Noni Juice Uses Benefits

Noni Juice
    Noni is now on everyone's lips and quite right because it has about 150 health-promoting substances that do good to your body and mind. The noni juice is made from the Noni fruit, which is also called Indian Mulberry.

For more than 2000 years, the fruit has been applied to the indigenous people of the Polynesian islands as food and traditional medicinal fruit. It can be applied not only externally but also internally and helps to heal wounds faster, gives vitality and strengthens the immune system. The purchase of Noni juice is also highly recommended for sleep disorders.

Ingredients of Noni juice
    The Noni juice is to contain approximately 150 vital substances which have a beneficial effect on the human body. However, researchers are convinced that there are a lot more substances in the Noni fruit. Prof. Dr. Johannes West Dorf, pharmacologist and toxicologist of the University Hospital of Eppendorf, Hamburg; said the following to the noni ingredients:

    "It does not affect the quantity of the ingredients, but the particular combination of  the ingredients, which in this constellation represents a synergetic composite." Above all, there are numerous vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, B12, C and E. But also folic acid, pantothenic as well as inositol are included in Noni. Also, there are mineral substances such as:

    Some of the secondary plant substances that worth mentioning are, Iridoid, xeronine and damnacanthal. In particular, the amino acids responsible for the immune system, the cell structure as well as the metabolism and the hormones, as well as the enzymes that supply the energy balance and ensure a good sleep, are so important in the Noni fruit.

    But the fatty acids that protect the organs and prevent heart disease are also not to be forgotten. They also ensure that fat-soluble vitamins are better utilized.

Effect of Noni juice
    So far so good, there are hardly any scientific studies of noni juice. Nevertheless, the researchers are very interested in the fruit and have already been able to filter out numerous substances. Nevertheless, a medical effect for purely legal reasons must be supported.

However, Noni is approved as a novel food and European Food Authority (EFSA) has published this on 5 June 2003. However, this certification is only related to this manufacturer. All other manufacturers have put their products in the same place. In a publication by EFSA, the safety of Noni juice was reaffirmed on 6 September 2006

    Nevertheless, Noni juice is only a food and not a medical product. However, there are numerous reports of experiences that confirm a health-promoting effect or even a curative effect. According to experience reports, Noni juice has this effect:

Better sleep
Better vitality and efficiency: After prolonged consumption, a strengthening effect can be shown physically and mentally. This is why Noni is so popular with athletes and they're happy to consume moni.
Better well-being
Strengthening the immune system: in particular, minerals, vitamins, fats and proteins strengthen our body's own defence system. The Noni juice, however, also has a killing effect on fungi, viruses and bacteria.
Wound healing is to be improved
Positive effect on the skin
Tumor retraining in cancer
Relief from rheumatic ailments
Depression: Especially due to the variety of minerals contained in Noni, the juice is said to have a relaxing and soothing effect. Thus, sleep is also more relaxing and depression can be prevented so.
Headache and joint pain: Noni has been used in alternative medicine for headache and joint pain for many years.
Metabolism and digestion: Due to the high fibre content, Noni can have a positive effect on digestion.
blood pressure and cholesterol: the positive effect on fat burning can lower cholesterol levels. This also adheres to high blood pressure, which can thus be brought back into balance.
Furthermore, Noni juice should also have a very good general energetic effect on humans and harmonize the meridian energies. This is why Noni juice has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for a long time.

Dosage of Noni Juice
    Since Noni juice tastes very bitter, it is less of a stimulant. According to a recommendation, only small amounts of noni juice should be consumed. Especially at the beginning, highest of 1 to 2 tablespoons of noni juice should be taken per day. This quantity can then be slowly increased to the highest 40 ml. and the juice is to be taken in an empty stomach.

    According to experience reports, Noni juice is also said to provide excellent healing to wounds and neurodermatitis when the juice is applied to the skin.
Our recommendation
  Even though Noni is not yet as researched as other foods, it can have some advantages. Only the reports of experience speak for themselves and the few studies that have been carried out also show the health-promoting effect of noni juice. The composition of the ingredients is very balanced and can not only be used preventively to strengthen the immune system or depression, but can also help with existing gastrointestinal problems.

    In addition, the Noni juice is said to have a concentration and performance-enhancing effect, which is an important aspect, in particular before testing. But this is not the only reason why athletes so much love this high-quality juice. If you want to do something good for your body and mind, do not miss the purchase of Noni juice.