black seed oil for skin

Back seed oil for the skin
    Black cumin oil is a valuable tool not only for complaints, the extraordinary oil is particularly good for skin and hair. Egyptian black cumin oil was used in ancient times for the beauty, to clean, maintain and prevent wrinkles.

    These ingredients: beta carotene, B2, B6 also biotin and zinc are responsible for the outstanding performance. But especially in skin diseases, Egyptian black cumin oil is recommended because it regulates the immune system and can alleviate allergic symptoms.

    If it's regularly used over several months, it can continue to improve and possibly curb the symptoms of autoimmune diseases,  Eczema or psoriasis. More so, the black caraway seed oil with its valuable ingredients can relieve itching on mosquito bites or even sunburns as well as eczema and acne.

    Even for impure skin, the oil is used because it has a slight disinfecting effect. With regular use, the hormonal balance is regulated and on the other hand, it calls for the regeneration of cells and has a positive effect on the immune system. Due to the
excellent ingredients, it is very popular also in the cosmetics industry and is used in many skin - and hair-care products.