These toxins must be removed as much as possible from the body from time to time. If they accumulate, health problems can occur.

    Getting rid of the toxins is very possible with coconut water and especially because it is perfectly natural. Coconut water has no side effects and you can be favored with the unusual composition of the different minerals in the water.

    However, the sulfur-containing amino acids contained in coconut water are able to bind the harmful mercury in itself and get it off through the kidneys.

Metabolism with Coconut water
    Due to the ingredients that actively intervene in the metabolism, coconut water can transport toxins such as waste products from the cells. Thus, they are cleaned and able to function again properly. Because, even a minor problem in the organism is enough to bring your metabolism off track and cause metabolic disorders.

    The metabolic balance can be kept with coconut water and even existing
metabolic diseases can be curbed and perhaps even reversed.

The isotonic and alkaline effect of coconut water
    This perfect match in the coconut water has much healthy effects on the human body. Coconut water is isotonic, and therefore ideal for people for a high performance. Also, the basic effect of the water can help the body in numerous ways.

    Just an acidosis can lead to many problems such as joint and bone damage or heart and circulatory problems. Thereby, the potassium in cocunut water plays an important role, because the high proportion ensures that the fluid is balanced.

    Potassium can thereby optimize the fluid retention and give the right amount at the right time, which is a big advantage especially for athletes.

Coconut water and the effect on blood lipid levels and high blood pressure
    Since the coconut water is low in calories, it thus have effects on the blood lipid levels. As blood fat values is closely related to blood pressure, it can heighten the connection with blood pressure and also affects blood pressure.

    Especially in the Western countries, the people suffer from high blood pressure, which could be as a result of stress or diet (Note: there are numerous causes of high blood pressure). However, high blood pressure is also a significant risk of suffering from stroke or heart attacks.

    In studies, it has been proven that coconut water can correct mineral deficiency, especially people who suffer from high blood pressure because coconut water is full of minerals, a deficiency can therefore be prevented, which in turn can affect blood pressure positively.

    Also, the insulin levels can be influenced by the coconut water. Above all, diabetics suffer from fluctuations and have to completely change their diet. Although the pharmaceutical industry has brought many drugs on the market that keep blood sugar in balance, these sometimes often have horrendous side effects.

    Coconut water, however, is completely free of side effects and can regulate insulin levels very well. This reflects on the perfect blend of vitamins, trace elements and minerals such as also, the antioxidants.

    The regulating effect of coconut water on blood sugar levels has been proven in a very meaningful study. Therefore, diabetics should drink at least a glass of coconut water everyday to keep insulin levels naturally in the balance.

Coconut water as protection of gastric mucosa
    Who has much stress, take unhealthy diet or takes medicines, can expect at some point, the damage in the gastric mucous membrane. Thus, it allows toxins and can cause stomach ulcers and at worst stomach cancer.

    Here, too, the pharmaceutical industry has many drug which can fight against stomach problems and which, of course have huge side effects. Coconut water, however, coconut water has a very complex mixture of various important minerals, trace elements and vitamins which can protect in a natural way without any form of side effect.

    Drinking at least a glass cup of coconut water can make the extremely sensitive stomach lining to become less sensitive to harmful substances. Even if there are already complaints, the electrolytic effect of coconut water can affect the stomach and stomach lining positively.

Coconut water positive effect on digestion
    The liver and kidneys are responsible for detoxifying the body but many forget that the gastrointestinal tract is also responsible for of toxins. The gastrointestinal tract is attacked, so excretion of toxins is not done properly and harmful substances settle therein. This can in turn lead to cysts, ulcers and cancer.

    Amalgam, for example, that as a filling in the teeth can go down to the cells of the stomach and intestines and cause damage to the organism, if it can not be eliminated. Coconut water helps so that amalgam could not harm the human nervous system, by making sure the substance is excreted from the body.

    The nutrient in the coconut water such as sodium are potassium also make sure that the cell cleaning is guaranteed and also help to flush the toxins out of the body. If you drink a glass of coconut water daily, you can better get rid of toxins and protect the body from damage. In Ayurvedic medicine for example, the coconut water is used for many centuries as a detoxifying agent.

Coconut water helps in kidney stones
    Coconut water is alkaline and ensures a acid-base balance. Because an acidified environment is a breeding ground for kidney stones, coconut water ensures that kidney stones do not even arise and even if they are already present, the coconut water can escape help you decrease the kidney stones.

    You can be quickly over-acidified, in particular by stress, alcohol, nicotine, and improper diet. The toxins can no longer be completely led out and settle in the cells. As a result of this, sooner or later, it result into kidney stones. With a glass cup of coconut water daily, kidney stones can be prevented very well.

Coconut water as an aid to weight loss
    Coconut water is low in calories and has a very low energy content. Thus, the healthy water can help perfect a Weight reduction. For one, the water provides the body with essential vitamins, trace elements and minerals and on the other hand, it can replace drinks such as lemonade or fruit juices.

    Quite a few pounds can be lost with reduced caloric intake of beverages and it tastes really well and also great alternative to tea or ordinary water.

Coconut water can prevent bacterial growth
    A variety of bacteria can be found in every part of the human body because man needs a large number of bacteria to survive. These bacteria are a mix of the good ones and the harmful ones. However, the bacteria can be too much; in what can lead to a major health problem.

    Coconut water, however, can inhibit the bacteria and its anti-inflammatory effect and thereby reduce infections. Therefore, it is very good for infections of all kinds and can help with colds as well, as also with all other infections caused by bacteria.

    Furthermore, the coconut water also have positive effects on fever and is a great alternative to the pharmaceutical products for children. Through the outstanding properties of coconut water, it's bacteria-resistant and can be used in disinfection of all kinds.

   Outwardly as well as inwardly, coconut water is unbeatable. Coconut water is sterile by nature and can be applied directly to the wound to disinfect it. The affected area should be treated within 1-2 hours with coconut water the person concerned can quickly experience the feeling of relief.

Coconut water for pregnant women
    In pregnancy, coconut water can quickly correct some nutrient deficiencies. Especially when the morning sickness is an ordeal. However, to prevent a deficiency,
coconut water can be drunk daily. The water helps not only the pregnant women and the unborn child, because it also requires a large part of the nutrients to grow and make a finished body.

   Thus, mother and child can be helped with an external supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Most nutritional supplements can wreak more damage, especially if it's too much but Coconut water, however, is isotonic, healthy, and can compensate for deficiencies. There can't be overdose, because you would have to drink oodles of coconut water.

Coconut water for skin and hair
    Coconut water is not only beneficial in internal application but also good for skin and hair because they need vitamins, minerals and trace minerals to stay healthy. By the imbalanced nutrition, deficiency is present often, which also affects your skin and hair.

    Especially in Western countries, many people, by the unhealthy diet, suffer from
problems with skin and hair. Allergies, psoriasis or even dandruff and hair loss are just a few of the disease. The problem of the food we take in this time is in the food industry, where foods are chemically altered and important nutrients are lost. Thus, the body is no longer supplied with sufficient vitamins, trace elements and minerals, and it comes to the deficiency.

    Coconut water can compensate us for this deficiency and supply our body with these substances, especially if we consume only the high-quality coconut water to benefit from the valuable ingredients. Thus, the damaged skin can regenerate again, even better and the hair become fuller and healthier.

Studies on coconut water
    Researchers and scientists have become aware of the valuable and nutritious coconut water and have already implemented a large number of studies. Thus, not only on the ingredients, but also the excellent effect on human beings could be detected.

    The most important and well-founded scientific work is the study of the hypoglycemic effect of coconut water. In this study, it has been proven that the blood sugar levels can be reduced sustainably if the patient drink coconut water regularly.

    Another study shows that coconut water is an ideal drink for athletes due to the effect of the isotonic. People who want to be physically fit can benefit from coconut water. It was found from the BioMed Central in the United States that the coconut water is suited for athletes.

    The research has been proven in various studies also, that it can reduce blood sugar levels in diabetic animals. Coconut water is effective in many complaints.

Tasty recipes with coconut water
   There's no doubt, you can benefit from the good ingredients of coconut water if it's in your daily diet. There are some recipes with coconut milk, but recipes with coconut water are, however not very popular. However, we would like to offer some recipes here for your pleasure.

Muesli with coconut water
100 g Muesli to taste
200 ml coconut water
1 handful raspberries
1 mango
1 Kiwi

1. wash the fruit, cut into bite-sized pieces and add into a Bowl.
2. Add the cereals, also in the bowl and mix with the coconut water.
3. If necessary, sweeten with honey or maple syrup and enjoy.

Coconut water as Detox drink
250 ml coconut water
1 lemon
½ Cucumber
10 to 15 mint leaves

1. Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend at the highest level for about 30 seconds.
2. Pour the drink into a glass cup, garnish with one or two Mint and enjoy.

Coffee-Banana Smoothie with coconut water
200 ml coconut water
1 to 2 teaspoons of coffee
1 to 2 bananas

1. Put everything in a blender and blend at the highest level for about 30 seconds.
2. Pour the smoothie into the glass cup of coffee and enjoy it altogether.

 Vegetable Curry with coconut water
150-200 ml coconut water
100 g snake beans
50 ml whipped cream
1 chili pepper, either red or green
1 shallot
1 Zucchini
1 corn
1 small garlic clove
½ Lime
½ Rod lemon grass
1 teaspoon of turmeric
1 pinch cumin
some fish sauce
Some oil
Vegetable broth as needed

1 scallion, chop the chilli and garlic and set aside in a bowl.
2. Wash the lemon grass and remove the outer skin with the shallot, mix the garlic and the chilli and some lime.
3. Add your fish sauce with cumin and turmeric, mix now with a hand blender to mix everything into a creamy paste.
4. Wash your Zucchini and snake beans and cut in small pieces and heat together with the drained corn in the wok in hot oil.
5. After frying, add the coconut water and let it simmer on medium level for about five minutes.
6. after the creamy paste, mix well in the wok and now heat all.
The vegetable Curry can be served very well with coconut water and with Basmati rice.

Coconut chicken
500 ml coconut water
4 chicken thighs without skin
3 garlic cloves
2 TBSP ginger
Few anise
1 chili pepper, either red or green
2 TBSP fish sauce
2 TBSP soy sauce
1 TBSP Olive Oil
Salt and pepper

1. Mix the fish and soy sauce with each other and with half of the sauce to marinate the chicken thighs. Put in your refrigerator for about 30 to 60 minutes.
2. in the meantime, you can finely chop your ginger and chili peppers.
3. Pour your oil in a large pot that is hot and chicken thighs that you've flavored with salt and pepper for about three minutes, from all sides of the chicken.
4. Now, add the remaining marinade and boil.
5. You can now reduce the heat while you put all the remaining ingredients into the pot and cover your stew for about 1.5 hours at low heat. Again, rice is the best choice. But even white bread is good.

    Do you like varieties as they said it's the spice of life; you can add your touch to every recipe to give you your own taste and you can do just that with coconut chicken. When it comes to food recipe, creativity is a key. Creativity is ideal make new dishes or drinks with coconut water.

Buying coconut water
    To buy coconut water, there are some things you need to take note because it varies in quality as well as price differences. It doesn't mean that the most expensive coconut water is the best. If you want to buy coconut water, you should rely on recommendations and it must be from reliable sources.

    However, this is not always easy. Coconut water has become increasingly popular especially in recent years. There are numerous manufacture in the market and there are many manufacturers that would make only the fast money and thus offer a substandard quality. To be sure that you will get a high-quality coconut water, some things should be noted.

Coconut water quality differences
    In the coconut water, there are many differences in quality. Also on the packaging "100 percent coconut water", "without additives" or similar is available, this is unfortunately not always the case and almost not possible. Because just the
filling of coconut water is not almost pure without any additives.

    Especially preservatives, citric acid are added to the coconut water to make it more durable. This citric acid is also a natural product but has the disadvantage that it changes the mode of action of coconut water. Therefore care
should be taken when buying coconut water to ensure, that the list of ingredients on the package label can't be trusted 100%.

    If you've been using coconut water before, this can already be a great advantage when you buy coconut water on your own because you can get the one that is near 100% pure coconut water with additives. Virtually, anyone can detect whether artificial aroma has been used alone.

    The smell is very intense and aromatic substances were used. Even when the color can be detected quickly, whether still dyes were used. Coconut water is clear, colorless, and it looks like tap water. Furthermore, you can test-taste before buying because the water tastes not very sweet, but has more fresh and slightly bitter flavor more.

    Coconut water is very sweet, aromatic substances were used again here. Mostly,
With organic coconut water, you're on the safe side. Meanwhile, the water of the coconut is produced industrially on a large scale. Thus, vast plantations are cultivated, harvested and processed.

    When buying coconut water of organic quality, you will ensure that no environmentally harmful fertilizers and pesticides are used and therefore the coconut water is free of residues. We have found that just an organic coconut water with 100 percent pure coconut water has an excellent quality and contained no additives in it.

    Being Expensive does not equal good. The price can of course play a role. But mostly, it depends on where the coconut water come from. The coconut water are usually very cheap in some countries but still of good quality. What the manufacturer premises sometimes is not actually what you get as not all manufacturer keep to promise.

    Therefore, it is always important to pay attention to where the coconut water has been bottled, and that it can be organic high-quality. Here you can buy coconut water via the Internet. Here, there is not only the lowest prices but can be recognized, on the basis of the individual reviews, the quality of the water.

    But the coconut water is available in well-stocked grocery stores and health food stores. On vacation in the Caribbean, however, it is available almost everywhere and is either drunk directly from the fruit or poured into glass cup

    Coconut water is not only delicious but also very healthy. It can keep the acid-base balance in balance, bring it back, and also lowers the blood sugar level and cholesterol levels and affects the blood pressure as the value of the blood fat.

    Also, it stimulates digestion in your body and is heavily involved in detoxification and can even help reduce weight. If you consume coconut water daily, you will continue to prevent cardiovascular diseases and can reduce the risk of cancer. The immune system can even be strengthened.

    Everyine can enjoy the coconut water; from pregnant women, mothers, children to professional athletes. While pregnant women and children are provided with important nutrients for taking it, the coconut water can rehydrate athletes and therefore sufficiently provide the athletes with enough fluids.

    Therefore, the water from the Green and unripe coconut is a multi talent, which is very suitable for everyone. Even vegetarians and vegans will benefit from this nutrient-rich water since the Coconut water is beneficial for all men and can be a pure drink or dishes.

    However, it tastes good if iced very well especially in the summer and is the perfect thirst quencher. Not too sweet, but rather tart and fresh coconut water can regulate the fluid balance and strengthen the immune system. On the other hand, the
coconut water is an excellent "spice" to put finishing touches to your food.

    Coconut water is absolutely delicious, healthy and can be used in several ways, to quench your thirst, refine your food and to do good to your body. However, you should ensure you buy high quality coconut water that's organic so that your body can really benefit from its nutritional values.

 The shorter the list of ingredients on the package, the less the quality of coconut water.