black seed oil dosage

Dosage of black cumin oil
    Black cumin oil is an all-rounder for numerous diseases, which is due mainly to the unique ingredients. Who wants to boost his immune system, should take about a teaspoon of black cumin oil before breakfast. If you don't like the taste, it can be sweetened with honey. To use it fight against auto-immune diseases, one teaspoon black cumin oil should be consumed three times a day.

Dosage forms of black cumin oil
    Black cumin oil is in the form of pure, cold-pressed oil, as well as in the form of capsules. Here, it is of course also on the preferences and taste. Bcause not everyone likes the intense flavor of black cumin oil, therefore, many like to rely on the capsules.

    In the production of the black caraway seed oil capsules, black seed oil, which naturally cold pressed, is cleaned and then gently packed into the gelatin capsules. It is especially important when buying from black seed oil capsules that you pay attention to organic quality.

    Thus, high quality black seed oil is really pure and not contaminated with chemical additives. Reputable providers are the ones without preservatives, dyes and flavourings. The capsules with black cumin oil can be taken with plenty of water before a meal.

    A daily dose of 40 to 80 milligrams per kilogram of body weight is recommended, if it is to be taken against allergic skin diseases. In acute hay fever, on the other hand, the dose may be increased also for a short time. About 10-25 drops should be taken daily. This represents approximately 450 to 500 milligram black Kakoty oil or one or two capsules.