Moringa Plant & Seed Uses:Powder, Tea, Oil Benefits & Effects

Moringa Plant Tree and Growth
    Moringa is an exotic shrub or tree-like crop. There are 13 different types of Moringa tree growing mainly in India, East Africa, Madagascar and the Arabian Peninsula. The bushes and trees have bottle-like, swollen trunks and tuberous roots. In dry periods, the branches also dry out and look rather barren.

    However, the plants are fast-growing in the humid periods and carry rich leaves and flowers. Quickly ripen the capsule-like fruits of the Moringa plants and break up practically explosively at full maturity. Moringa is also often referred to as the horseradish tree, as it can emit a horseradish-like odor.

Moringa as Medicinal Plant
Moringa is mainly considered a medicinal plant in Asia. Traditionally, hundreds of different diseases and ailments can be cured with Moringa. But in countries like Africa and Asia, the roots are also used as food. The roots are nutritious and can be cooked like other vegetables.

Moringa Benefits for Food Nutrients
    Moringa can be very beneficial in case of malnutrition as it successfully fights the deficiency symptoms of proteins, vitamins and minerals in the body. In Germany, it is not really in terms of diseases that you talk about malnutrition, but many people eat unhealthy or stick to knitted diets which can also lead to deficiency symptoms. This is why the use of Moringa is also recommended for people in Germany.

    In the last decades, Moringa has only become known and is often only marketed as an anti-aging agent but you can also buy Moringa as tea and as a dietary supplement. Moreover, in the first scientific studies about moringa, it can be found that Moringa can also be used as an alternative remedy. The value of Moringa and the taking of this plant product is often underestimated.

Moringa Seed Oil 
When you find out more about moringa, you will quickly notice that the moringa is actually a so-called miracle cure of Nature, which is due to the valuable ingredients in it. The Moringa seeds, on the other hand, are pressed to extract oil and can be used as oil. It is also used in certain soaps and cosmetics in the manufacturing industries.

It is also interesting to understand the use of Moringa seeds in the purification of water. The semen withdraws contaminated water from bacteria and toxic substances. Even small amounts of the semen, approximately 0.2 grams, can purify a litre of water. This also leads to conclusions about the detoxifying effect of Moringa as a remedy.

Examining the healing effects of Moringa 
Reviews of Moringa Benefits
We've done some findings about the healing effects of moringa from those who've been consuming it for different health purposes and we can not write all they've said but few of their reviews are below

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Moringa has antioxidant on man and thus, oxidative stress can be reduced. Moringa can be used very well against inflammation and infections due to its effects. The Moringa extract can also detoxify and neutralise toxins in the body and protect the human cells.

    Scientific studies and animal experiments showed that liver damage can be cured faster with the use of moringa. For example, when taking powder made from Moringa leaves. Moringa is highly recommended for detoxification and also, many other effects have become known in the meantime.

Moringa Supplements
    In order to understand the effects of Moringa, one should perhaps first examine the ingredients a little more closely. In Moringa, you can find a special combination of ingredients such as:

  • Proteins
  • Saturated and unsaturated fatty acids
  • Carbohydrates
  • Dietary fibers
  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, K1
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Zinc

    The mix of 22% proteins, amino acids, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and the many vitamins and minerals alone, leave a good conclusion on the positive effect of Moringa. Moringa is available in various forms, for example as capsules, powder and tea and the oil of the Moringa seed can also be bought here in US.

    So far, for example, there have been some studies dealing with the green leaf powder. The powder can be used by diabetic patients very well. Moringa is also effective in hypertension which is why the positive effect on the cardiovascular system is not obvious. It's also worthy to note that, it has effect on brain and nervous system.

    The ageing process can be prevented by taking Moringa. Damage caused by aging in the brain can be slowed down and prevented also. Therefore, this means is also effective for preventing and treating dementia.

    The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of moringa allow you to use this medicine in other diseases. One, the natural functions of the internal organs such as liver, kidney and heart can be strengthened and regulated. Inflammation inside the body can be prevented by ingestion of moringa and even in the case of pain, Moringa is effective. Thus, it is quite possible to use this herbal remedy for headaches, joint pain, rheumatism and similar health problems.

With scientific studies on Moringa, although in its early stages and not all effects have been scientifically proven. But in folk medicine, Moringa was already used in antiquity and over-deliveries show the most varied effects. If you want to try Moringa yourself at home, you will certainly be able to confirm some of these effects. There are online experience reports that talk about a variety of application areas for Moringa.

    If you look at the many precious ingredients of moringa, because such a combination of vitamins, minerals and other valuable substances rarely occurs in nature, you can draw your own conclusions about the effects of Moringa. The ingredients suggest that the moringa is effective, for example, even in fever, flu, gastric and intestinal problems, allergies and many other diseases.

Moringa Health Benefits on Immune System
    Moringa is certainly also recommended for strengthening the immune system. In this way, you can prevent certain diseases and fight viruses, bacteria and infections before they propagate in your body. Other fields of application of Moringa are mainly known by traditional medicine in Africa and Asia.

    Some of the applications of Moringa have been scientifically proven today, while other areas of application are supported by consumer experience. Since this herbal product is still being studied, one can expect further studies in the future, which can then be read online. However, many of the fields of application are also to be derived from different countries.

    In India, Moringa seeds are used for the treatment of allergies. Gastric and intestinal problems such as diarrhea, intestinal inflammation and gastric mucosa, gastric ulcers and the like are also treated with Moringa in India and also in Africa; Nigeria, a good case study.

    From India, the traditional use of Moringa comes with applications on all kinds of inflammation. The moringa leaves and the extract are used here in the Western world, but also in Asia as an anti-aging product. Furthermore, this herbal product can be used against depression and even dementia.

These areas of application are currently under investigation and the results here are only provisional. Further studies have shown that this product can also be used in arteriosclerosis. Here, animal experiments support this assumption.

In Africa, Moringa is used to cure flu and colds. Another area of application is asthma, which is also due to the traditional use of moringa in treating ailments in Africa. Also, Moringa can be used in fever, cramps and pain, impotence, and parasitic worms.

The use of Moringa as a detoxification agent is also interesting. This application is currently under investigation as well. The use of Moringa products is relatively simple, If you decide to buy the capsules, you can simply follow the package leaflet for the dosage.

Moringa Powder Health Benefits and Dosage
Moringa is also sold as a powder. The powder is made from the leaves of the moringa tree and is therefore green. The powder can be easily stirred in juices and smoothies and it can also be sprinkled over your food and it is possible that you use it while cooking, for example soups.

    For the application, 3 to 5 grams are recommended daily but depending on the ailments and symptoms of the disease, you can use up to 8 grams of the powder. The powder may not be suitable for all as it's slightly bitter. If you don't like the taste, you can substitute that for moringa capsules. However, the powder can be dosed individually and is therefore easier to use.

Especially in the initial phase-detoxification, you should start with a smaller dosage. The detoxification of the body can sometimes be accompanied by diarrhea and nausea at the beginning, which only lasts a few days; so, don't take this as serious side effect. In addition, Moringa can also be used as tea. The tea is also made from the leaves but also from the flowers.   These are offered dried and you can simply pour them with hot water.

Moringa Oil Extracts and Benefits
Also interesting is the oil which is extracted from the Moringa extract. This can be used very well in the external application. To do this, simply massage it into the affected area of your skin. It can usually help with your skin diseases, rash and pain in the joints. It can also be used as an anti-aging product. There are already cosmetics containing the moringa extract, but you can also produce your own cosmetics easily with moringa.

    The important thing is that, when you want to buy Moringa, you should pay attention to buying a good quality product. Moringa should be purchased without fillers and additives. It should also originate from organic farming, i.e. without pesticides. Since Moringa is manufactured in different countries, the quality of product can differ from one product item to another and it is important to research a little to find a trustworthy vendor and manufacturer.

    Therefore it is advisable to order it online here, as you can read the corresponding information in the same way as in the shop.

Scientific studies on Moringa
    Although there are not much research findings on the effects of moringa in healing and we can say that, some research studies should still be supported by other studies. Nevertheless, there are already some good scientific studies on th healing effects of Moringa. Many of the findings are carried out on animals as subjects of the research; especially animals like rats and mice.

Moringa Health Benefits as Painkiller
For example, a study from Dakar, Senegal.
    This study was conducted on rats and the effect of Moringa as a painkiller was investigated. The extract of the Moringa roots was administered to the rats and the results were astonishing. It was found that Moringa is actually an effective painkiller, but can also be used well for diseases associated with inflammation. Inflammations are combated, but they can also be prevented by taking moringa.

Moringa Health Benefits on Cancer Cells
    A study by Dr. Lae Jung deals with the effect of moringa on cancer cells. Moringa leaves were used, which were poured with water. The extract was then brought into contact with different cancer cells. It was found out that Moringa can fight and prevent cancer cells. The data are very interesting. Of course, this area will be further explored but it is clear that moringa, as an alternative and supportive remedy can also be used in cancer prevention and control.

Moringa Benefits as Support to Medications
Since moringa can often cause strong side effects with conventional medications, the use of natural remedies is very promising. This does not mean, however, that you should avoid visiting your doctor while battling with a serious illness such as cancer. On the contrary, it is always important to consult the doctor with such sufferings.

    However, a natural remedy such as moringa can support and improve the effect of conventional medications. The general well-being can also be improved. A notable factor is also the ingredients such as proteins and the various vitamins that have positive properties, for example in people who undergo chemotherapy. In this way, deficiency symptoms can be avoided in the body.

    This can also be seen in a study that deals with the overall health benefits of Moringa. This study is from the Food Safety Research Centre (FOSREC) of the University of Malaysia. Various parts of the tree, such as tuber, bark and leaves were examined and it was found that, practically all parts of the tree have effective ingredients that are positive for the diet and for general health.

Moringa Health Benefits on Diabetes
   Moringa is nutritious and is also rich in antioxidants, antibiotics, vitamins, minerals, and other valuable substances. The effect of Moringa in diabetes has been studied in another study. This investigation was also carried out on rats. The moringa leaves were administered to the rats and it was found that the blood glucose was not only regulated, but also the damage caused by the diabetes, in the internal organs was reversed.

Moringa Health Benefits as Antioxidant on Liver
    For example, the values in the liver could be drastically improved. It was noted here that the effect on the antioxidants are present in the Moringa leaves. Most of the studies are from western world, but have been conducted at renowned universities. Further scientific studies are still being conducted and will certainly be published online very soon.

    Research on the effects of Moringa is far from over. Apart from the studies, however, there are also real testimonials of people who have tried moringa themselves at home. There are many more tips on Moringa.

Where and how can you buy Moringa?
You can buy moringa products, especially the ones from Moringa Oleifera tree from
Moringa farms inc in USA, they've been in the business for long and there are many good reviews about the company.

    In Germany, the name superfood is just on everyone's lips, and that includes Moringa. Therefore, it can be found almost everywhere; in well-stocked supermarkets, organic shops and also in pharmacies as capsules or powders. The easiest way is still the Internet, because here you can choose exactly what you want,  in what form you want the Moringa and also from which manufacturer.

Comparisons can be made as regards the prices and also the quality because it must always be declared where it comes from and also whether it is pure or whether there are other ingredients.

The Moringa ingredients are very healthy
    Even though there may not yet be so many tests, one is definitely safe because the Moringa has very good ingredients. Not only proteins, amino acids and omega 3 are common supplements of the plant, the entire tree also contains fiber, trace elements and vitamins; because, not only the leaves or the flowers have this, but also the bark and the roots of Moringa plant.

    Everything can be processed into a nutritious meal or, like here in Europe, powder, which is sprinkled over food and is incorporated into smoothies to make it more nutritious.

There are Moringa capsules
Many who have already tried Moringa know that the powder has a rather peculiar taste, which one must also like, otherwise you cannot take this for a longer period of time. Moreover, it is very easy from dosage, because you only have to stick to the prescribed dosage to get just the right amount and you can take it on the go if you're not at home.

The Moringa Powder
Those who do not interfere with a slightly bitter taste can take the moringa powder. Especially in the early days, it is much easier to use as the dosage can be well adjusted. In the detoxification phase, it is not always so good, even though this phase is quickly over. So you can start slowly and then gradually increase the dose.

 Furthermore, the powder is usually much cleaner and there are hardly any other ingredients. Therefore, it is also suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

The exciting Moringa seeds
    It is a very interesting to know about the growing of Moringa plant and benefits of Moringa seeds, if you want to grow your own tree from the Moringa seed. It is also important to understand the appropriate temperature for the good growth of moringa which should be about 22 degrees. The best is a winter garden, which also builds up very high temperatures in the summer because that's what the Moringa tree loves.

    Moringa is a very fast growing tree and after a short time, may be one or two weeks, it is possible to see the first germinating leaves of the tree (first foliage leaves). If you wish, you can also add them to a wonderful salad garnish.

Each Moringa seed becomes a moringa tree
    With the right care, it is fast that you will soon have this magnificent moringa tree within your compound or in your garden. However, it should be planted outside because of winter period outside because it's most likely going to freeze. What is very important is that you cut the tree regularly, as it grows very quickly and very tall.

 The cut sheet material or the branches can then be dried and processed into powder or you can make a good green tea with it.

Your own Fine Moringa Tea
    Since you can also make tea from the leaves of your own Moringa tree, the Moringa tree is very valuable. However, not everyone has so much space that he can grow its own Moringa tree for the small scale production of tea or powder. Here you can alternatively order from online merchants. The tea has its healing effect and all the good ingredients.

    Moringa is certainly a very nutritious product which can be used as a dietary supplement. The high protein content alone and also the many vitamins and minerals contained, speak for the ingestion of Moringa. But besides being a nutritional supplement, Moringa can also be taken as an alternative remedy.

Although, there are few scientific studies on the effect of Moringa, the existing studies are very promising. So far, research has proven that moringa can be used as a remedy for pain and inflammation. Even people who suffer from diabetes can regulate blood glucose levels with ingestion. It is also interesting to note that Moringa has effect on the internal organs, which are cured even in the case of damage caused by various diseases.

Moringa also help removing harmful substances contained in the body. This will improve general well-being, and people who had previously suffered from gastrointestinal diseases, or liver pain, will experience relief here.

Moringa is easy to take, as you can order it here in various forms. Online, there is moringa as powder, as capsules and tablets, but also as oil for the external application. The powder is ideal if you want a personified application of this natural healing agent. This is particularly useful in the detoxification phase, which can sometimes be accompanied by diarrhea and nausea. If you take smaller doses, these can easily be prevented.

The powder can be used over your food or used as spice during cooking. It can also be stirred in drinks such as juices and smoothies. The Moringa capsules and tablets are recommended for people who do not want to measure a daily dose and do not want to think long about the dosage. So you can simply follow the package instruction terms.

    Even if you are working or on the road, the capsule or tablet form is preferable. There are no large quantities of moringa necessary to feel the desired healing effects as 3 to 5 grams per day are quite sufficient. In case of severe inflammation or chronic ailments, it may be necessary to take up to 8 grams each day but it is important to take this remedy regularly in order to have the best possible success.

    There is No sustainable side effects or interactions with other drugs that have been observed till this time; Therefore, this product is also very well suited as an additional and alternative remedy which can be used to support other medications.
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