Turmeric Curcuma Longa, Uses, Recipes, Benefits & Effects

Turmeric (Cucurma longa), is a very exotic plant. It grows in Asia and is similar to ginger. In fact, turmeric is also a ginger plant  . The Interior of the turmeric root is yellowish orange. The dye within the root is very strong and if you're about to process turmeric, you should wear gloves or rub your hands with oil so that it will not stain your hands.

    Therefore, turmeric is suitable as a dye. In the food industry, turmeric has been used for many years as a dye, for example in mustard. In fact, turmeric is cultivated in Asia for making dye and also for spices. If you want, you can grow your own turmeric plant here in US.

    However, the plant must have a constant temperature of at least 18 degrees which speaks of the reason the plant is kept in a cool place such as for example, in a garden. It is absolutely not doing well during winter and cannot survive in a very hot temperature.

    The turmeric curry as spice as a main ingredient. Turmeric tastes spicy but at the same time also a little sharp. Turmeric is not only purchased as curry, but also as a pure turmeric spice. For this, the root is dried and pulverized. Of course, you can buy fresh turmeric, root and process it yourself.

    If you want, you can cut turmeric for example in thin slices and make tea with it or grate it and use in various dishes. Turmeric is used mostly in Asia. In India, for example, you can find the various dishes that are seasoned with turmeric.

    As a spice, it is suitable for many foods, such as rice dishes and wing dishes. But turmeric can be also be used over potatoes and in stews. The spice is also advisable for vegetarians and vegans. You can make tofu dishes with this spice as well.

    There are many recipes for which turmeric can be prepared and you should never hesitate to try it, you should try it once so you can give even a whole new taste in your dishes. Of course, the yellow dye colors the food accordingly and it gives a very appetizing appearance to your rice.

    The Spice should be used but rather in small quantities. The reason for this is that, it can become bitter in taste in larger quantities. The spice is not really cheap, but since it takes only small amounts to flavor dishes, it keeps even long.

    Turmeric is not only used as a spice, but also as a remedy. This is known already for hundreds of years. Really, it was once used in Asian countries, as it is here at home. In Europe, it has become popular on its healing effects recently, but since you can buy turmeric capsules, tablets, and the extract, so it's now available for everyone.

    No matter how you want to buy turmeric, you should make sure that it was grown without pesticides. Buy turmeric that was grown organically and in good weather conditions.

    It is advisable to find a trusted provider, which one guarantees that the turmeric is pure and without additives and fillers.

What Effects does Turmeric has on your Body?
    If you had used turmeric as a spice, you would've probably known that this spice could digest your food better. For a long time, it is known that turmeric stimulates digestion and also has a detoxifying effect.

     Turmeric is often used in Asia for stomach and intestinal problems, as well as liver diseases. Here in USA, the consumption of turmeric for stomach problems is still not very common, but is recommended now by some naturopaths and doctors.

    If you want to try turmeric for stomach problems to prove its potency, you can brew a tea from the root or dried spices and drink. You will notice the effects within a very short time and pain in the stomach area can be combated successfully. Also, if you're a kind of person that often experience heartburn, you can use turmeric as a alternative remedies.

    With our experience, turmeric has helped many people better than the conventional medicines for heartburn. Another health benefit of turmeric is that, it has an anti-inflammatory effect. It can certainly be used in inflammatory diseases. Here again, you can make a tea of turmeric powder, dissolve in water and drink.

    To make it easier for yourself, you can just buy the turmeric tablets and capsules in health food stores, or online and take it.

    What is interesting is that some Asian countries regularly use turmeric in their
diet and naturally prevent some certain diseases and strengthen the immune system to avoid inflammatory diseases but you should not expect any positive effect of turmeric if you just add it to your dishes only once in a while.

Health Benefits of Turmeric on Brain
    The effects of turmeric on the brain is interesting. There are new studies that have shown that, turmeric spice has positive effects on the brain and it can prevent Alzheimer's diseases. Even if the problem already exist, they can be outwitted by regular consumers of turmeric.

    As a result, turmeric is very important in the prevention of Alzheimer's diseases . For long this effect was not known, but the new studies dealing with this issue confirm the patients that were treated with turmeric, reported an improvement of health status.

    Within a very short time, the effects of turmeric here could be determined, and taking over a period of time, it improved the quality of life of the patients.

Healing Effects of Turmeric on Cancers
    Also, in cancer screening, turmeric has gained more recognition in recent years. Scientists have evaluated the effects of turmeric on cancer cells and found that turmeric can not only prevent tumors, but also fight cancer cells.

    Therefore, turmeric can be taken daily to prevent cancer. The effects of turmeric on the cancer cells does not mean that you will no longer have to go to your doctor, but you can take turmeric to support conventional medicines and accelerate healing.

    With a serious illness and severe pain, you should be getting the advice of your doctor till you complete your regimen and alternative remedies such as turmeric could be used to improve well-being.

    The research has started only a few years ago to investigate this plant and come back for more new facts. But it is known that, turmeric has an antioxidant effect, which in turn positively affects the human body. Also, some important vitamins are found in turmeric as for example vitamin B6 and B12.

Furthermore, you can find folic acid in combination with other substances that are important for health as ingredients. To benefit from the full impact of turmeric on your health, you should take approximately 3-5 g turmeric per day.

    Making dishes with turmeric is not sufficient for its healing effect, which is why it is advisable to buy the turmeric tablets or capsules in order not to miss the special
effects of turmeric and for you to be able to do great favor to your health.

    Taking the capsules definitely has the most advantage because you dont have to think so long about the dosage as you can simply follow the instructions on the package leaflet. It is worth noting that the capsules and tablets have aftertaste.

    People who don't necessarily like turmeric as a spice or tea because of the taste, will have no problems with the capsules.

The Application of Turmeric
    Turmeric is really an interesting plant that can be versatile in its use. Not only can we use turmeric for seasoning our food but it's also useful as alternative remedies.

    Turmeric can certainly be applied for the various diseases and symptoms.The application of turmeric is recommended as:

  • Spice in rice, potato, meat, poultry and tofu.
  • Tea to treat stomach problems
  • Means of strengthening the immune system

The Capsules and tablets are good for the prevention and treatment of:

  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Cancer (prevention and control of tumours)
  • Calcification in the brain (Alzheimers)
  • Cardiovascular disease

    For Long, turmeric has been used for problems with our stomach, intestines and liver in Asia. To do this, you can cut the root into thin slices and then brew in hot water and covered; the tea should take approximately 15 minutes to have the full effect.

    When you drink the tea, it will make you feel relieved immediately on symptoms such as heartburn, belching, flatulence, bloating, stomach pain, liver pain and the like. Your digestion would be stimulated and the natural functions of the stomach and intestine are enhanced again.

    Inflammation of your internal organs can be cured and potency of poisons in the body system can be reduced drastically. If you can't buy fresh turmeric root in your local market, or you dont have the time to process it, you can order finished product of turmeric tees online and they're good for your well-being.

    Turmeric tablets and capsules are used but also but mostly for cardiovascular disease. The blood pressure can be lowered by taking turmeric tea, which makes it good from those suffering from high blood pressure. Also, cholesterol and blood sugar are normalized and you would agree with me that, this should be in the menu of diabetic patients and body weight watchers.

    There are many more applications of turmeric that are already known now and
if you want to know more about this healthy food, read further. While researching, we found some useful scientific studies dealing with the application of turmeric.

Scientific studies on turmeric
    Turmeric is used in Asia as Spice and as remedy for many hundred years as we've said earlier, turmeric is very important and healthy and is used by health practitioners for a variety of proposes even till today. The Western world took these "miracle products" from Asia after they became aware of its health benefits few years ago.

    After this, scientists began to investigate with the healing effects of turmeric on themselves and Incredible findings were made. The scientists were amazed when they found out that, turmeric can actually cure various illnesses and that it can be applied even in the treatment of cancer.

    The various scientific studies deal precisely with this topic. The studies were published in various articles and essays. For example, the Asia Pacific wrote Journal of cancer prevention recently, that, turmeric spice extract (Curcumin) can be used successfully to fight cancer cells and in the treatment of liver cancer.

    For other cancers, such as lung cancer and cancer of the ovaries, this remedy has been tested and good results were achieved on these types of cancer. Especially for cancer patients, it is important to have alternative remedy that is safe and does not have side effects.

    One of these scientific studies comes from the Kayoto University Hospital in Japan. A turmeric extract, curcumin, was administered to healthy patients and the plasma levels were measured every two hours. Also, it was observed that, there was no side effects on the subjects for taking this extract.

    The result showed no sustainable side effects and there was no toxins in the blood of the patients and even after several hours, the extract in the blood was evident, which means that it can work even after a long time in the body.

    Turmeric has also been tested on patients with the autoimmune disease (Lupus). 500 mg turmeric extract was administered on 24 patients over a period of three months every day. Just after a short period of time, the patients observed an improvement in their health condition.

    Also mentioned in the study that the blood pressure is also reduced in patients, and other health benefits were also reported. A placebo group was established for the control and there health were not improved. Therefore, the scientists came to the conclusion that, certainly, turmeric can be used for the lupus therapy but under certain health factors.

Turmeric Health Benefits on Alzheimer's
    There are other very interesting studies with regards to the effects of turmeric for Alzheimer's disease. over the years, patients were observed while scientists administered 100 mg of turmeric extract on them and the result, after a short period of time, positive effects of this remedy could be noted. So, patients who were on this extract after 12 weeks had great successes in improving their condition.

    After 12 weeks, it was possible for the patients to tell their nurses when they need the toilet, what they could no do previously. Their mood improved and they were very happy. Also, they could remember certain things and responded to television programs.

    Furthermore, they were able to recognize their family members after some time. Alzheimer's is often accompanied with symptoms such as hallucinations and mood swings. A patient suffering from these symptoms overcame this mood swing after a short period time with the turmeric treatment and the hallucinations disappeared.

    The nurses reported that their quality of life has improved and surely, these results could aslo be observed in other patients; for example, it has been reported to have positive effect on cardiovascular problems, diabetes, high cholesterol and other

    Almost all studies confirmed the same, the turmeric actually has health benefits and it's effective even in severe disease. The studies also confirm that, there is no sustainable side effects when taking turmeric extract and that this alternative remedy has no health risk when taken.

    Even patients who are sensitive to medications, perhaps because of the cancer treatment with chemotherapy and radiation could take turmeric extract without problems.

A few tips on the subject of turmeric
The turmeric plant
    Most people know turmeric as an important part of Curry because it gives the typical color here. Hence, the name "Turmeric". You can buy turmeric in the wide range of variants, but certainly the most effective should be the root itself.

    You can handle them easily but you should be careful with it and treat it with caution, because it tints everything in its familiar yellow tone.

Turmeric and the curative effect
    One was said, turmeric is actually a very important medicinal plant which can be used for many diseases. These include cancer and Alzheimer's disease, but also lung disease and bowel disorders can be treated successfully with it.

    The reason is that, Curcumin fight against the inflammation in the body. In consultation with the doctor, a medication change can take place and many painkillers many not be required in use again.

Turmeric spice is tasty
    In Asian cooking, the turmeric spice is used, especially in India. There, turmeric is used in many different ways; as spices and on the other hand, as dye. The food industry in Europe has discovered this for long and they've been harnessing the potentials of turmeric and use the spice in their dishes to give a decent color and make it appealing.

Turmeric tea - tasty and healthy
    Perhaps, what many do not know is that you can prepare turmeric tea yourself. However, not the usual powder is taken here, but it is brewed from fresh root. To do this, cut and chop the root into thin slices and then doused with boiling water.

    After this, just allow it to stay for at least 15 minutes before you removed the turmeric or just sieve the tea and take it just like that or you sweeten it with honey. This tea definitely has positively affects on your immune system.

Turmeric recipes
   As turmeric with many other kinds of vegetables varies very well, but then, meals with turmeric has much effect. For example, a scrambled eggs with tofu and turmeric has very delicious tastes, and also a good breakfast meal. Also, rice dishes are not getting beautiful color and good look but they get even the last touch for good taste.

    Turmeric capsules proper dosage is important for you to experience healing effects. Just take turmeric in the right dosage to get the right curative effect; it makes sense if you buy capsules as a dietary supplement.

   How much grams you should ultimately take depends on the health problem. For example, in Alzheimer's, it is said that it should be a dose of approximately 2.2 g / day. If you will need it for digestive problems, 2.8 g per day are needed. Here you should contact a Naturopath or your doctor, who can help you further with the right dosage.

Where can I buy turmeric?
    You can make it easy for yourself and buy turmeric as a ground spice. However, as already mentioned, the dosage with the intake of food is not enough to achieve the healing power. Also, the root can not be used in a daily dose. Therefore you should choose, if you would like to use it properly to have the positive effect, buy capsules.

    You can get turmeric capsules in pharmacies, health food shops and of course via the Internet. No matter where you buy them, you should make sure that they contain no further additives and can be taken in its most pure form.

Conclusion to turmeric
    The exotic plant, turmeric is excellently suitable as a condiment. We know it for curry, here in America for a long time but as a pure turmeric spice, it is not that popular. You can purchase the fresh turmeric root and process it yourself for personal use in your kitchen.

    You can as well purchase the already processed turmeric products and this is recommended as well as alternative remedies for various diseases. So, you can get turmeric extract as tablets and capsules. Also, turmeric powder is available in health food stores and health food stores. Just order them online for your convenience.

    Turmeric is very effective when dealing with inflammatory diseases. This means that, you don't have any problem for using it even for other ailments. Also important, turmeric in the treatment and control of cancer, lupus, heart - circulatory problems, diabetes, and many other ailments.

    The recommended dosage is 1.5 to 3 grams daily. You cannot use so much but
as a spice in food, it is recommended to order the capsules or tablets. So you need not forgo the healing properties of turmeric.

    Turmeric is risk-free, because there is no sustainable side effects. Scientists have dealt in detail with this topic and no side effects or interactions with other medications could be observed. Therefore, turmeric is excellent to support prescribed drugs and to increase the healing effects.

    If you have an immune deficiency, it is worth to take up every preventive case measures. Turmeric strengthens the immune system and fight chronic diseases. So, for example the onset of Alzheimer's can be prevented or delayed by taking turmeric extract as the case may be.

    Even if Alzheimer disease has already exists, the condition of the patient can be
improved. The active ingredients in turmeric solve the calcifications that occur in the brain and cause this disease. You can actually say that, turmeric is a true wonder of nature. What do you think about turmeric healing, let me here from you and I'm hopeful I will.