Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil Benefits

   Many people do not really know much about MCT oil yet, it is in the so-popular coconut-oil. MCT (Medium-chain triglycerides) oil is a pure oil with chain fatty acids, which have a very positive effect on your body. However, oils with chain fatty acids are often available in the market, which is proven to be only conditionally beneficial for the body.

But the chain fatty acids in particular, have an extremely positive effect on your body. Thus, they not only improve mental and physical performance, but also give plenty of energy and even help with weight reduction.

    Neurodegenerative diseases can also be prevented. It should be noted, however, that the MCT oil was produced on a coconut and not on palm oil basis. Especially the palm oil industry has become increasingly discredited for the deforestation of the rainforests, only to make even more profit.

Outstanding benefits of MCT Oil
    Fatty acids of all kinds are usually always made up of chains of hydrogen and carbon atoms. However, depending on how many carbon atoms it has, the fats are divided into different groups. While the short fats have the highest six carbon atoms, the chain fats have six to twelve carbon atoms and the chain fats over 13 to 21.

    In the MCT oil, however, medium carbon atoms are present, which means that they can be transported better to your liver and your digestion is also made easier. It negate thermogenic effect in the liver, which causes the metabolism to be stimulated and the fat burning is thus better. In addition, the chain fatty acids are not stored as fat in the body but give the body Direct energy.

    This is the reason MCT oil is so popular, especially among sportsmen and women who engage in much physical activities and want to perform better in sports.

What can the MCT oil do?
    MCT oil comes in a completely natural form in coconut-oil. It consists mainly of caprylic and acid, which cannot be produced by our body. Caprylic is also used medically because it has a antifungal effect and thus can help very well in infections with Candida albicans.

    Furthermore, the MCT oil can reduce the weight and increase the brain's performance. But it also increases the energy as well as the athletic performance, which is why it is very popular among athletes. In addition, MCT oil can be used to protect against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, dementia or Parkinson's, and also reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes or epilepsy.

Effect and application of MCT oil
    MCT oil is used mainly for weight reduction. It can not only inhibit the formation of body fat, but also stimulate the metabolism as it has a heating effect. In addition, ketones are formed, which are then used by the body for energy production – and not the carbohydrates that are deposited as fat in your cells.

MCT oil instead of ketogenic diet
    The MCT oil has a similar effect as is present in a Ketogenen diet. The advantage, however, is that a strong reduction of carbohydrates is not necessary. Because the body uses the ketones to conserve energy instead of carbohydrates. By inhibiting the body fat, the carbohydrates are no longer stored so heavily and the weight becomes less. This could also be demonstrated in numerous studies.

Protecting the heart with MCT oil
    Further consequences and illnesses are not to be excluded, especially in case of overweight. Because of the high weight and the high level of body fat, many organs are affected. For example, high blood pressure as well as a fat disorder can occur so also diabetes or cardiovascular diseases are not uncommon among obese people.

    To prevent these diseases, it is natural to think about a weight reduction with MCT oil. Because the good properties of the MCT oil and the diminished weight can significantly minimize the risk of suffering from the diseases mentioned above.

MCT oil has an antibacterial and antiviral effect
    In addition to the aforementioned, the caprylic, which is contained in the MCT oil has a antifungal effect and is particularly used in infections of Candida albicans. Thus, the MCT oil can be used as a natural antibiotic to support the body in healthy posture.

    The intestinal flora in particular is kept in equilibrium with the MCT oil and the chain fatty acids can combat bacterial strains effectively. In this way, you don't only deal with bacterial strains that will cause pneumonia or urinary tract infections but also bacteria, meningitis inflammation or food poisoning.

    Is that all the benefits of chain fats? Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil still has many more advantages. It can reliably fight the evil bacteria and on the other hand,   support the good bacteria. One study demonstrated, among other things, that especially the chain fats against bacteria and viruses are much more effective than others.

MCT Oil as Mood enhancer and to boost energy
    The mood as well as the energy can also be increased with MCT oil because it is precisely the brain that relies on fatty acids so that it can function properly. Not only the cognitive processes are affected, but also the ability to concentrate as well as for the improvement of the memory.

    Your energy values and well-being depend heavily on whether the brain is properly cared for. MCT Oil provides the best source with highly concentrated chain fatty acids, thus ensuring better performance and well-being.

Studies on MCT Oil
    A particularly noteworthy study that went around the world was actually an attempt by the pediatrician Dr. M. Newport. Because her husband fell ill with only 59 years of Alzheimer's. The bad thing was that the disease progressed very quickly and no drug could stop it somehow.

    Dr. Newport was very intensely informed about Alzheimer's diseases and found out that the brain could no longer handle the glucose properly. Even if enough glucose was fed, the brain was unable to revalue it. She also found out that ketones could help to compensate for the glucose deficiency.

    Since there was no MCT oil at the time, she did not give her husband a small amount of oil. The miracle happened and within just a few months, her husband suddenly recognized the clock, which was not possible before, and even knew what day and which year was without any help.

    The pediatrician continued to give her husband the coconut oil and suddenly discovered that the disease was actually having less effects. Meanwhile, her husband is cured and has no signs of Alzheimer's.

    Another interested study on MCT oil and Alzheimer's where it was demonstrated that the gift of MCTs in coconut oil in patients with Alzheimer's led to a significant improvement.

    In addition, some research and studies have found that MCT can help with weight loss. In one study, subjects were supplied with either 60 g of MCT (chain fats) or 60 g of LCT (chain fats) for three months. The nutritional parameters were the same in both groups and it was found that the group that took MCT significantly lost more body fat than the group that took LCT. Thus, it could be proven that the body fat value of chain fatty acids could be better reduced than from chain fatty acids.

    In addition, a metastudy examined 13 different studies, which also showed that the MCT oil could help with weight reduction. Even more, because the blood lipid levels are not affected negatively in any way. In these and many other studies, the many advantages of the MCT oil in particular were demonstrated.

Side effects of MCT oil
    MCT oil consists of fat and everyone knows that too fatty food can lead to digestive problems. So does the MCT oil. Especially at the beginning of the ingestion, it is possible that diarrhea, bloating or even abdominal pain may occur. Therefore, a very low dose should be started and this should not exceed one teaspoon per day. Once the body has become accustomed to the MCT oil, the dose can be increased slightly and slowly.

Dosing of MCT Oil
    In order to avoid indigestion, it is best to take a half a teaspoon of MCT oil at the beginning of the ingestion. If you have eaten coconut oil before, you can also start with a teaspoon of MCT oils, since the body is already accustomed to MCT. After a week, the dose can be increased slightly. Even in studies, only 5 to 10 grams of MCT oil are often administered, so this quantity is sufficient daily.

Buying MCT Oil
    If you want to buy MCT oil, you should pay attention to some things. The important thing here is that the highly concentrated MCT oil was produced on a coconut-oil basis. You may not pay attention to this aspect when buying MCT oil. After all, many MCT oils are still made from a mix of coconut and palm oil and have nothing to do with sustainable MCT oil purchase.

   Because the palm oil industry is responsible for the enormous logging of the rainforest, just to make more and more profit. For this reason, it is particularly important that the Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil is used for sustainability and that the oil is produced on a coconut-oil basis.

   Not only athletes or people who want to reduce their weight will benefit from MCT oil consumption. In particular, the protection against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, dementia or Parkinson's is a point that is of great importance to many people. For this reason, the MCT oil is an important source, because it has been demonstrated that this valuable oil is the best fatty acids source for the optimal supply of the brain.

      But even in the case of the pediatrician, it has been shown that the disease can not only be softened, but may also be cured completely. Also for weight gain with bulletproof coffee, the Medium-chain triglycerides oil is very well suited. Of course this is always a matter of taste. Because not everyone likes coffee with butter and mct oil. Nevertheless, millions of people are enthusiastic about this coffee and rave about it on the net.

    Furthermore, MCT Oil is an excellent supplier of fatty acids for people who always have to go beyond their limits. Because just the chain fatty acids deliver the energy immediately and body and mind become fit and powerful. In addition, older people can also benefit from MCT oil, as the brain is well cared for, thus preventing memory loss.

    MCT oil is practically for anyone who wants to protect themselves from diseases and also wants to provide the brain with optimum care and it should therefore be taken. Also in weight reduction, the MCT oil can be a very important helper and for this reason, Medium-chain triglycerides should not be missing in any household.