black seed oil reviews/studies

Studies on Black Seed Oil
    Already for several millennia, the black cumin oil in the East and many other countries is a Panacea for light and heavy diseases. This drew the attention of the scientists and researchers on the valuable all-rounder. In the 60s, there was therefore the first studies and now carried out more than 700 studies of black cumin oil.

Black Cumin in Asthma
    Indian scientists tested the
effectiveness of black cumin oil in asthma over a period of three months and it has been proven that, there was a significant improvement in the symptoms. It was also found that, the conventional asthma drugs worked far better when a simultaneous black cumin oil therapy was used.

Black Cumin oil on High Blood Pressure
    In 2008, a study was conducted which showed great success after 8 weeks. Patients suffering from high blood pressure received 100 or 200 milligrams of black cumin oil. This showed that the subjects had significantly better scores. Even the LDL-cholesterol significantly improved and there's no occurrence of side-effect.

Black Cumin oil in Diabetes
    The effect of black cumin oil on diabetes mellitus was carried out in a study from India. This 94 diabetes type 2 patients were treated with black cumin seeds and it turned out that, there was a significant improvement in blood sugar levels.

Black cumin oil in cancer
    In the American Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, one of the most comprehensive studies to cancer was conducted. It was found that chemotherapy drug Doxorubizin has been significantly strengthened. The medicine should work as turmoil-resistant for some cancers but has the disadvantage that it is highly toxic to heart and has other side effects.

    Thymoquinon, however, can significantly reduce this heart-toxic effect. In the study, the growth of tumours in leukemia was strongly inhibited melanoma and breast cancer and at the same time strengthens the effect of Doxorubizin. Another advantage was also that, there was no more harmful interactions with other drugs.

Black Cumin oil on infantile Seizure Disorder
    Black cumin oil surprised again and again - in the study which was conducted in India in 2011. Conventional means can help more than 15 per cent of infantile epilepsy seizures. Therefore, children were treated Additionally with a dose of 1 mg Thymoquinon per kilogram of body weight. It turned out that, already after a short time, the seizure frequency decreased.

Black Seed Oil for Rheumatism
    In a study from the year 2010, it has been proven that, ankle swelling and morning stiffness in patients with rheumatoid arthritis can be reduced significantly. 40 patients were treated and at the beginning, they were given placebos that could have no effect.

    Then the patients were given 500 mg black cumin oil capsules daily and the restriction of movement, the result showed significant reduction in the pain. Also the
counter values by more than 40 percent fell.