How to Take Care of Wigs and Make them Last Longer

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Wigs are commonly used by women to enhance their beauty or/and to protect the natural hair. They're becoming accepted globally and there are different types of wigs with different color, materials, texture and quality.

Since they're exposed to dirt, it's very important to learn how to keep our wigs safe and cleaned. This will make it look good and will not start losing quality easily.

There are different ways we can keep our wigs depending on whether it's made with natural human hear or it's artificial wig. Using curly crochet hair for example, you should not be heavy in using oil on your hair or ensure the oil is not affecting your crochet wig.

This type of wig don't last for several months but you can make it look new everyday by trimming the frizz and covering it with scarf at night when you're about sleeping.

Wherever you'd like to keep your wigs, it should be beyond the reach of children who can mess it up, keep away from your pets like cats and dogs as they like playing with wigs so much. Also ensure you keep it in a cool place where there's no heat and sunlight.

Getting a good wig stand or mannequin is preferable to keep it, however, you can still safely keep them in your wardrobe.

It's also good to maintain both natural and animal hair wigs by using the right shampoo and conditioner depending on the type of wig to keep it shinning.

If the wig is dirty, you can soak it in fairly warm water and add shampoo (preferably, you can use cold water), leave for a few minutes and gently remove it and carefully brush it.

You should not squeeze to remove water from it after pulling from a container where it's soaked and when you want to brush, make sure you brush with the right wig brush and remove the tangles.

Other things to take note and avoid is bathing with your wig on your head, using sprays on them, folding them into a ball, drying them under the sun or force drying with heat. All these practices will definitely damage the wig in the long run and make it loose quickly and become tangled.

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